Coucou !

Fashion for Life 2015 will close its doors tomorrow, sunday 29th, so you have still some more hours to grab your wallet and go shopping for a good cause.
This year, all the official FFL vendors give 100 % of the money to the American Cancer Society.
After having traveled over the 7 fashion capitales of FFL, we are now going to visit the huge Central Park of FFL.
This one runs over 2 sims (south and north) and it has been built by Spankmy Boucher and Sofia Corleone and it's sponsored by MISS SL ORGANIZATION.

Central Park

 All the week long, concerts and fashionshows have been given in the park.

The park is located in the middle of the whole FFL, thus you can access to most of the FFL fashion capitals from there. 

Central Park castle

An aerial railway runs all over the park, allowing you to go faster and easier from one FFL capitale to another.

Central park railway

I decided to give it a try and then i could enjoy the landscape all around during my travel.

Central park train

For the visit, i was wearing the super Nuella jumpsuit i bought in Los Angeles at Wicca's wardrobe shop and the lovely jewellery set (Topaz bloom) bought in the same city.

Central park amphitheater

All along the park you may find buildings like a castle, cabins, amphitheater, fashionshow stage etc.

Central park-fashionshow stage

Petit Chat exclusive items for FFL have been displayed at the show on thursday, 26th. I haven't already edited the pics i've shoot that day, but i made that one below to show you :). This is Lua Vendetta wearing my Solitude gown. Her professionalism always amaze me.

Lua Vendetta at FFL fashion show

The rest of the pics will be edited soon and posted on the FFL flikr group  

Central park

You can also find some spots like playgrounds for kids or even a skate park.

Central park- Skate park

Finally, i decided to stop right next to one of the playground and i could try the car i bougth at Los Angeles at Avi Candy store. 
And as i was also wearing the beautiful skin i bought in October's season store there too, i took this opportunity to make some snapshots in order to show you those amazing items.

Central park

I just love this car ! And on top the color almost match with my Nuella jumpsuit !

So we are coming to the end of this FFL 2015 guide.
Don't forget to visit FFL before it closes its doors tomorrow and shop till you drop ! It's for a good cause !
Thank you for having following me thru this travel !
For now, i ll just have to say : 
Goodbye and cya soon !
Muah !

Central park
All items displayed have been bought on official FFL vendors giving 100 % of the money to ACS.
Except the picture about the fashionshow, all other pictures are raw photographs


Coucou !

The 7th city of Fashion for Life 2015 is :


This is where we will stop today.

Los Angeles FFL sim is surprising at first as the main arrea doesnt stand on the ground but it's floating in the air.
The sim has been built by : Regi Yifu  and it is sponsored by Zaodyeck Magazine.

Arriving from London or Berlin, you come to a lovely beach surrounded by palm trees.  It looks like you will see Pamela Anderson run on the sand in swimsuit at anytime. But well... no lifeguards there for now. Instead... a beautiful building floating in the air right above the sea. We can access there with TP stations located on the beach.

Los Angeles

The shopping arrea stands along 2 floors. As the path is a circle you can be sure you wont miss any shop there.

On the first floor, you may find : 
Clowes couture
Leezu !
Stars ! (jewellery)
Body canvas (tattoos)
Wicca’s wardrobe
Iso motion (poses)
Barefoot apparel Zeord Beach
Lily Pop/Little Diva (kid fashion)
Image essentials (poses)
BN designs
Aris Aris
Sweetred’s designs
I fist stopped at Stars ! as I meet the designer last year at the FFL 2014 and I was pleased to see her store this year too. I bought there a lovely jewellery set coming with earrings and neklace : Topaz blooms,   and of course, i could not avoid to visit Wicca's Wardrobe store.
Well, Wicca is a friend, and on top, i really love her style. She has the lil crazy touch in her design I love so much. Her items are always a great source of inspiration for photos for me. So my look went on this lovely jumpsuit with a really elegant style and yep ! I bought the Nuella Jumpsuit beige.

