Rendez-Vous at the winery (.... New 65 L$ today deal ! Rendez-Vous outfit)

Well, we got a hot summer here in RL with really low rain, and the grapes were really small when it's been time to harvest it. This doesn't mean wine won't be great. Often it happens, that in such cases, grape is a lot concentrate in sugar and then it raise the alcohol degre. So we will see..
I live in vineyard region, and this is the reason i wanted one at Moumou's Square in SL.
This one is done in tray, like the one my grand-father had in the past on a mount's slope going down to the sea.
Of course at the top of it, what better than a wine-bar to test the wine of the year ?
Do not hesitate to come and taste a good glass of wine there.

This is where i had a Rendez-Vous this morning, to show the new outfit on 65 l$ today deal !
The Rendez-Vous outfit is a mix and match one done of a pants and a sweater.
There are 8 colors to choose from for each and each piece is 65 l$ till wednesday early morning at Petit Chat mainstore !

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Also do not forget the 50 % sale still going on on the gift cards (that you may (of course) use also for yourself, and then get half price over all the store). Using those gift cards you can have 2 deals for the price of one ! yep ! So 1 top and 1 pants for 65 l$ only. You can't beat that !

I found a nest outside ....(New Flash group gift : Dive Dress !)

Yeah... I found a nest with eggs outside... What will i do now with it ? ...
Use it as decor for my home ?
Do a good omelette with the eggs ?
Well im not a bird and i can't sit on those eggs, indeed. So let me catch a cardigan, because it starts to be chilly outside and i'll grab the ladder in the barn and will put the nest in a comfy branch in the tree it fell from.
Hopefully the Mummy bird will find it and take care of the future lil baby birds...
That's it. No omelette. I'll be a good girl today :p.

The cute dress i am wearing here is the Flash Group Gift of the week end ! So hurry up, as the "Flash" in the name means it doesnt last long. On tuesday 1 am slt, the gift box will disappear.
The dress is called "Dive" because its base is done in neoprene, the same material they do the wetsuits. It's warm and comfy. The top part that will cover your breasts is done in lace and the add-on is veil. The mix of materials gives this dress its touch of unique originality.

Other infos on the Flash group gift page


LET'S MAKE IT LONGER !!! (50% off on all gift card from Black Friday till Christmas day)

There is Black Friday and it's today...
But there will also be Cyber Monday in a few days.
And then Christmas is around the corner and it's time to prepare our gifties for all those we love.

So, for those 3 reasons, our Black Friday will merge with Cyber Monday and Christmas gifts period.

From today, till December, 25th, you may purchase our gift-cards half price.
Whatever is the value (100, 500, 1000, 2500 or 5000 l$) and whatever it's for your own use, or for gifting to a friend, you 'll pay only half of their value.

They are transfert and all you have to do is just to wear them and touch the vendor you want to buy from.
Beware, their validity is 90 days after you first wear them.

They will work everywhere you will see Petit Chat vendors : my mainstore, but also my ArtGallery, my stand at Lost & Found event or at Marvelous event.

Enjoy !!!

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Staying warm.... (New exclusive for Lost & Found event : My felt hats)

November is about to end and weather is becoming cold and humid.
Going outside with rain and wind is not really pleasant. Althought i enjoy rain, i prefer to enjoy it from behind my window.
There in comfy clothes, i will prepare a good cup of hot chocolate and milk and well... let's be crazy... a good box of maccarons.
My rl baker does awesome ones. All colored and with different flavors... They are super smooth inside and ... i just adore maccarons....

That said, if you need absolutely to go outside you will need a hat to keep your head and ears warm. Petit Chat is releasing today 3 adorable felt hats at Lost & Found november round.

Each version has its own deco : Hearts, Stars, 4 Petals and each of them has its own texture hud coming with a lot of possibilities.
You will love playing with those huds and try all the combinations.
They are modify and copy. (the hat will say otherwise in your inventory but it is just bec the texture script is no modify. The mesh itself is mod and it makes it easy for you to resize it according to the hair you are wearing.)
And given that each version has tons of possibilities with its hud, you will be amazed to know that the price is still really low : 125 l$ for each version.
Isn't that super great ?

Your TAXI to the event !
Event page.

A promising evening.... (new 65 L$ today deal ! Ella gown)

Everything is set up.
Her home looks nice and clean. Not too much in order to add a bit of natural touch. If it looks too much clean, it will show she was stressed. So she messed a few things. She will invite him for a last drink after the ballroom.
She has her hair well dressed, make up applied on her face.... Not too much sophisticated here either... something that looks elegant but still natural..
She's wearing her new gown and a pair of brand new heels.
She's just missing her guest.
They are going to ballroom and its their second meeting tonight.
Will he come ? It's not the right time yet, but she starts to feel really anxious.
What if he doesnt come ?
Oh, she has no time to answer this question, she's already hearing his car parking before the house. They are going to have a wonderful evening outside today :).

The gown is the Ella gown and as it is just released in Petit Chat mainstore, you can have it for 65 l$ only for the next 48 hours !

Then it will go back to its regular price : 225 l$. So hurry up, this is a deal that can't be missed.
There are 6 colors to choose from and i am wearing the Gold version for the pic here.

Deal page 


The photo has been made at the Yorkshire Dales

Wanna play ping-pong ? ...(New flash group gift is out !)

Behind the watermill at Moumou's square, there is a ping-pong table.
One of my best find in SL recently. This table is made by PewPew and firstly, it looks really great. There were several colors to choose, i took the red one.
It's really nicely done, and textures are looking really good. On top the land impact is 3 only for the table and you can add a lovely racket stack deco for 2 extra LI, if you wish.
But that's not all...
Because this table is scripted and then you may sit on it and have a lot of animations making you look like you are actually ping pong.
The menu offer to gives you a ping pong racket that you may wear to add more realism and you will even here the sound of a ball on the table !
This table was released a few months ago at Sanarae event, but you may find it now at PewPew mainstore. Really, it makes a great addition to a home or garden.

