Emma and 3 new outfits

Today, Petit Chat has a new model for introducing its latest 3 new releases.
I will wear the Someday's outfit and the lovely Emmablistique will wear the Tomorrow and Dragonborn ones.
I've recently met Emma in my store. Right away she appeared to be a nice girl who was hoping to give some help here and there, and she offered me to be a model for my blog. Deal ! 
So for our first shooting we went first to a sim that has been my refuge for long time : !Lost World!.
Emma didnt know this place, and she enjoyed the visit. Its a really precious place and i appreciate it a lot for its peacefull side.
So we started the visit under a stone porche.

Emma (sit on the ground) is wearing the pink Dragonborn outfit. A cute jacket front closed as a top and an assorted mesh skirt.

Standing up behind her, im wearing the Someday outfit (top, panties, skirt, necklace and bangles).
Here you may see the Dragonborn more closer. The texture is a bright pink with white lines drawn on it. The top is edged with thin filaments.

Then, i came to have too much lag and Emma proposed we change for Jaded wings sim.
On the pics above you may see Emma sitting on a swing (left) and the Someday's outfit from the back (right).

I didnt know this place and i may say it has really pretty spot. However some spots are a lil too much full with big vendors in my opinion, there are also nature spot without any merchants materials. The visit has been very pleasant. 

While i could rest on a rock, i shoot this 2 pics above, the left one let you see more closer the top and the necklace of the Someday's outfit. On the right one,  you may see a profile view of the same outfit.

While i was shooting these pics, Emma switched her Dragonborn outfit for the Tomorrow one :

 The Tomorrow outfit is perfect for raising up your curves. I have to admit i dont create often long pants outfit, since in rl and sl, im more likely to wear skirts or dress. But this is prob an error, because, long pants can be extremely sexy aswell.
The Tomorrow outfit includes a lowcut top that leave one shoulder naked, a long pants and a pair of boots assorted. 
The texture is all buckskin except for the black leather belt on the pants.
Those who know me well knows already that im a boot a hollic.
And i really enjoy creating some for wearing with my clothes. 
But i have to admit that for these ones in particular, ive been really glad about the result of my texture.
The shooting has been long, i had a lot of lag, and it was the first time i was working with someone for this kind of things. But it has been a great experience and i enjoyed a lot this moment. I think i wont lie if i say that it has been same for Emma. She has been incredibily patient and i really want to thank her for this.
If you want to be one of the Petit Chat's models do not hesitate to drop me a notecard inworld, or better, drop it in my clever info sign above the sofa in the maintore. That way you can be sure SL wont eat it.

Isnt she a lovely fairy ?
Thanks to Emmablistique for being my model for this shooting.

The 3 outfits are available of course in the Petit Chat's maintore and in my Marketplace aswell. I advice you to buy the dragonborn skirt demo for free before any Dragonborn outfit purchase. For now, i only have 2 skirt sizes available, so better to try before... And after all, isnt that we always do before purchasing clothes in RL ?


This month there are some new items in Petit Chat's Mainstore !

First the precious Look Around :

This a gorgeous set with outfit and boots. All in pink and white lace, so girly...
The texture is pink velvet, with some pieces of stipes on the sleeves.
The top is closed on the front.
Boots are pink velvet, with some silver deco and a lovely white lace bow in the back.
The price is 230 L$ for the complete pack.
But you may also find the outfit and boots as single packs :
Outfit only is 150 L$.
And boots are 180 L$.

The complete pack is a good way to save money. 

As usually in my store, perms are copy, mod and resizable.

2nd new items : the Shout outfit :
This one is a beachy theme.
Its all texturized with crochet.
The lil plus is the lovely bag, you may bring with you. Its crochet texture and the 2 handles are in light green wood. 
Its resizable, so you may do it little or big bag. Depend on what you want to bring with you to the beach :-).
The price is only 120. L$.

The 3rd new item is the Mindset outfit.

This one is a sexy red outfit.
The top is a lovely red corset, bordered with black lace.
Texture is red velvet.
The mini-skirt is same texture + a layer of black lace on the top.
The long dress is all in red velvet and wrinkles add a lovely move to the skirt part.
You can accessorize it with the precious black lace shawl, i made specially for it.
The price is 180 L$

The 4th is the Berry outfit :
A black laced corset on the top and assorted panties. The skirt has 3 layers of lovely berries printed. The mini-jacket is black lace.
The price is 120 L$ for this pack.

On the 8th of July, ive added a new one : an awesomly gorgeous one ! The Sirene outfit !
Take a look by yourself : 
So in this gorgeous pack, you will find a light pink bikini, top and bottom. You can use it as lingerie aswell or, of course as swimsuit.
Then there is a one piece bathsuit in 2 versions, one with the front of the bra on and braces, another without the bra and braces.
You can wear it with the bikini bottom or the short pants.
You will find also in the pack a corset in short version, that can be worn with both bottoms.
And after bath and sunbath, you can wear the precious lilac silks. Greatly detailled, this one is belted with little lilac flowers, the texture of the panels is lilac veil, and it has 2 lovely bows in the front.
The result is an outfit really really sensual and femnine.
The price is 180 L$ (really low for such outfit)

On the 12th of July, another new release is lauched ; the Life ! outfit.
The addpic talk by itself.... its gorgeous, sensual and soo sexy...
Price is only 150 L$

All this items can be found in my mainstore, of course.
If you want to see them worn inworld, i may wear them for you of course, feel free to ask.

Lets hang out with the Life ! outfit !

Hi everyone !

Today i have some willings for hanging out and visit a new place.... Sooooo.... I've found in the featured places the Mystical Ruins..... hmmmm.... How is this place ? Is it great ? The best way to have an answer is to go there right away... So let's go !
First... here is the slurl : Mystical Ruins.

So after a first look at the place, i can see that the ruins remind me the one we had in the second Moumou's Square... surely the same creator... they really look the same.

For this visit, Im wearing the Life ! outfit, a july's release from Petit Chat..

I choosed to chill out some minutes first, just to give time to all to rezz correctly.

The Life ! outfit is a gorgeous and sexy red and black outfit.
Texture is velvet. It comes with panties, a corset and a really original skirt.

While im squating down beside this tree in the park, you can see the details on the back of the top.

Then i could rest on some pillows... Nice moment aswell... 

 As you can see, the top is a red and black corset. The main part is red. A bright one. The corset is trimed with 3 black straps and closed in the front with large buckles.

The skirtt is really original... doble oppened in the front, and all belted with red flowers ...

See the details of the skirt on this pic :
After a long hang out in this lovely place, i was ready for going back to work in my store.
If you are looking for a beautifull place, visit this land. It worth it.
The Life ! outfit is available in Petit Chat's Mainstore and in my Market place.