Los Angeles - floor 1

While visiting the first floor, i was still wearing my beautiful top and skirt/pants from Yasum designs, the shoes from NV, Charlotte hair from Tukinowaguma and i added the super great fork glasses RARE I got from Wicca's gatcha in London.

On the second floor, you can find : 

October’s seasons
Athena couture
Avi Candy

As October's seasons was displaying gorgeous skins on FFL vendors, i decided to go for the : O4S-Queen of Hearts-White Dahila Avant Garde Pack after making sure it was coming with appliers for my maitreya mesh body and my slink feet. 

At Avi Candy, i also found a beautiful car, that you can't drive, but coming with poses. And i may say here, I've been super happy to find this item because i often want to make shots with the beautiful car i got from a raffle board last year in FFL but it's always super tricky to set my poses for they work perfect with the car. So well, this new car purchased will be really useful for me. The car is called : :AC: FFL-2015 Car with 5 female poses.
And the car itself looks really beautiful !

Los Angeles - 3rd floor

For my visit on the second floor, i was wearing a beautiful dress from Luxe (Summery chic). I have to confess, i havent bought this one, as the creator sent it to me directly and it's not available in the event. But i was interested to see how it looks, because the textures of this dress are created from handmade artworks done by the creator. So of course, i wanted to see and i may say it's really well done. I like it !!!
The boots come from Yasum store in Berlin : Yasum*MESH*Dead End Boots*MEGA HUD controled. They are super funny at the front. 
The bag comes from Wicca's gatcha in London : Wicca's Wardrobe - Coco Bag - (w/p/flower) RARE (yes i know, i am super lucky with gatchas lol, but well i play a lot too)
The glasses are from the Chop Zuey gatcha : Chop Zuey Spring Flowers SunGlasses-Rosa - RARE 
And the watch is from my Time ! gatcha.
Jewellery is from : Moondance Jewel Gifts of Gaia Exclusive in Berlin too.

Poses are from : Dreamer - Helamiyo (Paris)  & Manicure set -J'adore (Tokyo)

The 3rd floor is all for the Zaodyeck Magazine studio.

Los Angeles-beach

I then decided to go back to Berlin and buy the lovely LUXE Paris Beach Target Bikini Skirt from Luxe store and come back to Los Angeles beach. Well, still no Pamela !
I changed my boots for the stunning Yasum*MESH*Rider Boots* i got in Berlin.
The bag is from Tchelos gatcha in London.
Glasses are from Chop Zuey gatcha (magenta)
Hair is from Tukinowaguma (Charlotte) in Tokyo
Jewellery is Moondance Jewel Gifts of Gaia Exclusive (yeah, i know it doesnt show a lot on the pic, but trust me, they are really really beautiful !) in Berlin.

To finish i decided to try one of the frame props i got in Agapee's gatcha in London.

Your taxi for Los Angeles is here

I hope you have enjoyed travelling with me as much as i got delight to write this humble guide of Fashion For Life 2015.

Next post will be about the big Central Park.

The event will end on sunday, 29th, so go while it's still time !

All items (except Luxe dress) have been bought on official FFL vendors giving 100 % of the money to the American Cancer Society.

All pictures of raw photographs


Coucou !

Still travelling across Fashion for Life sims and we are now going to stop at :


No way to avoid London, when it's about fashion, of course !
And on top, this is the sim where the gatcha machines stand. So indeed, i had to visit hehehehehehe.

London's bridge

The sim has been built by Rebeca Bashly and the London Bridge is really a piece of art. All around phone cabins are floating in the water.
The sim is sponsored by Argrace, but sadly, i have to say, i haven't found any Argrace store there :(.

The gatcha machines stand on the bottom of the bridge, on the road path. 
Among them, you may also find mine : It's called "Time!" and it's 15 beautiful watches, material enabled, to collect (3 are rares)

All the gatcha machines there give 100 % of the money to ACR, so why resisting to play ?