Great news ! Our new weekly flash group gift is out !
This week you may get the Deuce dress in Plum color and its the perfect one for playing ping-pong !
The dress is beautifully textured and as a bonus comes with a tattoo applier (or layer) to wear on your back.

The usual Flash group gift page is here.


Never see me cry ... ( A new 65 L$ deal)

My friend PinkRayne started to make poses  and original mesh props. She recently showed me the adpic for the one she's going to release at next Lost & Found round and OMG ! i fell in love with it !
The pose is called "Never see me cry" and really if you love to make pics you are going to adore her new poses shop !  And do not forget to check next Lost & Found round starting on 22nd of November as Pinkrayne poses will be there !

Back from Lost & Found October round are the Harvest Heels now released in the mainstore.
As usually we offer you a deal for the first 2 days of release : you can get each color pack for 65 l$ only and the fatpack for 500 l$ only.

On the road ... (a new "65 l$ today deal" at the mainstore !)

If i must take the road, Clouseau, my black cat, is my passenger.
Wherever i go, he goes.
If I stop for oil and buy snacks for me, i share with him.
He's a good passenger. He lays on the seat next to mine and sleep. Sometimes he wakes up and look by the window on his side.
Well, the only thing is that he refuse to read maps... I have already told him several times that it would be useful for us, but well.... he's stuborn... he wont read maps and i still must deal with that.

That's said we have a new 65 L$ today deal for you at Petit Chat mainstore.
One that has to not be missed !

With tongue in cheek ..... (Flash group gift Nov, 13-14th)

There is an english expression that always makes me smile ... It's the "tongue in cheek" one..
Well, on top of being a nice one as it means things are told with humor, it always bring in my mind the figure of a tongue licking my cheek :)...
Well not that I find this really attractive, but well.. it reminds me when i was teen and then we would easily lick one of our friends's cheek just for the fun, or for teasing, or just like we would have kissed it. That was meant to be affectuate.
So it fits well the expression. At least it fits my interpretation of it and this is why everytime i hear or read that one, it brings a sassy smile on my face !

More seriously, the new flash group gift is out ! This week its lingerie (yeah... we keep with tongues, licking and all that heheheheh)


It should have been done earlier, but well... better late than never !
The retirement sale room has been updated today !
There you will find some of my old items from 0 to 50 l$ only .
The bikini gatcha is 10 l$ per pull.
All will be retired after the sale.
So that's the last opportunity to get them.
And there are even 2 ArtFashion dresses.... so well, after the sale they'll be collector !

Come by and have a look.
The room will be updated again soon with another items and those ones will be gone.
You may also find those items on Petit Chat Marketplace with same promo price. They will leave the MP aswell after the sale.

Direct TAXI 

TAKE A DEEP BREATHE ..... ( A new 65 l$ today deal : Crystalline jewellery set )

Some days, our world just look crazier and sicker than usually. You know, those days where you are left speechless by the news... You knew our world is just insane yet, but at this moment, it is just showing you that there is no limit to its insanity...
So it's time for you to close your eyes for a few minutes.... Breath deep... again... again... Feel the air all over your skin. Focus your mind on your innerself. Remember a sweet moment with your family or a friend... Remember your last giggle.... your last great surprise.... your last kiss to a lover or a friend .... your last orgasm....
Slowly you may now reoppen your eyes and move...
Your day will be a good one. I promise .....

We are having a new 65 $ today deal ! Just because we released the Crystalline set in the mainstore ...


Well, im not going to say a word about USA new president... It's all over the web... So this blog is not going to add more on the debate (although i could, but well, I'm known for being an utopist, so most of you wouldn't take me seriously).
So we are going to talk fashion today, hehehehe ...
And especially about the basics every woman should own in their dressing.
Like this cute simple dress.

This dress is a must have because you may wear it in about all the opportunities.


As I was shooting this picture for telling about the release of my new RAM bracelets, the scene reminded me one of my favorite kid books. It's an album called "Don't kiss me !' from Tullio Corda. I don't know if it exists in english version.
The story happens in a pond where all the frogs get excited bec the day after princes from all over the world will come and kiss them and they will be instantanelly turn into princesses and will follow their prince in their castle.
The thing is that one of the frogs is not happy at all about that. She certainly doesn't want to be kissed, because she loves where she lives and she adores catching flies around her pond.
So the D Day arrives and its a big kissing day at the pond. Princes kiss frogs and take them with them, frogs are kissed by princes and transformed into princess and bla bla bla...

Are you sure you can read a map ? ....(A new 65l$ today deal !)

There is a popular knowledge saying that men can read better maps than women. Well, while i understand our brain has slight differences and of course our culture grow us differently, i have never been sure about the thing with the map.
I never got problem for reading a map. The map is not the problem and actually i love the way maps draw the space in 2D. I find them quite lovely even. :p
Problem is when i must translate this in our 3d world and things become less obvious.
But i rarely lose myself. I wouldnt say i have a good sense of orientation, but maybe i may say i'm lucky, or maybe it's common sense, or maybe it's the old method from when i was doing RL role play games where we use to always go in our right direction when we were exploring labyrinth.... and i'm also stuborn and persistant, which help a lot in that case.

Dancing with the lights to celebrate my return ...

I've been away for a about 10 days for a surgery. While i should return on saturday 29th, things turned not as good as they should and well, i made an hemorrhage, forcing me to get a second surgery, blood transfusions and one week more at hospital.
But well, this is done now and im finally back home !
So you know the reason why there wasnt any flash group gift last week end at Petit Chat mainstore.