Coucou !!!

In addition to my posts about the 10 sims of Fashion for Life, i wanted to tell you a bit about the Passport game running all over the event.

To join the fun, you need to get a passport at one of the redemption centers. There is one on each sim, at the landing points.

How does this work ?

Once you click the passport game board, you will recieve a passport hud. Be careful, don't loose it, because you can recieve only one.

Wear it or add it, it's a HUD, so you will see it on your screen. 
For now this one is empty. Stamps are the default ones. You will need one new stamp for each FFL sims.

So how do you get the stamps ?
Simple ! You have to go to each gatcha stations (one in each FFL sim) and buy the souvenir created by the sim designer.
Each souvenir is 50 L$. 100% of it goes to the American Cancer Society. So on top to get a lovely souvenir, you also make a small donation to the ACS.

(edited pic)

As they are trying to running away from me you can see on the pic the souvenirs are :

Once you have them all. You can wear your passport hud and wear or rezz them. You will see for each souvenir rezzed or worn a new stamp appearing on your passport.

In the end your passport must have the 10 stamps from the 10 sims.

You can now go to one of the redemption centers (there is one on each sim, they are the landing point) and choose here the gift you want to take while still wearing your passport HUD.

Petit Chat made also a prize for this game :

And there are plenty of others ! (in total you can choose among 21 prizes)

So go to get your passport and enjoy the game !!!

Taxis for the FFL sims : 

For the photo i was wearing some of the purchases i made during my visits in FFL sims and i havent shown yet.

Hair : Carlie (tuxedo) from Damsefly (in Wander)
Dress : Mila flowers from Rams (in Promenade)
Shoes : Rosy shoes from Spyralle (in Wander)
Jewellery : Louiza earrings, bracelets and necklace from Vintage Jewells (in Voyage)

The pose is from the Butterflies set from Uncertain Smile (in Wander)

Happy shopping !


Coucou !!

I hope you are ready for our visit to the 10th and last sim of Fashion for Life 2014. 
We will explore Wander sim today !
This one is about non-mechanised flight and has been designed by Grace Loudon and Rathmeous Dagger.
Sponsors are Zanze and Miamai.

It's a really colored and lively design !

This sim is a color party itself !

For this post i wanted to wear my "Suspendu pour l'éternité" dress, on fish theme, because i you can see there is water everywhere here and i thought it would be a perfect match with the decor.
In addition, i also wear the lil jewellery add-on i created for the dress, that you can find as a prize for the passport game of the FFL.
You can find the dress in my 2 FFL stores (in Journey and in Perambulate). Vendors will give 75 % of the price to the American Cancer Society.

To complete the outfit i will wear :

Hair : Emo-tions Josy (black) (in Journey)
Eyeshadow : Jumo Leona (blue) (in Promenade)
Bracelets : Vintage Jewells Louiza (in Voyage). I came back today there because i bought yesterday the necklace and earrings and finally i thought i also needed the bracelets. Vendor gives 100 % to the ACR.
Hairpiece : Zibska Ibis heardress in storm (in Voyage)
Foot straps : Zibska Kiele foot straps (in Voyage). My bad, i didn't noticed they were for Slink feet. And well, althought i don't like the market forces me to buy something, i so liked this foot straps that well, i finally went to purchase these slink feet. I would have prefered the decision comes from me, but well... finally, these foot straps are so lovely, that they worth this lil sacrifice from me. And anyway, those feets are great, so i will use them anyway.

I will use the poses i got from Poseway (Camilla set) and Hopscotch (They call me the wanderer set), both bought in Trek sim. And i will still use for some of the pics of this post the Tillie PhotoHud i bought in Tillie's shop in Parade.

After we land, we will walk on the path at our left side.

Here we can visit : 

Uncertain smile : poses and props
Even flow : female fashion
Irodori : japanese female fashion
Zanze : male and female fashion.

I stopped by Uncertain smile shop to buy the Butterflies set poses pack. 50 % of the price goes to the American Cancer Society.

After crossing over Zanze store, we reach a second path, ending at the entrance of the Promenade sim.

In this one, the shops are :

Cannibelle : socks and stocking slink appliers 
Blinsen + Maitai : Jewellery + shoes
Barerose : female fashion
Schön : female fashion

Heading back to the landing point, we will explore the other side of the sim.

On the path leading to the second sponsor's shop, we can visit :

Modish : jewellery
Orage creations : female fashion and skins
Kaerri : female fashion, shoes
Somnia : female fashion, shoes
Miamai : female fashion, jewellery

On the other side of Miamail store, the path go on till Parade entrance.

The Gatcha station is there too.