I played several machines : Shop Zuey (glasses) Wicca's wardrobe (bags and glasses), Tchelos (apparel and accessories), Agapee (photo frames props).

But gatcha machines are not the only things you may find there ! Also in each towers you can find stores : 

Just imagine
Miss daisy

Alexandra sautereau collection

For this post i chose to wear the corset and skirt/pants i bought in Berlin at Yasum ( Yasum*MESH*Goth Skirt Pants*Mega Hud Controled*Female & Yasum*MESH*Goth Top*Mega Hud Controled*)
As accessories, i am wearing 
the earrings i got at Empyrean Forge (EF: Contessa Earrings - Pearl ) bought in New York
the necklace is from Eclectica (Eclectica 'Venezia' collar-purple) bought in Milan.
Shoes are from NV (.:NV:. Beyond Ms Gaynor FFL Slink High Heels) bought in New York
And the watch is one of the rares in my gatcha Time ! (in London), the steampunk brass.

Some of the poses used here are from the Manicure set from J'adore i bought in Tokyo.

Your taxi for London is here !

Enjoy your visit !

All items displayed here have been purchased on official FFL vendors giving 100 % of the money to ACR.

All pictures are raw photographs.


Coucou !

Our next visit at Fashion for Life 2015 will be in :

New-York, New-York here we go !
Long avenues, skycrapers, brown stone building (my favorites), statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge.... yeah everything is there and thus there is a special atmosphere in that sim...
The sim has been built by Sofia Corleone.


As soon as Miyoko knew i was going to visit New-York, she took a taxi and joined me there !

Miyoko is wearing my *PC* Solitude gown (exclusive for FFL) that you may find in Paris sim and the Contessa Bracelets - Pearl from Empyrean Forge available in New-York.

We will use poses from the Alex pack from J'adore, found in Tokyo

New-York street

The shopping arrea stands in the main avenue located at the center of the sim. Leaving London bridge in our back we found :

On the left hand :

Zuri jewellery
Katink poses
Just darling

New-York Taxi

Right at the end of the street, stands Zanze store, sponsor of this sim and just beside their store, you may find an Ice-cream store with tables and chairs. Ideal spot for resting our feet during a shopping tour.

New-York - Ice-cream store

On the other side of the street :

Pink ice boutique
Empyirean forge (jewellery)

I decided to stop at Empyrean Forge too, as the bracelets on Miyoko look absolutely fabulous and i bought for myself a beautiful pair of earrings.
While visiting Dahlinks/NV store, i bought a new pair of shoes. 

New-York street

For this post i decided to wear the gown i bought in Milan at Masoom store : Song of souls full heart, in red (it comes with the headpiece). I m keeping my Essenz shoes, as i love them a lot (bought in Milan too).


On each side of the sim, you may find another street, with restaurants and other lovely shops as decor.
But maybe the most impressive building of this place is the amazing Brooklin bridge located at the other side of the sim. 

We kept hanging out in the streets as the weather was really fine and the atmosphere of the sim was pretty good.


And finally, as Miyoko was going to bed, i ended up at the Serendipity III pastry store for some dessert before going to sleep too.. Nom nom nom.

New-York- pastry store

Well, i had to limit myself to one cake only, otherwise, i risk to no longer be able to wear this beautiful gown if i take weight.
Ah well.... wait... it's SL !

Your taxi for New-York is here !

Items displayed :

On Miyoko : 
Gown : *PC*Solitude gown (in Paris)
Bracelets : Contessa Bracelets - Pearl - Empyrean Forge (in New-York)

On Trinity : 

Gown and headpiece : MASOOM: Song of souls full Heart (in Milan)
shoes : Milan (white) shoes from Essenz (in Milan)

Poses : Alex from J'adore (in Tokyo)

All those items have been bought on vendors giving 100 % to the ACR.

