Lets hang out with the Life ! outfit !

Hi everyone !

Today i have some willings for hanging out and visit a new place.... Sooooo.... I've found in the featured places the Mystical Ruins..... hmmmm.... How is this place ? Is it great ? The best way to have an answer is to go there right away... So let's go !
First... here is the slurl : Mystical Ruins.

So after a first look at the place, i can see that the ruins remind me the one we had in the second Moumou's Square... surely the same creator... they really look the same.

For this visit, Im wearing the Life ! outfit, a july's release from Petit Chat..

I choosed to chill out some minutes first, just to give time to all to rezz correctly.

The Life ! outfit is a gorgeous and sexy red and black outfit.
Texture is velvet. It comes with panties, a corset and a really original skirt.

While im squating down beside this tree in the park, you can see the details on the back of the top.

Then i could rest on some pillows... Nice moment aswell... 

 As you can see, the top is a red and black corset. The main part is red. A bright one. The corset is trimed with 3 black straps and closed in the front with large buckles.

The skirtt is really original... doble oppened in the front, and all belted with red flowers ...

See the details of the skirt on this pic :
After a long hang out in this lovely place, i was ready for going back to work in my store.
If you are looking for a beautifull place, visit this land. It worth it.
The Life ! outfit is available in Petit Chat's Mainstore and in my Market place.

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