Coucou !

Still traveling accross the 10 Fashion for Life regions. (links to other posts at the end of this one).
We will stop now at Journey
This sim has been designed by TotalLunar Eclipse on the steampunk theme. But more precisely i would say it is inspired by Cthulhu myth from Lovecraft.
The sim is sponsored by Emo-tions and Heydra.
Petit Chat has a store there.

So as for the other FFL sim, all merchants here are using official FFL vendors which gives a percentage of each sale to the American Cancer Society. Then your shopping is also serving a great cause !

At my latest stop, at Excursion, i've bought some cute items i will wear for this post.

I will keep from the previous post : 

Hair : .:EMO-tions.. *JOSY * black pack (on Journey sim)
Jewellery : Clear Butterfly necklace & earrings from ☮Rainbow's Custom Jewelry (on Promenade and on Excursion sims)
Poses : Nantra wanderlust pack (on Voyage sim)

and i'm going to add (bought on Excursion) :
Top : OSITO Frilly Bra Top Red Gingham
Bottom : OSITO Frilly Knicker Hot Pants Red Gingham
Glasses in mouth : *+CS+* Asia - Pearl[on Mouth] (from gatcha)

And as i suspected, it ends in a super cute outfit perfect for skating !

Arriving at Journey, we land in an enclosed courtyard.
Actually, it reminds me a lot the high school i went when i was 15 years old.
It was exactly the same style of building.

From this courtyard, you have 3 entrances. One is the gatcha room.
Both other ones are the sponsor stores. You have to step inside each of them for reaching the streets.

So i'm going to choose first the right side one. My favorite hair store is here, *winks.
And since yesterday i came to buy this ponytail, im now going to buy their second exclusive item a long braid in the back. Of course in black.
It's called Renee and the vendor gives 25 % to ACR.

So after crossing Emo-tions store i reach the first street.

In this street you can do shopping in the following stores :

Emo-tions : hair and accessories/jewellery
Leri-Miles Designs : female fashion and shoes
MEB : female fashion
DollFace : female fashion
Gypsy Chic : female fashion
Fashion Licious : male and female fashion
Likka House : female fashion

I stopped at MEB because i fell in love with this gorgeous red dress (an exclusivity for FFL) and on top the vendor is giving 100 % of the price to ACR ! I will show this new purchase in my next post too.

And OMG ! I couldnt resist to the gatcha of Gypsy chic : a gorgeous pair of ankle boots, really fun ! You ll see them later too. The vendor was donating 50 % of the price to ACR ! yay !

At the end of this street, you will find a path leading to Trek sim. The journey building here is simply amazing !

So let's step back and reach again the central closed courtyard. From there we will cross over Heydra store (kudos for the decor in that store, btw !)

In the second street you will find ....

aahhhhhhhh ! In this street you will find Petit Chat store !!! Yayyyyy ! (well i had to do it lol)

Ok, so here is the list of the stores in this street :

Heydra : male and female fashion
Silk Dreams Fashion : female fashion
Petit Chat (wooooot ! ) : female fashion
M&M : female fashion
Duh : accessories and shoes/boots
The library : female fashion
DressMe : female fashion and shoes
HollyShirt  : female fashion. This is the store of my crazy friend Pinkrayne...
Silk Touch : skins and cosmetics

A lil information : in my store ALL vendors give 75 % to the ACR.

And .... since i talked about Cthulhu at the beguining of this post ...

Here is your taxi for Journey 

Link to Post 1 : Amble 
Link to post 2 : Excursion 

Again .... come visit these gorgeous sims of FFL and enjoy your shopping ! Each of your purchases will raise funds for the American Cancer Society !

Stay tuned ! We will visit Meander. (Not sure ill will reach to make this one today, but if not, it will be posted tomorrow, so stay tuned anyway !)

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