The stores are :

Spyralle : female fashion and shoes
Damsefly : hair (male and female)
Xen's Hat : hats
Baboom Couture : male and female couture

I couldn't resist to buy the Carlie hair (Tuxedo pack) in Damsefly shop. 25 % of the price are going to the ACS.
And also this adorable pair of shoes in Spyralle : Rosy shoes-Hydrangea (blue) : 25 % of my money is also going to ACS.

Of course, i couldn't finish this post without showing you from close these adorable foot straps i got in Zibska shop in the Voyage sim.

And while I went up in this hot air ballon for shoting the sim with my camera, i took the opportunity to show you the beautiful eyeshadow from Jumo (Leona pack) i bougth in Promenade sim, the gorgeous bracelets from Vintage Jewells (Louiza) bought in Voyage sim, and the awesome headdress from Zibska bought also in Voyage sim.

And it's from the inside of the air balloon that I am going to say goodbye !

I really hope you enjoyed each of these 10 posts about the 10 FFL sims as much as i had fun to make them.

Please do not forget to visit the Fashion for Life sims. They will close on the 20th.
Each of your purchases will bring money to the American Cancer Society and on top, there are donation kiosks all over the sims.
On a photographer point of view, the sims are a must see. The builders have done an outstanding job and i really would like to thank each of them for having brought to me such beautiful decor for my photos.
On a shopping a hollic point of view, i can tell you that each designers have done an amazing work, and they released unique exclusive items.
I can say that I am really happy about my shopping there. Each items i have bought have found a place of choice within my inventory and you will probably see some of them in some of my future artworks.

In conclusion, i would like to say that I haven't explained my personal reason for joining such events, because i'm not really prone to talk about my real life. But it's pretty obvious for me that we are all, one day or another, touched from close or far by this disease. Whatever is a family member, a friend, a collegue, or ourselves, we can't ignore cancer.
And i do think that together we can do more than what we can do alone.

Thank you for having reading my posts about FFL sim.

I'm not promising, but if i can, i will do one more post to show the other items i bought and havent displayed and also talk about the Passport game all over the FFL.

A last thank to the organisators of the event, they are the evidence that willpower and unity can do big and wonderful things.

Taxi for Wander.


Coucou !!!

Ready for more exploration over the Fashion for Life gorgeous sims ? I hope you are ! Today we are going to explore the gorgeous Voyage sim.
So you will ask : "What is this sim about ?". It's about 2 and 3 wheeled transportation. 
I'm going to add here, that the architecture of the sim remind me a lot the one from Alsace region in France, or the one from Germany, or even Bavaria.
A lot of green vegetation and house with half-timbering.

The sim has been designed by Jara Lowell and the sponsors are Vintage Jewells and Mon Cheri.

The landpoint is set at one corner of the sim.
From there, you can choose or to go hanging out among the countryside, or to head toward the houses/shops. 
We will first care about shoping for now, and i will show you a bit of the countryside after.

For this post, i dressed myself with several items i bought in my previous explorations in FFL sims.

Hair : Femke from Mina (in Promenade) materials enabled ( i can't take it off.. I'm totally in love )
Dress and mask : Circus from Petit Chat (one of the 2 exclusivity i created for FFL) (in Journey and in Perambulate)
Boots : Plenium boots black from Energie footwear (in Trek)
Jewellery : In the garden set from Krystal (in Promenade)
Bracelets : from the set Lizzie (black) from Stars ! (in Perambulate)

I will still use the Tillie PhotoHud i bought in Tillie's shop in Parade for some of the pics of this post.
Poses will be from :
Hopscotch : pack "they call me the wanderer"
Poseway : Camilla set

Both packs bought in Trek

After only some steps in the street we will reach a crossing. 
Before this you can visit M&M store (female fashion).
In that sim the shops have 2 floors, so don't forget to check upstairs too or you will risk to miss vendors.

At the crossing we will turn on our right side.

Shops and houses are surrounding the stone path on the right. And on the center, there is a beautiful covered fountain.

Mystic sky Shop (female and male fashion, hair accessories.) stands right before you arrive at the fountain.

Right behind the fountain, you will find Mon Cheri store (female fashion, shoes and jewellery).

After visiting this shop we will keep walking in the same path, leaving the Gatcha station on our left side.

Happy to find Zibska shop (female fashion and accessories) on my way i bought here several lil accesories : The ibis headdress, Xiang (blindfold and birds over the head) and the Kiele foot straps.
Each vendors gives 50 % to the American Cancer Society. 

Right after this store, this stone path will cross another street.
On the right side you will head toward Excursion sim, and if you have time, stop a bit to admire this beautiful waterfall.

