Coucou !!

I hope you are ready for our visit to the 10th and last sim of Fashion for Life 2014. 
We will explore Wander sim today !
This one is about non-mechanised flight and has been designed by Grace Loudon and Rathmeous Dagger.
Sponsors are Zanze and Miamai.

It's a really colored and lively design !

This sim is a color party itself !

For this post i wanted to wear my "Suspendu pour l'éternité" dress, on fish theme, because i you can see there is water everywhere here and i thought it would be a perfect match with the decor.
In addition, i also wear the lil jewellery add-on i created for the dress, that you can find as a prize for the passport game of the FFL.
You can find the dress in my 2 FFL stores (in Journey and in Perambulate). Vendors will give 75 % of the price to the American Cancer Society.

To complete the outfit i will wear :

Hair : Emo-tions Josy (black) (in Journey)
Eyeshadow : Jumo Leona (blue) (in Promenade)
Bracelets : Vintage Jewells Louiza (in Voyage). I came back today there because i bought yesterday the necklace and earrings and finally i thought i also needed the bracelets. Vendor gives 100 % to the ACR.
Hairpiece : Zibska Ibis heardress in storm (in Voyage)
Foot straps : Zibska Kiele foot straps (in Voyage). My bad, i didn't noticed they were for Slink feet. And well, althought i don't like the market forces me to buy something, i so liked this foot straps that well, i finally went to purchase these slink feet. I would have prefered the decision comes from me, but well... finally, these foot straps are so lovely, that they worth this lil sacrifice from me. And anyway, those feets are great, so i will use them anyway.

I will use the poses i got from Poseway (Camilla set) and Hopscotch (They call me the wanderer set), both bought in Trek sim. And i will still use for some of the pics of this post the Tillie PhotoHud i bought in Tillie's shop in Parade.

After we land, we will walk on the path at our left side.

Here we can visit : 

Uncertain smile : poses and props
Even flow : female fashion
Irodori : japanese female fashion
Zanze : male and female fashion.

I stopped by Uncertain smile shop to buy the Butterflies set poses pack. 50 % of the price goes to the American Cancer Society.

After crossing over Zanze store, we reach a second path, ending at the entrance of the Promenade sim.

In this one, the shops are :

Cannibelle : socks and stocking slink appliers 
Blinsen + Maitai : Jewellery + shoes
Barerose : female fashion
Schön : female fashion

Heading back to the landing point, we will explore the other side of the sim.

On the path leading to the second sponsor's shop, we can visit :

Modish : jewellery
Orage creations : female fashion and skins
Kaerri : female fashion, shoes
Somnia : female fashion, shoes
Miamai : female fashion, jewellery

On the other side of Miamail store, the path go on till Parade entrance.

The Gatcha station is there too.

The stores are :

Spyralle : female fashion and shoes
Damsefly : hair (male and female)
Xen's Hat : hats
Baboom Couture : male and female couture

I couldn't resist to buy the Carlie hair (Tuxedo pack) in Damsefly shop. 25 % of the price are going to the ACS.
And also this adorable pair of shoes in Spyralle : Rosy shoes-Hydrangea (blue) : 25 % of my money is also going to ACS.

Of course, i couldn't finish this post without showing you from close these adorable foot straps i got in Zibska shop in the Voyage sim.

And while I went up in this hot air ballon for shoting the sim with my camera, i took the opportunity to show you the beautiful eyeshadow from Jumo (Leona pack) i bougth in Promenade sim, the gorgeous bracelets from Vintage Jewells (Louiza) bought in Voyage sim, and the awesome headdress from Zibska bought also in Voyage sim.

And it's from the inside of the air balloon that I am going to say goodbye !

I really hope you enjoyed each of these 10 posts about the 10 FFL sims as much as i had fun to make them.

Please do not forget to visit the Fashion for Life sims. They will close on the 20th.
Each of your purchases will bring money to the American Cancer Society and on top, there are donation kiosks all over the sims.
On a photographer point of view, the sims are a must see. The builders have done an outstanding job and i really would like to thank each of them for having brought to me such beautiful decor for my photos.
On a shopping a hollic point of view, i can tell you that each designers have done an amazing work, and they released unique exclusive items.
I can say that I am really happy about my shopping there. Each items i have bought have found a place of choice within my inventory and you will probably see some of them in some of my future artworks.

In conclusion, i would like to say that I haven't explained my personal reason for joining such events, because i'm not really prone to talk about my real life. But it's pretty obvious for me that we are all, one day or another, touched from close or far by this disease. Whatever is a family member, a friend, a collegue, or ourselves, we can't ignore cancer.
And i do think that together we can do more than what we can do alone.

Thank you for having reading my posts about FFL sim.

I'm not promising, but if i can, i will do one more post to show the other items i bought and havent displayed and also talk about the Passport game all over the FFL.

A last thank to the organisators of the event, they are the evidence that willpower and unity can do big and wonderful things.

Taxi for Wander.

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