Sometimes happyness is so strong that it comes in violent waves. Quite orgasmic :)
Yeah.... The kind of feeling that is not rare for me with SL and with music. And I love it ! So when both are gathered, when for instance im listening Björk music while i m preparing my avatar for a photoshoot, at the precise moment i raise my graphics to ultra after having set everything else, i have a moment ...quite orgasmic.

Violently happy

And a second wave never miss to hit me a bit later when im in photoshop and im teasing this pesky photo.
And if we had bubbles on top..... I'm in heaven !

On this pic I chose to wear several items from InspirationSL Bjork round :
Eyes : Banana Banshee-Army of me mesh eyes
Tattoo : Carol G : Bjork tattoo
Skirt & top : Rayne Couture- Army of me (black and red)
Shoes : Lindy GingerB Bjork pumps.
Hair : -Fabia- Mesh Hair  < Bjork>/<Boni>
Necklace and earrings : Petit Chat - Crystalline set

You can find all of them at the event : TAXI

And too finish ... Im not the only one being violently happy... it's contagious.... I hope it ll get you too after you watch this video !

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