A day in Paris

I was looking for a nice sim as background for introducing some of my latest releases and then i visited Paris 1900. Its a gorgeous sim about the french capital and well, since im french i thought i could be a great idea.
Im not living there myself, i live in the south of France, but ive been there several times in my life and i agree for saying its one of the prettiest city i ever visited (my favorite one still remain Barcelona).
So for introducing some of my newest outfits, i will use this lovely sim as background.
Today, we will visit the most famous there : The Eiffel Tower (in french "la Tour Eiffel") and i will wear the Mila dress. This one as been created for a special order by a SL model for a model graduation (the model herself succeded her graduation and the dress has been applaused by the jury ... and yes, im really proud about this :-D).

Of course, we will start the visit at the feet of the Effeil Tower... Normally, it doesnt look exactly like this... since the Tower open on a large avenue called Le Champs de Mars. But the place just below the Tower, its almost similar. 
The original Champs de Mars look like this : 

I guess this pic has been shot from the top of the Eiffel Tower. In the back side, there is the Seine river.

For this delightful visit, i was wearing the Mila dress. As i said before this dress has been designed for a special order and one of the obligation was that the dress had to look like one of the models created by Karl Lagerfield for the Chanel collection in spring/summer 2012.
The Mila dress is highly detailled with a lot of topstitching and tiny details.
While i was at the bottom of the Tower, i had one regret : there are a lot of small shops with vendor pics and yes, i don't doubt there are some in RL aswell, but at least i think that we could have been safe from this kind of commercial pollution in SL. But well....
So i quickly find the stairs to reach the elevator... I was excited... Yay ! i was going to go up the Tower ! Ive been so excited, that while i was walking up the stairs, i stumbled and almost fell on the groom !

"Oh sorry sir ! Im so excited to go up the Tower, that i failed on a step"
"No problem Madame !, said the groom. I hope you didnt hurt you "
"No, thanks, all is fine' I answered while i walked to the elevator.

Ok so 3 levels... lets start with the first one. Its already pretty high. Then i pushed the 1rst level button.

The architecture of the Tower is really impressive. All in metal....I looked upper while i was on the first level, and the less i can say is that i felt really short lol. The tower is gigantic !
I braved then my vertigo and came to sit on a balustrade, to enjoy the view and i found there a lil cushion and a book about the Tower.

You can learn about the Tower in the official website (you can select your language at the top of the page) or in the wikipedia.
As you can see, ive been lucky this day because the weather was awesome !
In RL you can find a great restaurant, at the first level. Here there is no restaurant, but a lil art gallery and some of the manequin made for the decor are in sale too. 

So lets go upper !
Ding ! Second level !

At the second level there are some big boards with great explanations about the History of the Tower and i found also these 2 great photographies. Of course i couldnt resist to pose just in front of them !

I even tried to check if i was able to move some metal pillars.... but well.. you know already the answer, dont you ? This Tower is really solid, it wont fall in pieces.... Well, always good to know heheheheh... i wouldnt like it fall while i am inside it.

So i sat here again on a balustrade and enjoyed the view....
Ok, i know what you will say.... Ok, ok... In Paris, there is no sea, no ocean.... you can still admire the Seine from the top of the Tower, but yes, it look really different than a sea... But here we are in SL ! That's the fairy of SL : you can enjoy watching the sea from the top of the Eiffel Tower ! Isnt this magical ?
I went up to the 3rd level, tried to go up to the roof for shoting a pic and ..... I fell !
Ive been lucky enough to be able to catch myself to a metal pillar before reaching the ground and squash myself as a pancake.
In the 3rd level, you can do a parachute jump and then go down this way. Well, i didnt take any parachute, i fell without purpose lol...
So while i was checking i was safe after landing on a pillar, i took 2 pics. 

And no, im not about jumping !

Before leaving this great place i even took time for making a nice photo of the whole Tower :

Just for you .......

Ill be back there later for introducing another of my newest creations.

(To be continued....)

Credits :

You can visit the Effeil Tower in SL in Paris 1900 sim

The Mila dress featured here is this one :

You can find it on the Market place or, of course, inworld.

Have a great day, see you soon for new adventures in Paris !