Coucou !

Yes, we must say goodbye to the warm days of the summer. Althought the weather is still really warm were i m living, yet we can see signs of the installation of the autumn. And soon, the Nature will offer to our look its symphony of automnal colors.  
I'm living in a region with a lot of vineyards and let me tell you that in autumn, those yards are a firework of green, brown, orange, yellow and red and it's really beautiful to see.

Early autumn skirt green-pink

I've joined the Four season market and its first edition is of course about Autumn.
So i created these lovely ruffled skirts : Early autumn skirts.
They are available in 3 colors : green & pink, grey & red and brown & orange.

Early autumn skirt Green-Pink

The first im showing you above is the green-pink version. The fabric has a slight weave effect giving to it a lot of realism.

As background for this post i chose to go to There is always hope sim , and precisely to the gardenhouse which had the perfect mood for my photoshooting.

Early autumn skirt Grey-Red

The second skirt is green and grey. Those are 2 colors i really like to mix in RL, specially in winter. 
As you can see the shirt is short but enough to hide the parts you dont want to display.

Early autumn in Grey-Red

The colors allow you a lot of combinations for the top you will wear with the skirt.

The price is only 75 l$ for each skirt (coming in 5 sizes from XXL to L and with an alpha layer of course)
Permission is copy.

The last version is the pefect autumnal skirt : Brown and orange !

Early autumn skirt Brown-Orange

In addition to these skirts i created also a set of bracelets in gatcha version only.

Several leather lashes surrounded by autumnal flowers. 5 common versions : 1 flower color only, 3 rares : 2 flower colors.
35 l$ per play
They come with right and left arm version in the pack.
Permissions are mod/copy and they are also resizable via a script.

Do not forget to visit the Four season market, there are a lot of other creators there !

All pics from this post are cropped raw photographs.

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Coucou , 

With this 8th exclusive item for Penumbra Fashionweek autumn-winter 2014, im closing the loop over my work for this event.

The first item i created for this fashionweek was the Love at the first sight outfit. Some  days after I did it, I went to H22O sim  wearing it and then inspiration came and i made an artwork that i called "Accept loss forever" that you can see here  . 
Then I chose this one to work on the last exclusive item for Penumbra.
This one is in fact displaying the first item on its texture :)

The outfit includes a sleevless dress, separated sleeves, boots and umbrella.
Of course for the promo pic you see above, i couldnt resist to come back to H22O sim.

As background for more photos for this post i went on a balcony somewhere in the Penumbra cathedral.

As you can see the dress is really gracious.
The sleeves come separately so you can choose to wear them or not.

Except the umbrella, the whole outfit is in shiny vinyl materials.

Boots are laced in the back and the sole is metal.

The umbrella comes with a pose and is resizable.

The original artwork is a rainy scene so the umbrella came naturally.

The boots are bronze color.

The whole outfit is 560 L$ and perm is copy.

I hope you enjoyed discovering all my exclusive items for Penumbra. I had a huge fun creating them, althought it has been a lot of time of work.
I am so happy to have succeeded my challenge to make 8 outfit for this event !

All those items will be available ONLY at the retail area at Penumbra for the time of the event. 
Of course, after it will be finished, you ll find them in my mainstore and on my marketplace.
Don't hesitate to come to visit Petit Chat booth at the Penumbra retail area and all the other stores around.

Petit Chat is really happy and proud to be part of the Penumbra Fashionweek autumn-winter 2014 !

Taxi for Penumbra :

I would like to congratulate here the Penumbra management for their high profesionalism. It is a very great delight to work in such conditions.

All the pics from this post are cropped raw photographs.

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I'll be back is my 7th exclusive item for Penumbra Fashionweek autumn-winter 2014 and this one is an autumnal dress coming with a scarf as accesory.

The artwork i used for this one is "I'll be back", another artwork i created from a snapshot done in Feast that you can see in my Flikr stream here  .

The dress is a mix between leather and silk materials.
Of course, the colors of the artwork were pefect for an autumn themed dress.

So while the skirt part is more shiny, the sleeves, top and scarf or more silky.

You can wear the scarf separately.

Dress and scarf come in 5 sizes and are copy. 
Price is 300 L$ only.

Pics in this post are croped raw photographs.

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Coucou !!

Introducing my 6th exclusive outfit for Penumbra fashionweek autumn-winter 2014 today !

This one is called "Sweet Mnemosyne", from an artwork i created last year from a snapshot i made in Feast .
You can see my digital work here  .

This outfit is a classy tailor and it comes with several accessories, like earrings and necklace and also a lovely cage with a broken heart inside to hold.

The tailor is composed of a straight skirt, a top and a jacket slightly opened on the top.

I played here with the materials again, adding more relief to the green parts while the darkest part keep being smoother.

If you want to look classy and feminine, this is an outfit for you.
On top it comes with a jewellery set : earrings and necklace. Textured from the artwork too and materials enabled aswell.

(Note that the make up im wearing, althought it matches pefectly with the outfit, is not from my store but it's from Zibska)

The lil plus of this outfit is the cage to hold.
In the original artwork the caracter is locked in a cage in the middle of a green garden. It's Mnemosyne, goddess of the memory. Like if someone has locked her here for not loosing memories but then the person left and forgot her there.
So i made the cage with branches and flowers and in the midle a broken heart. Like if you wander holding the memory of your lost love in a cage.
Well i know, i have twisted mind. :D
The cage is also a lamp, both heart parts will lighten them if you click them.