A good opportunity for me to show you one of the Hopscotch poses with the stick prop. 

But let's head back toward the shops. 

We will find there :

2peas : female fashion and shoes
Yasum : male and female fashion

Leaving the regular street, we will take another stone path and will visit more stores :

Sky Summerwind : female fashion and shoes
Ava Girl : female fashion and shoes
Vintage jewells : jewellery
Black Tulip : poses and props
Nantra : poses and props
BN designs : female fashion

I bought in Vintage jewells, the Louiza earrings and Louiza necklace. I saw them at my first visit on the sim and finally, this time i decided to buy them. 100 % of the price is going to the American Cancer Society.
At my first visit here, some days ago, i bought the Wanderlust set of poses in Nantra store, which comes with sticks props too. But i already showed them in my first posts about FFL.

It would be really shame i leave the sim without showing you the beautiful countryside, the builder of this sim designed behind the stores.

At the end of the path, just before the junction with Journey sim, i met this deer and some rabbits.
I stopped a bit there to show you from closer the back of the boots, which are beautiful and also the necklace that i really love, it's really refined.

Aren't we cute ?

So get ready and TP to Voyage FFL sim ASAP (all the FFL sim will close on the 20th).

Keep in mind that ALL the vendors in the FFL sims are set to donate a minimum of 15 % of they price to the American Cancer Society. A lot of vendors gives more than this percentage and you will find even some giving 100 %.
So buy ! Because not only you will enjoy what you bought, but also, you will help the research against the Cancer !
There are also donation kiosks all over the sims.

Next time we will explore Wander sim.

Till then, enjoy your visit of the Fashion for Life sims and your shoping !

All pictures of this post are raw.


Coucou again my friends !

For our 8th visit at Fashion For Life we will visit the Trek sim.
This one is designed on the mechanised flight by Troy Vogel. 
Sponsors are Azul and Essenz.

For this post i chose to wear the following items coming from my shopping in Promenade sim : 

Make up : Jumo Leona eyeshadows (in acqua)
Hair : Mina Femke (in black) ... and yes... materials enabled !!!

I decided to keep the gorgeous jewellery set i got from Krystal for another post, because it will match perfectly with my red exclusive item i created for FFL (Circus dress)

In addition, i ran to Perambulate sim, to go to BSD shoes store.
I got from them a stunning pair of stilettos : Love-raw1 in black. (100 % of the price is given to the American Cancer Society! )

I will wear one of my 2 exclusive items for FFL : the Like a dream dress, that comes with assorted jewellery.
The dress has been created from my artwork "Like a dream", currently displayed in my artgallery and the it's materials enabled (jewellery aswell). So no doubt im going to enjoy playing with this feature on the dress and the hair ! You can find the outfit in my 2 stores at FFL, Petit Chat in Perambulate and Petit Chat in Journey. Vendors will give 75 % of your purchase to the ACS.

Im still going to use the Tillie PhotoHud i got from Tillie in Parade. And in addition, i will use also the poses from the Miss Maci set, i got in Positure shop at Promenade. 

So let's start our visit !
We land in the middle of a runway.

While facing the redemption center, we will follow on our right hand.

The first warehouse we meet is Hopscotch store (shoes, poses and props)

I decided to purchase one of the 2 exclusive items of this shop. A pack of poses "They call me the wanderer". 100 % of the price is sent to the American Cancer Society.

From there we take the road lined by an air terminal on one side and warehouses on the other side.

You will find there the following shops :

Wild Serenity : female fashion
Pixel passion : female fashion
Designs by Sebastian : jewellery
Sysy's : shoes and female fashion
Sundaara designs : female fashion
Poseway : poses

The street ends where Journey sim starts.

I bought a super set of poses in Poseway : Camilla set (50 % to the American Cancer Society)
and i stoped by the Gatcha room (in the middle of the air terminal) and tried my luck for some shoes from BSD, i got the Beautiful life/black Cherry. (15% to the ACS). Of course i will show them in one of my following posts.

Right in front the gatcha room, a path will lead you to Essenz store (shoes).

After crossing over Essenz store, you will reach another plane area.
In front stands Azul shop (female fashion).
Behind you will find another road, with another air terminal and some other warehouses.

In the middle of the air terminal you will find the Time Cafe, for if you want to rest a bit.
I took this opportunity to sit a bit and show you from close the eyeshadows from Jumo.

Before leaving the cafe, let's take also a closer look at the gorgeous shoes from BSD :

They make a perfect addition to my "Like a dream" dress !