All the pics from this post are raw pictures.


Coucou !!!

Our 4th stop while travelling all over the Fashion for Life 2015 sims will be :


Of course, Berlin had to be here, because it's also a famous place for fashion in RL.
This sim has been built by : Setsuna Infinity and it's sponsored by Yasum designs (a store I particularly like)

We will arrive from Central park, near the train station.

Berlin mall

Most of the shops are located in a huge glasshouse. 
You can find there on the right side :

Nailed it
Luxe paris
Carrie’s lingerie
Rams wear
Pixel passion

On the left side : 

Pinned design (kid fashion)
Posesion (poses)
Toddleedoo (kid fashion)
SF fashion
2 of a kind (kid clothing and furnitures)

Berlin- Brandeburg Gate

Of course the most important building there is the Brandeburg Gate, standing right in the middle.

For this post I decided to wear the Edera dress in smoke, from Zibska, i bought in Milan. I will be still wearing the shoes i got there too, from Essenz .
As hair, I'll be wearing the Charlotte hair i got from Tukinowaguma in Tokyo.
And I'll be using the pose from Alex set from J'adore i got there too.

Berlin - facing Yasum store.

Miyoko will be wearing : 
GF*[Mesh] Off-shoulder Dress YOZAKURA (FFL2015) She got in Tokyo
 Contessa Bracelets - Pearl from Empyreal Forge she got in New York.
Poses from her own "Dreamer" set and also from the Alex set from J'adore.


 So of course, i had to visit Yasum store and.... well i bought 4 items, I will wear in next posts. A corset, a skirt-pants, and 2 pairs of boots (and yeah... im not shoesahollic, but i am boots addicted lol).

At each sides of Yasum store stand big stores too. On the left : 
I bought a lovely set of jewellery at the latter. Women always need jewellery and mind you, i noticed recently that in the end, i dont have that much jewells in my inventory. So...

Berlin park

On the right side, stands Dead Dolls store. Yeah one of my fav stores too, but well, i cant buy all lol.

After our visit we came back to the train station for travelling to the next destination.

Berlin- at the train station

Your taxi for Berlin is here.

Items displayed : 
Poses : 
Dreamer set / Helamiyo. ( Paris.)
Alex set / J'adore. (Tokyo)

Hair :
Charlotte / Tukinowaguma (Tokyo)

Dresses :
Edera dress in smoke / Zibska (Milan)
Off-shoulder Dress YOZAKURA /GF (Tokyo)

shoes : 
Milan white /Essenz (Milan)

Jewellery :
Contessa Bracelets - Pearl/Empyrean Forge (New-York)

All items have been bought on vendors giving 100 % of the money to the ACR.

All pictures of this post are raw photographs 

A big thank to Miyoko for her collaboration.


Coucou !

We are still visiting FFL sims ! Yay !

Some infos about FFL :


FFL will showcase designs and creations donated by over one hundred very talented designers in Eight (8) fashion shows (including one limited edition show) which will be held in Central Park. All models, producers, directors, coordinators, writers, etc donate their time and talents to make the fashion shows entertaining and fabulous.


So after visiting Paris and Milan, we are now taking a plane to Japan and we will enjoy a bit of time in Tokyo, this huge megapole.

Tokyo sim has been built by Ouka Ugajin and I may say here, that really, the result is breathtaking.
I never went to Tokyo, so I can't compare with the RL one, but wow !!! the sim is so stunning ! And I would add here, that it's not only beautiful, but also it has been designed in a clever way for being a shopping area. Because after all, this is the purpose of Fashion for Life : raising funds for American Cancer Society. And visitors must be encouraged to purchase items which will make more money to donate to the ACR in the end.

Tokyo, shopping arrea map

One brillant idea has been to slap some maps of the sim on walls here and there.
Thus I wont have to list them all, as you can see by yourself with the map above the names of the stores and their locations in the shopping arrea.

