Yep !
That's it ! Week end is about to start and Petit Chat has a new 65 L$ today deal on !

The lovely Aztec sandals are now available at our mainstore and in order to celebrate this, as usually, they are set to 65 l$ only for each packs for the next 24 hours!

I think my chicken is jaleous ! She wants the sandals too ! 


Each week, we offer our group member one of our items. Not a cheapie item but something taken from our shelves.
The group gift is then available on sunday and monday only.

This week its all about butterfly with the lovely "Butterfly dress" in iced coffee color. (more infos here ).

Group required. (50 l$ to join)
The gift will disappear on monday at midnight SLT.

Your TAXI is waiting for you.


Do you like deals ?
I mean do you like great deals ?
Like you pay even less than half of the price for something just released ?

Then you are going to love our new 65 l$ today deal !

Our lovely Beaded sandals are released today in our mainstore and just like every new release in the store, their price will go down till 65 l$ for the next 24 hours !!!!

Yes you did read well : Each color pack is 65l$ and you may get the fatpack (8 colors) for 425 l$ only!

Those sandals are 100 % original mesh and texture and materials enabled.
Please check our previous post about it  .

The deal will stop tomorrow around 1 PM slt  so hurry up !

Here is your taxi .

Do not forget to try demo !


Sometimes happyness is so strong that it comes in violent waves. Quite orgasmic :)
Yeah.... The kind of feeling that is not rare for me with SL and with music. And I love it ! So when both are gathered, when for instance im listening Björk music while i m preparing my avatar for a photoshoot, at the precise moment i raise my graphics to ultra after having set everything else, i have a moment ...quite orgasmic.

Violently happy

And a second wave never miss to hit me a bit later when im in photoshop and im teasing this pesky photo.
And if we had bubbles on top..... I'm in heaven !


Because PinkRayne and myself own InspirationSL event, and because we both love to create artistic photographs, because we both have an eye and a taste for details, we both wanted an immersive shopping event for the fashion lovers who are a bit different than the average because they care details and love arts.

InspirationSL Björk round

Inspiration is that. A decor and a shopping event gathered around a unique inspiration for each round. This time our muse is Björk. And what a great inspiration indeed !
I dont know you, but everytime i think Björk, i think bubbles !!! 
Bubbles everywhere ! Tons of bubbles ! Bubbles of every colors ! 
So i went all bubbles and created the decor with bubbles...bubbles....bubbles .... and bubbles...


Woot !!! InspirationSL opens a new round today !
Beside the fact that this quartly event belongs to my fantastic PinkRayne friend and to myself, I'm super excited for this round because our inspiration this time is .... Björk !!!
And.... well, i adore this singer, all of her !

Creating my exclusive item has been a total blast !

Crystalline set for InspirationSL event

Crystalline is a set of earrings and necklace all inspired from the decor i created for the event which is, of course, all inspired itself by Björk, or at least what she inspires to me. And well... It's a lot about bubbles !

You may buy the earrings and necklace separately or together.
You may test the color huds at my stand at the event.

Collar : 140 l$
Necklace : 125 l$
Full set : 225 l$

All is 100 % original mesh and texture.
Jewells copy and mod. Huds copy only

Your taxi driver is waiting for you HERE

Also read here the fantastic blog post made my adorable PinkRayne

Weekly flash group gift is out !

Each week, we offer our group member one of our items. Not a cheapie item but something taken from our shelves.
The group gift is then available on sunday and monday only.
Our Flash Group Gift of this week will make happy those of you who enjoy sunbathing and swimming in September while the crowd is back at work.

Group required. (50 l$ to join)
The gift will disappear on monday at midnight SLT.

Your TAXI is waiting for you.

Stop by Petit Chat Bistrot

Did you know that at the uppest floor of Petit Chat windmill, there is a lovely french bistrot where you can sit and savor some delicious maccarons or sip a hot drink ?
Petit Chat bistrot

The bistrot is open 24/7 and will offer to you its charming atmosphere of a 1900 Bistrot in Paris.
A perfect place for a date, a chit chat between friends, a solitary moment, or  any other reason to spend a moment in a bistro.

Here is the adress of this comfy bar : Petit Chat bistrot

Inspired by celebs, made for SL! InspirationSL reopens its doors on 18th September at 8am SLT to give you BJORK!

Poster created by PinkRayne

Inspiration is back, and we're feeling weird, kooky, bizarre and unconventional...

This round, we're definitely not going to be "Oh So Quiet"... get ready for Bjork, Queen of Crazy, Princess of Peculiar!

What is it like to be 'normal' these days? Meh, do we even know/care?! EMBRACE YOUR WEIRD with poses, hair, fashion, skins and accessories all inspired by our wacky celeb!

Because holidays should never end...


It's a fact, we never have enough holidays.... Summer is leaving, but september is still a good month for holidays.
Petit Chat releases at the Marvelous event the lovely "Holidays outfit" :
Holidays outfit

It is so unusual to get a two piece outfit that not only fits well but to have it semi-transparent is a dream, and just enough to be tantalizing! This new two piece shirt and pant set is just the ticket for that chic and stylish look that also says sophistication. In rich glossy tones the thigh length shirt can be mixed or matched with the cozy fitted leggings. In rich and vibrant colours; there are so many choices you can have fun finding your best look!

Together we can do great things....

Hello !

My contribution for The book of Daniel event : my beaded sandals.
They are exclusive for the fundraiser. 100 % donation.
100 % original mesh and texture and there are 8 colors to choose from + fatpack gathering all colors.
Beaded Sandals

You will find an unrigged pair in the pack aswell of Belleza, Slink and Maitreya compatible ones.
Do not be surprised if your shoes comes plain white at first. This is for you get the magical feeling of texturing them yourself using the hud.

I am back !

Hello there !
As many of you have noticed, this blog has been pretty unactive for 9 months.

I wasn't far. I was focused on learning and practicing Blender software in order to design my own mesh. (I ll say more about this soon)
In april, my friend PinkRayne and i decided to jump together for a full sim. We called it (of course) "Rayne and PetitChat". (I'll say more about this soon too )
The moving took some times too but all is fine now.
In last january, my friend Ren CEO of InspirationSL event decided to step back and handed me the event ownership which im sharing with PinkRayne (again ! She's stalking me :p). (and yeah... ill say more about this aswell ... soon )
So as you can see i havent been unactive at all, and rather super busy.

But here comes the time I want to care this blog again, giving it a new layout (soon) and finding a way to blog Petit Chat items more regularly but also in a way that will suits me better.

But for now here is a snapshot of Petit Chat new sim and mainstore.

New Moumou's Square and Petit Chat mainstore