The shops surrounding the cafe are :

Energie Footwear : shoes and boots
Frogstar : jewellery and accessories
Ghee : female fashion and shoes
Fission : female fashion
Deluxe Bodyfactory : skins, shapes and appliers.
Flair : nails

Of course, i couldn't resist to this beautiful pair of thigh boots i saw at Energie Footwear store. 25% is going to the American Cancer Society. The pack is called : Energie plenium boots black.
I will show them in a following post.

It's time for me to go to bed.
I hope this post will give you big willings to visit the Trek sim.
Here is your taxi for FFL Trek !

Do not forget that Fashion for Life is a fundraiser for American Cancer Society. Each vendor gives at least 15 % of the price to ACS and often more, till 100 %.
So enjoy your shoping there, it's for a good cause !

Stay tuned, we still have 2 other sims to visit at FFL in the following days !

Pictures of this post are raw.


After having talked with Troy Vogel yesterday, after i posted this post, he told me that all the little bears hiding here and there on the sim will stalk him if i dont say a word about them here.
The threat was so serious, that i had to make something to save Troy from an horrible drama with those cheeky bears '-).
Of course i saw some of them at my latest visit, but i didnt know we could buy some of them for 0 l$ and bring them to home.
They look adorable :

So be nice with them, if you meet some on the sim, otherwise they risk to revenge on Troy !


Coucou !

Back to our visit to Fashion For life 2014. This time we will going to explore the Promenade sim.
This one is a futuristic decor from Rathmeous Dagger. A huge spacestation !
Sponsors are FBD fashion and ZOZ.

For this visit, i'm going to wear some of the items i found at the event :

Dress : ***Arisaris : Other Epochs Black (in Perambulate)
Jewellery : Lizzie set in black from Stars ! (in Perambulate)

and i will be still using for some of the pics you will see here, the amazing Photo Hud from Tillie.

After you will land on the sim, you can walk on your right side or on your left side. We will choose the latter for now.

Here the stores are :

Rams Wear : female fashion
Positure : poses and props
Nya's shop : female fashion
Moolala : female fashion
Lacuna : female fashion and shoes
Mina : hair

I couldn't resist to this lovely set of poses Miss Maci at Positure store. 100 % to the ACS.
And also i bought the Femke hair in black at Mina store. It's an exclusivity for FFL and the vendor gives 25 % to the ACS. (Those hair are materials enabled and i can't wait to see how they look !)
I will use these items in my next post.

Following the curve you will reach the FBD fashion store (female fashion) and then find one of the entrance. Outside there is a bridge leading to Amble sim.
At each entrance and also at the landing point, you can get a combat armor for free (male and female version), a gift from the designer of the sim.

Walking back to the landing point, we will take now the direction on the right side.

I've stopped at the security corner to show you this lovely dress more closely.

After this spot you will find a bar for if you want to have a drink, just in front the gatcha station.
I stopped just after at this control booth. Not for hijacking the space station of course, but to show you a bit more closely this lovely jewellery set i got in Stars ! store at Perambulate.

Just after this spot you can visit the second store of Rainbow's custom jewellery.

Right in front this shop, you can visit the spacecraft terminal. Mind you its already my 6th visit and im noticing i've missed some doors there lol.
One let you go to some controls rooms.

In the upper floor there is another room in the same style.
While i was just leaving the spacecraft terminal, i noticed in front a spot called transporter.
I found there a teletransporter to go to the tower.

I know im not dressed for a spatial exploration, but i couldnt resist to the temptation. After all, my name is Trinity... Neo must be in the surounding to protect me if needed.

I havent been disapointed by my visit. The view to the outside or even from the outside is somptuous !

Inside, the machines looked a bit complex, so i swear i havent touched them.

I came back all safe to the shop area thanks to the teletransporter.
Then i walked in the path in front of me, where i could visit :

Krystal fine jewellery : jewellery
Katink : poses
Free bird : female fashion and shoes
Jumo : female fashion, jewellery, skins and make up, shoes.
Crie Style : eye wear

And, after the curve,
Zoz : shoes and nails.

I couldn't resist to do some purchases in this path.
I got a beautiful set of jewellery at Krystal (In the garden set - 50 % to ACS) and a set of eyes shadows at Jumo (Leona eyeshadows- 25 % to American Cancer Society).

It's time for me to go back home and unpack all this new purchases !
I will show them in my next post (about Trek).

For now, here is your taxi for Promenade.

Don't forget, there are donnation kiosks all over the FFL Sims, so even if you haven't found something you'd like to purchase you still can make a donnation too.

Hope you will enjoy the visit !

(pictures of this post are raw shots.)


Coucou !!!