But first, as we are coming from Milan, we arrive at the tea-house.
Tokyo- tea-house

 The decor is pretty relaxing and lovely.
For this post im going to show you the beautiful gown I bought at Sage in Milan (Angel gown). I am also wearing the shoes i purchased at Essenz (but you will see them better probably in the next post, as the gown here is long and covering them). On the head im wearing the lovely hair wreath, i bought at Mystic sky. I will be using poses from my Elf set but also from the Dreamer set i also bought at Helamiyo store in Paris.

Tokyo - boat

Just behind the tea-house there is a deck with a lovely japanese boat, where you can also enjoy some tea or sushis. And.... Look who 's there ? Miyoko Magic, the owner and creator of Helamiyo poses, joined me ! Yeah, i told you, we met in Paris and we got on together pretty fast.

Tokyo - food market

So Miyoko worn my Chemistry rain gown and we started visiting the food market, next to the boat and using her dreamer pose set she created as an exclusive item for the event. 
Note that the Angel gown from Sage i am wearing, comes also with bracelet for each arms and a choker.

Tokyo - Tower

As we were heading to the shopping arrea we came close to a beautiful japanese tower, which is trully a piece of art.
Althought the shopping arrea is really not small, the nature arrea is big and the whole sim is a real great management of the space. 

Tokyo - statue

And well, while walking toward the shopping arrea, Miyoko, suddendly fell in love and thought she found the ideal boyfriend. The guy wasnt interested in following us, so we had to leave him there. 

Tokyo street

The sim is sponsored by Gabriel store, their shop will be right in front of you as you arrive to the shopping arrea. All around stand great shops, you may refer to the map at the top of the page if you want to know them all.

As i had bought 3 different dresses in Milan, i decided to buy hair instead. And I ran till Tukinowaguma store, as i know their products and usually like them. So after trying demos, i bought the Charlotte hair. It suits me perfectly ! And of course you will saw it in the next post.
As we were visiting the streets, we also came at J'adore pose store. The owner was there and she's a really nice person. 
While chating i jumped on the posestands in order to try her sets and OMG ! i love them !
So i got two : "manicure set" and " Alex set". I will use them too in the next posts.

Tokyo park- shoes Essenz

We couldnt leave Tokyo without paying a visit to the beautiful park, right beside the shoping arrea.
I had to upper my dress a bit there, in order to show you the beautiful shoes from Essenz, i got at Milan. But you will see them better in the next post. They are amazing, arent they ?
Believe me or not, im not a shoesahollic. Neither in RL, neither in SL. But of course, i have really more pairs in SL and well, i can appreciate a beautiful pair when i see one. And those ones are really beautiful !

Tokyo park-hair wreath

Also, i wanted to show you the hair wreath from Mystic sky, as it is a really lovely piece. Colors are autumn like but imho, you may wear this beautiful accessory anytime of the year.

 A last pic in the park, Miyoko is already running toward the next sim.

Items displayed :

Miyoko : Petit Chat Chemistry gown rain. (Paris sim)

Trinity : Angel gown from Sage couture
              Hair wreath from Mystic sky
              Milan shoes from Essenz
              (Milan sim)

 Poses are from the Dreamer set from Helamiyo store at paris

All items have been bought from vendors giving 100 % of the money to RFL.

Taxi for Tokyo is here !

All pictures of this post are raw photographs.

A huge thank you to Miyoko for joining me !


Coucou !

FASHION FOR LIFE 2015 opens to all public this Saturday, March 21st at 10:00 a.m. SLT.
Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) is an annual activity that takes place in Second Life in July each year. Volunteers form or join teams to have fun while fund raising and to raise awareness from mid-March through mid-July. In July teams build campsites and walk a track that spans more than 40 virtual regions.

2015 Fashion for Life(FFL) consists of a team of people, led by Frolic Mills,  who volunteer their time and talent to accomplish the many activities scheduled. All proceed from all activities are donated to the American Cancer Society.

