Coucou !!!

I am so delighted to tell you that Penumbra FashionWeek will start pretty soon now !
Official take off will be the 13th of september. During all the week, you will be able to assist to fantastic fashionshow showcasing some of the most amazing designers in SL. 
And I am so proud to announce you that Petit Chat will be part of this awesome FashionWeek !

I can't give you a slurl for now. 
The stores will be opened a bit longer after the fashionweek itself.
Petit Chat will bring 8 amazing exclusive outfits specially created for this occasion, all done from my artworks and all materials enabled.
The first of the outfits has been sent today to my regular bloggers team so you should see it soon in fashion blogs.
It's called Love at the first sight, and is done from this artwork .
Here is a preview for you :

Petit Chat's items will be showcased on the 15th of september at 2 pm SLT, in a fashion show. I will post the slurl in time.
During the time of the Penumbra event, those items will be available ONLY in my store at Penumbra. I'll move them to my mainstore and my market place only after the event will end.

So keep in touch, there is a lot to come. Of course about Penumbra fashion week, but not only. I'll be also at the Boho Culture fair, at the seasonal market, and at Pumpkin Town and some other events.

For now, enjoy the end of the summer and get ready for Penumbrrrrrra !

I will post the pics about the 2nd outfit i created for Penumbra pretty soon, and so on till the 8th outfit. :)

Muahhhhh !


Coucou my friends !

The new round of the Fashion Collective, starting on the 16th of august has for theme "dreaming of summer in a farm". 
I know I've already said it several time, but I love that event. Nayomi Gartner put so much energy in it. And she's back providing us enchanting decors. So this round will happen in a lovely green clearing surrounded by trees full of mouth-watering fruits. I've counted not less than 18 great creators reserving a stall and bringing lovely items matching with the theme (clothings, hats, shoes, and even deco for your home).
My friend Pinkrayne is going with her lovely rope sandals (for slink bare feet) which are just awesome !
And Petit Chat will release for this round a new spring dress (available in 3 different textures) that you can find there exclusively (till the end of the event, then I'll bring them in my mainstore and on my Marketplace store).
The dress is called "Dream of summer", of course.

Dream of summer dress green

It's a short dress opened in the front and closed by a serie of buttons. 
The first version is green and orange. 

Dream of summer dress pastel

The second version is in pink pastel, with white lines.
The dress is really gracious and it's the kind of dress you may wear in any circumstances.
For example, it can be nice over a bikini after an afternoon at the beach.
But I chose to wear my dress and travel to visit Isle of Noble .
An awesome dutch place, really flowered.

Dream of summer dress pink

And of course, i could hang out all along those beautiful fields of tulips, wearing the 3rd version of the dress, the pink one.

I hope you will enjoy wearing those dresses. The price is only 95 L$. and perm is copy.

You can't find those adorable dresses at the Fashion Collective new round 

Petit Chat stall at the Fashion Collective event

To finish, i can't resist to show you the shoes from my friend Pinkrayne i mentioned earlier.
Shoes from HolyShirt (available at the Fashion Collective event)
Her stall (HolyShirt) is just beside mine and the shoes are availble in 4 colors. You will need the Slink flat feet to wear them.

And keep in touch, Penumbra fashionweek Autum-winter  will start on the 13th of september. And there will be a lot of fashionshows all along the week. 
Petit Chat will be showcased on the 15th at 2 PM SLT and I'll be bringing 8 new exclusive items from ArtFashion line. All amazing, materials enabled and created from my artworks. And trust me, they are stunning !
I'll keep you informed of course !
Till then, enjoy your summer !

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