So let's go on our tour over the Fashion for Life 2014 sims. And I am so happy and excited to blog about this sim, Perambulate. 
As you could notice yet by reading my other posts about the other sims, Fashion for Life is not only awesome on a shopping point of view... But also, it worth the visit for the decors. Really, don't miss this opportunity to visit those gorgeous sims before the event closes its doors on the 20th.
They are ALL little gems.
I really enjoy visiting each of them (i am now at my 6th visit for each of them lol) and its a big delight to make photos there.
But, if there is one i had to choose for being my favorite, and this from the very first minute i steped inside, it's Perambulate.
Firstly, this sim matches perfectly my style. Secondly i like the idea of the skate park, and thirdly, at my first visit, the builder Eclair Martinek has been so friendly that i definitively fell in love with that sim.
When i learnt that we could rent a second store at the FFL. I ran to that sim right away for geting a shop there. And here again, Eclair has been totally helpful !

So indeed, the sim has been designed by Eclair Martinek on the foot-transports and skating theme.
BSD Design Studio and Legal Insanity are the sponsors.

To introduce this sim, i will be wearing :
Hair : Emo-tions Josy in black (bought in Journey)
Gown : Rainbow trip gown from Petit Chat (i wanted something really colored for hanging out among all the green surrounding, so i decided to wear this beautiful gown. Available in each of my 2 stores in FFL in Journey and here in Perambulate. 75 % of the price is given to American Cancer Society)

In addition, i came back to Amble at Purple Moon store and bought this lovely set of jewellery (im not wearing the earrings but you can see the necklace and the bracelets ) : :: PM :: Frozen Dew Set in Noir
100 % of the price is going to ACR. So i've been dobly happy to purchase.

I will still be using the Tillie photo Hud i bought in Parade sim.

When you land at Perambulate, you arrive at a lovely welcome arrea. From there you have several options. You can cross over the sponsor shops and reach the pathes with the other stores. Or you can right away go and hang out among pathes in the countryside.
We will focus for now on the shops, so we will first cross over Legal Insanity store just behind us.

Before steping in Legal Insanity shop, i took a moment for saying hi to some squirrels at the entrance and play a bit with this photo hud for showing more closely the gorgeous set of jewellery from Purple Moon.

After you cross over Legal Insanity store, you will find a lovely green path, all surrounded by cute lil house/stores. 

Legal Insanity : female fashion
Hollywood : shoes
Coco : female fashion and shoes
Eclectica : jewellery and shoes.

You will reach a long curve surrounded by a lovely park.

After the curve, the path will go on with some shops and a lovely pond at the other side.

There you will be able to visit the following stores : 

Center Ville : female fashion, shoes and skin/shapes
Aris Aris : female fashion
A*S : shoes and female fashion

 At the end of this path, if you keep following it, you will reach Meander sim.
If you want to visit the other side of Perambulate, you have to turn on your right side and walk on the little bridge over the pond.  It will lead you toward the welcome arrea.

We will still leave the countryside path on our side and we will cross over BSD Design Studio store where you can find tons of shoes !

Right beside the store,  another path will lead you till some other shops :

Redux! : shoes, hair, female and male fashion
Rapture : female fashion
Senzafine : female fashion
Stars ! : jewellery
Vlintuition : female fashion
look who's there .....
Petit Chat : female fashion (yep, that's my store !)

I've stopped by Stars ! and bought a lovely jewellery set i will display in the next post. It is an exclusive item and the vendors gives 100 % of the proceeds to ACR.

The end of the path will lead you to Excursion sim.
But the visit is not done already !

Let's step back a bit till BSD store.
Leaving the path before reaching the shop, I'm going to turn on my right side toward the walking trail.

There, you will have to walk into a tunnel to reach the other side, close to the welcome area.

This is where i fell in love with that sim !

If we walk on the path going between the 2 sponsor stores, we arrive to the Gatcha area. And going along this one from its left side, here is the surprise !
A skate park !
You can find roller skates all over the sim in goodies boxes on the ground (free) and the Passport game souvenir of this sim is a skate board.

Enjoy !!!

Eclair did an amazing job ! 

I hope this post will make you run there asap. Really it worth the visit !

Your taxi for Perambulate.

Check also the previous post about 5 of the other FFL sims.
We will go on the visit ASAP.

For now its time for me to go in bed.

Do not forget that your shopping at FFL helps a great cause. ALL the vendors there are set up to give at least 15 % of the price to ACS and its often a bigger percentage.
There are also donation boxes all over the sims. So please make a donation if you can.

Stay tuned for more explorations over the FFL sims.

All photos of this post are raw shots, taken using the Tillie photohud (amazing tool, isn't it ? Im totally in love with it !)