So after my visit to Paris, i went naturally to

When it comes to talk about fashion, some cities are must-see. Of course, there is Paris.... But Milan is another one ! This italian town is the 4th urban arrea in Europe and the industrial and commercial heart of Italy. Prada, Armani, Versace... so prestigious names all coming from Milan !
Fashionshows are running all along the year and what a beautiful decor Milan is, with its numerous beautiful historical buildings.

So I started my visit from the entrance next to Paris sim.
For the occasion I am wearing the beautiful Lolita dress I bought in Paris at Gizza store. I love the movement given on the skirt part. The color is really sweet and it comes with leggins and heels you may wear or not, depending on the weather of the day. The dress is sleeveless and comes with a beautiful flower you may add on the hip.


Milan sim has been built by MaximilianIII Massenberg and it's a beautiful indoor commercial gallery all covered by a glass roof.

The sim is sponsored by Sage Couture.
When you arrive from Paris, right at the entrance you find the restaurant. Hey, yes, it's Italy ! You can't imagine an italian place without restaurant. It's part of their culture and it's a one of the places where italians meet. Ever seen a movie from Fellini ? Watch Fellini Roma and you will understand what I mean.

Milan- Pinacoteca di Margherita

Right in front the ristorante, you will find the Pinacoteca di Margherita. A pinacoteca is somewhat like a musem, it's a room displaying a collection of pictural artworks. You may find some mainly in Italia and Germany. 
So i took this opportunity to rest a bit and admire the paints hanging on the walls.

The whole building is designed like a cross with a big fountain in the center.
Right after the pinacoteca, you may shop in : 

On the right hand : 

Eclectica (jewellery and accoutrements)
Alaska metro
I stopped by Eclectica and bought a gorgeous necklace in purple, that i will show in a future post.

On the left hand : 

Mystic sky
Morea style
Here again, i left myself tempted by a hair wreath at Mystic sky. This one will be displayed in the next post.

Around the fountain you may shop at : 

Essenz (footwear)
Jewelry by jake
Slackgirl (cosmetics & clothes)

As i needed shoes (yeah, girls always need shoes !) I stopped by Essenz shop and bought a stunning pair of shoes you will also see in the next post.
Then i also bought a stunning gown at Masoom.
Note that all the purchases are done on official FFL vendors, thus all my money is going to RFL : i feel less guilty to keep filling my inventory already really huge lol.


I had to say hello to the big statue in the fountain of course. And as i bought this great set of "Elf" pose in Paris, it was really fun !
And it's also a great opportunity to show the movement of the skirt i was talking earlier.

From the fountain, 2 streets are going on the side leading to gardens.
On the right side street :

Vengeful threads
Amaranthus (gothic jewellery and accessories)

On the left side street : 

Con Charisma
Glamdammit jewellry

Milan view from the roof 

Coming back to the main street : 

Right side : 

Vero Modero
Whimsical imagination
Designs by sebastian (jewellery)
Wow skins
Lyrical bizarre templates

Left side : 

Mua (poses & cosmetics)
Buy edera dress
CST designs

Between Mua and Zibska store i found a pastries store... of course i couldn't resist !

Milan, pastries store

As i couldn't resist to one of my favorite store in SL.... Zibska... and i bought the Edera dress in smoke... I swear i tried to resist hard... no way ... i failed miserabily lol.....

At the end of the path you will find the sponsor store : Sage Couture....
and here again... althought i had already 2 new dresses bought.... well... when i saw this beautiful Angel gown... well, you can guess what happened....

Of course, you can't leave Milan without visiting the beautiful gardens all around ! 
And they were also a great opportunity for me to try the Elf poses from Helamiyo

Taxi for Milan is here 
A must see !!!!

Enjoy your visit !

All the pics of this post are raw photographs. 

Items displayed : 

GizzA - Lolita Dress
HelaMiyo :: Poses Elf

(bought in Paris sim)