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Ready for more exploration over the Fashion for Life gorgeous sims ? I hope you are ! Today we are going to explore the gorgeous Voyage sim.
So you will ask : "What is this sim about ?". It's about 2 and 3 wheeled transportation. 
I'm going to add here, that the architecture of the sim remind me a lot the one from Alsace region in France, or the one from Germany, or even Bavaria.
A lot of green vegetation and house with half-timbering.

The sim has been designed by Jara Lowell and the sponsors are Vintage Jewells and Mon Cheri.

The landpoint is set at one corner of the sim.
From there, you can choose or to go hanging out among the countryside, or to head toward the houses/shops. 
We will first care about shoping for now, and i will show you a bit of the countryside after.

For this post, i dressed myself with several items i bought in my previous explorations in FFL sims.

Hair : Femke from Mina (in Promenade) materials enabled ( i can't take it off.. I'm totally in love )
Dress and mask : Circus from Petit Chat (one of the 2 exclusivity i created for FFL) (in Journey and in Perambulate)
Boots : Plenium boots black from Energie footwear (in Trek)
Jewellery : In the garden set from Krystal (in Promenade)
Bracelets : from the set Lizzie (black) from Stars ! (in Perambulate)

I will still use the Tillie PhotoHud i bought in Tillie's shop in Parade for some of the pics of this post.
Poses will be from :
Hopscotch : pack "they call me the wanderer"
Poseway : Camilla set

Both packs bought in Trek

After only some steps in the street we will reach a crossing. 
Before this you can visit M&M store (female fashion).
In that sim the shops have 2 floors, so don't forget to check upstairs too or you will risk to miss vendors.

At the crossing we will turn on our right side.

Shops and houses are surrounding the stone path on the right. And on the center, there is a beautiful covered fountain.

Mystic sky Shop (female and male fashion, hair accessories.) stands right before you arrive at the fountain.

Right behind the fountain, you will find Mon Cheri store (female fashion, shoes and jewellery).

After visiting this shop we will keep walking in the same path, leaving the Gatcha station on our left side.

Happy to find Zibska shop (female fashion and accessories) on my way i bought here several lil accesories : The ibis headdress, Xiang (blindfold and birds over the head) and the Kiele foot straps.
Each vendors gives 50 % to the American Cancer Society. 

Right after this store, this stone path will cross another street.
On the right side you will head toward Excursion sim, and if you have time, stop a bit to admire this beautiful waterfall.

A good opportunity for me to show you one of the Hopscotch poses with the stick prop. 

But let's head back toward the shops. 

We will find there :

2peas : female fashion and shoes
Yasum : male and female fashion

Leaving the regular street, we will take another stone path and will visit more stores :

Sky Summerwind : female fashion and shoes
Ava Girl : female fashion and shoes
Vintage jewells : jewellery
Black Tulip : poses and props
Nantra : poses and props
BN designs : female fashion

I bought in Vintage jewells, the Louiza earrings and Louiza necklace. I saw them at my first visit on the sim and finally, this time i decided to buy them. 100 % of the price is going to the American Cancer Society.
At my first visit here, some days ago, i bought the Wanderlust set of poses in Nantra store, which comes with sticks props too. But i already showed them in my first posts about FFL.

It would be really shame i leave the sim without showing you the beautiful countryside, the builder of this sim designed behind the stores.

At the end of the path, just before the junction with Journey sim, i met this deer and some rabbits.
I stopped a bit there to show you from closer the back of the boots, which are beautiful and also the necklace that i really love, it's really refined.

Aren't we cute ?

So get ready and TP to Voyage FFL sim ASAP (all the FFL sim will close on the 20th).

Keep in mind that ALL the vendors in the FFL sims are set to donate a minimum of 15 % of they price to the American Cancer Society. A lot of vendors gives more than this percentage and you will find even some giving 100 %.
So buy ! Because not only you will enjoy what you bought, but also, you will help the research against the Cancer !
There are also donation kiosks all over the sims.

Next time we will explore Wander sim.

Till then, enjoy your visit of the Fashion for Life sims and your shoping !

All pictures of this post are raw.

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