Are you sure you can read a map ? ....(A new 65l$ today deal !)

There is a popular knowledge saying that men can read better maps than women. Well, while i understand our brain has slight differences and of course our culture grow us differently, i have never been sure about the thing with the map.
I never got problem for reading a map. The map is not the problem and actually i love the way maps draw the space in 2D. I find them quite lovely even. :p
Problem is when i must translate this in our 3d world and things become less obvious.
But i rarely lose myself. I wouldnt say i have a good sense of orientation, but maybe i may say i'm lucky, or maybe it's common sense, or maybe it's the old method from when i was doing RL role play games where we use to always go in our right direction when we were exploring labyrinth.... and i'm also stuborn and persistant, which help a lot in that case.

So im sorry to disapoint these bikers but it's their fault if we are now lost !

But the good news is that Petit Chat is having a new 65l$ deal today !
The Sunset Dress has been released today in the store and so you can have each color pack for 65 l$ instead of 185 l$.
There are 10 to choose from and really you should not miss this opportunity because those dresses are just adorable !

The deal will last today and tomorrow : November 7-8th


More infos here

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