So im glad to introduce to you the new Moumou's Square located in Tuvuca Bay. So first u may land in Moumou's garden
Here you will find a tp system for every part of the land.
And i invite you to hang out in the lovely garden with beautifull ruins.
Also dont miss to watch the lovely lighthouse.
Then you may visit the stores.
.Petit Chat & Les Fleurs du Mâle store
The mainroom

Les Fleurs du Mâle's side

Petit Chat's side
On the other garden's side you will find the Natilee's store ;
Here you will find gorgeous Neko and urban fashion :

Then you must absolutely visit the Tejiaji's Art gallery.
This awesome building host the Tejiaji's paints, he is a French grafic designer and virtual painter. He also exhibit his art in real. Here is his website :
His paints are really moving, deep, u cant stay insensible in front of them. You may stay watching at them during hours... At least, i may....

For now, you may also find a mini-hunt all around the land : The Strawberry mini-hunt. Click the boards with a strawberry and you will recieve the note-card with the hints. The gifts are non available elsewhere. They were created specially for this hunt and you wont find them neither on the Market Place, neither in the inworld shops.

We really hope you will hang out in Moumou's Square !


Rage is dark purple outfit with laces and chains.
Sometimes rage gives energy for creation.. This is what happened..and the result is gorgeous and really sexy .. You may wear it with the bra only, or the top with chains, and even add the lovely lace bolero.
Laces gloves with sculpt gloves tops come for completing the bolero.
The panties and skirt will display some of your curves and will make you desired. And you may accessorie it with the chain necklace and bellychain.  . The great plus is that Aymeric Pelazzi created special eyes from the Drake collection for the Rage outfit included in the pack.

The outfit is copy, mod, but if u need resizable version, feel free to send me a nc after ur purchase and I will send u the version with resize scripts.
The price is only 150L$ for the outfit, accessories and eyes included.


Since, now, Americ Pelazzi is fully partenered with Nati and I, we needed a bigger land.
And we found it, in Tuvuca. A lovely 1/4 sim where we moved our stores and Aymeric created his permanent art gallery.
So durant more than a full week, we worked hard...Still some things to do, but you may yet come and enjoy the place. 
The new mainstore is bigger : one side for Les Fleurs du Mâle's Brand, one side for Petit Chat's Brand.

Works in progres.. furnitures intstallation, vendors were still not rezzed....
The main room...
In the new place there is also Natilee's store and the new thing is the Tejiaji's Art Gallery (Tejiaji is Aymeric's artist name.
The gallery's building...

Inside the Gallery...
A big thanks to Shani and Trix for their precious help during the works.


So during this long summer, Aymeric didnt stop designing new eyes. Now the new ones are even more sophisticated...
Alive eyes collection includes highly detailed eyes textures, along with animated prim lights.
Bring the eyes of your avatar to life !
Each pack includes three different levels of light for the eyes, plus two prim lights, worn on eyeballs. Those prim lights are softly animated, bringing a natural movement to the lights and giving the feeling of a real living eye.
Of course, the prim lights may need to be adjusted to your avatar. They include a resize script.
Here are some examples : 

Each pair is only 49 L$ for 3 layers version inside and 3 different sizes + 2 prim eyes.
You may, of course, save money purchasing the Fat Pack version including the 6 colors.
And if you want to try them to know how great they are, you may even find a freebie sample in the store (click the box on the ground).
Enjoy ! You will be completly won over.

An eventful summer in Petit Chat

At last this summer ends and here is the fall...
Summer was eventfull, on the bad as on the good way. But it ends greatly ! The new land is open and im sure you will like it.
But first lets make a little flashback on summer's news ...
Aymeic/Octavius made a new eyes collection called Storm. Beautifull and brigth eyes. Available in 12 colors, they are really highly definited. 
They are, as usual copy, no mod, no trans and the price is 35 L$ for each single pair. 
Here are 2 examples : 
And, of course, you may save money buying the fat pack including the 12 colors. Its only 190 L$. So it really worth it.

So in September, we ve had a new release in Petit Chat, finally. Sorry for the time it took... rl issues took me away from designing some weeks.
So ive made this summer outfit quickly before the summer ends. Since this year, we are having an indan summer, you will like hanging out with it in the last heat days.
This nice jean capri outfit has a lovely sculpty tunique. The price is only 50 L$ and as usual its copy and mod. But i may do a resize version on demand, if u need.

Then we started thinking about a new land... Dreaming about a bigger place, and above all less laggy.
Of course we loved Bourbouton in the mainland.. The first Moumou's Square location. We have a lot of good memories there. Memories about the first mainstore. about the first little mall. We want to thanks here are our renters who came and took part of the adventures. 
Of course we want to thanks above all, all our visitors who where more numerous days after days. All this trustfull customers who came so often to visit us. We hope you to took so much pleasure to come than us to welcome you.
But time is coming for us to grow up. We need more space and, above all, more prims. We needed too bigger store.
Aymeric Pelazzi has join the partnership, so Bourbouton was too small for us 3.So the story is going on... and the new Moumou's Square is born.... I will tell u the following in a future post.