Of course it's material enabled too and it has a pose inside for you look like you are holding it naturally.

The whole outfit is 460 L$. Perms are copy but the jewellery and the cage are resizable.
You can also buy the jewellery pack separately for 60 l$ only.

All pics from this post are croped raw photographs.

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Coucou !

One of my favorite destination in SL when i want to hang out is UWA, University of Western Australia. A place dedicated to Art and there are always beautiful pieces of art displayed there.
Last year, after a visit there, i made this digital artwork (here) from a pic i made about a sculpture displayed there : "What do i have in mind ?".
Of course, if you saw the original inworld you will see that my digital work is my own view of the scene and not what was exactly displayed in world.
For Penumbra fashionweek autumn-winter 2014, i used this illustration to create a beautiful red dress called with the same name.

So it's a short red dress, with long sleeves and a fancy collar.
The red color is a deep kind of red and it's perfect for a winter dress.

As a background for this post, i chose one of the high path of the Penumbra retail area, all surounded by shops.

The most interesting on this dress are the materials. i used different settings according the part of the dress.
The skirt, bottom of the sleeves and the collar are leatherlike, while the shirt part is more like velvet. 
Both materials match perfectly together and gives the dress a sophisticated look.

The dress is very gracious and the collar gives it a classy look. I worn high boots here for the pics, but its also pretty with a pair of shoes.

On the pic above, behind me, you can see the awesome cathedral that will be hosting all the fashionshows of the week. 
The dress comes in 5 sizes, its price is 300 l$ only and perm is copy.

Taxi for Penumbra :

All pics from this post are croped raw photos.

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Coucou !

A new round will start at the Fashion Collective on the 13th of september at 10 am SLT !
The theme is : Bucolic autumn.

For this round i have created a short long sleeved dress in autumnal design. 
It's called Essences and there are 4 colors available.

As background for this post i have chosen to go to Frisland a beautiful land perfect for an autumnal decor.

The first color is a dark green with a large bordure in old pink on the bottom of the dress.
In the front, the leaves print is same pink.

The second color is orange. Of course ! It's the perfect color for autumn. This one mix a green khaki going till a green orange and sleeves and bottom strip is dark orange aswell as the leaves print.

The third color that came to my mind while working on the textures for this automnal dress was the red. Where i live there are a lot of vineyards and in autumn the leaves turn to a beautiful red.

Thus i created a red version for this dress.

A warm red that will make you feel comfy even if the weather turn to cold.

The last version of the dress is a striped orange and yellow dress.

This dress will be available ONLY at the Fashion Collective for the duration of the event.
After the end of the round, you will find it in my mainstore and in my market place.

Pics from this post are cropped raw photographs.


Coucou !

Among all the artworks I created, there is one I made long time ago, for which i keep having a special feeling. It's one of my first and one of my very favorite. 
Since I have started my ArtFashion line I hoped I will be able to use that one in one of my outfit created from my artworks. 
And I find the perfect coat for that !
The artwork is called "Beam of light" and you can see it in my Flikr stream here .

The outfit includes the closed coat, the handbag and the hoop with web.

I must say I'm particularly happy of the result of the materials on this coat. I set it to a bit more relief than usually and the result is superb. The contrast between white and black is beautiful.

So this is my 4th exclusive item for Penumbra fashionweek autum-winter 2014.
As background to introduce the outfit i chose the huge and stunning cathedral that stands at one side of the Penumbra land. The place were will happen the fashionshows all along the week. 
Petit Chat will be showcased on the 15th of september at 2 pm SLT.

 The coat is a beautiful contrast between the white and the black parts of the arwork. For the collar, the buttons and the belt i chose to create a metallic pink texture to add a bit of color to the ensemble.
Same texture i used for the little metallic handbag and the hoop.

As usually with my creation, you can be sure an extrem care have been put in the textures and front and back match together.

This outfit will be perfect for keeping you warm all along this next winter.
The price is 360 L$. Permission is copy however the bag and the hoop are resizable. Materials enabled.

You 'll just have to find some warm boots and maybe a pair of gloves and you'll be ready for the cold of the winter !

All the photos in this post are cropped raw photographs.


Coucou !

The third exclusive item I created for Penumbra Fashionweek autumn-winter 2014 is rocker style with a beautiful leather jacket, skirt and boots.

For this one i used an artwork i created at the beguining of this summer and that will be part of my next exhibition (opening in october at the new artgallery in Moumou's Square) that you can see here . It's called "Not all those who wander are lost".

The outfit include the short belted skirt, the beautiful leather jacket and the moto boots. To complete the combo, I've created a short top on layers, and as accesory, the sunglasses comes nicely to complete the whole outfit.

If you are a boot addict like me, you will like those ones, No high heels here but really lovely details and yes, with the materials they look even more amazing. The leather texture here is really beautifully detailed.

If you clicked on the link to the artwork in Flikr, you will notice that the original pic is dark with a light part in the center. You will find this one in the back of the jacket, leaving the whole other parts more dark but not without details if you look closely.

Even the glasses branches have nice details over the dark color.
(note that the tentacle make up I'm wearing here is not from me but from Madrid Solo boutique).

Finally this outfit can match several styles, like rocker but also sci-fi and grunge.

The whole outfit is 500 l$ and perms are copy (sunglasses are resizable)

Taxi for Penumbra :

All the pictures of this post are cropped raw photographs.

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