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dimanche 7 décembre 2014


Coucou !

I have 2 new releases to show you :) .
One is a colored dress (in 3 colors available), the other one is an adorable umbrella (in 3 colors available aswell). Yep, winter is almost here and we all need an umbrella to protect ourselves from the rain !

The dress is called "Crayon", because the texture I created for it looks like if I used crayons to draw it. It will be released at the Unique Mini Fair Xmas edition, starting on december, the 8th (so just tomorrow). The whole place is lovely decorated in a snowy style and yes, you will need warm clothes for your visit.
Crayon dress in blue, Happy rain umbrella in red

The dress is available in 3 colors : blue, green, pink. It comes in 5 standard sizes and it's copy. 
You will need high boots, or legwarmers to keep your legs warm, as this dress is short, but so lovely.

Crayon dress in green, Happy rain umbrella in pink

The dress is 95 l$ only !

Crayon dress in pin, Happy rain umbrella in blue

Those adorable umbrellas come with a pose that will override your AO for a more natural look.
They are copy and resizable. So you can make a backup copy and resize the other one, then delete the script inside (althought this one is really low lag, but well, better to delete all the scripts we don't need)

The umbrella are available in blue, pink and red.
They all have lovely fishes hanging on chains all around.
Price is only 65 l$ !
And they are available from today at the Fashion Collective new round.

The Fashion Collective (dec,6th, dec,20th)

Hope to see ya there !

As background for this post I chose to go to Nostos Deer, just beautiful !
xoxo !

As usually all pics of this post have been only cropped. no post process has been done on them. Snapshots have been done inworld using ultra graphic performance and several windlight settings and sun position.

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lundi 1 décembre 2014


Coucou !

The Frozen Fair 2014 starts on the 1st of december and will last till december the 15th.
A whole event celebrating winter. Thus tons of warm clothes for you to wear during the cold monthes.
Petit Chat will be there and as exclusive items i created the Snowdrop coats (3 colors available)
You probably already know the "Beam of light" coat I created for the Penumbra fashionweek autumn-winter 2014 and if you liked it, you will also like the Snowdrop coats.
Those are the same mesh, but instead of being textured from my artwork Beam of light, they are textured with a lovely whool fabric I've created specially for that occasion.

Snowdrop coat in green

The first version comes in green with a lovely belt and buttons in pink. 
The coats come in 5 standard size and one alpha layer.

As the coat is closed in the front you don't need to wear anything else except perhaps tights or leggins and comfy and warm shooes or boots.

Snowdrop coat in grey

The second version is grey with belt and buttons in red.
As always the style is elegant, because simplicity doesnt mean forcelly not being elegant.

As a background for this post to visit Isles of Lyonesse  as it is all winter mode with a lot of snow as you can see.

Snowdrop coat in grey, closeshot

Luckily i was wearing this warm and comfy coat and some boots, so i could hang out outside and enjoy the landscape.

The last version is the red one :

Snowdrop coat in red

As you can see you will be noticed in the street while wearing this beautiful red coat. 
Belt and buttons are grey.

Snowdrop coat in red from back.

Enough walked in the snow for today, I'm going now to go back inside and prepare a tasty cup of hot chocolate and milk.
Enjoy your visit at the Frozzen Fair

Muah !

Pics from this post have only been cropped. No post processing has been applied to them. They are snapshots I made inworld, runing with ultra graphic performance and playing with windlight settings and sun position.

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lundi 10 novembre 2014


Coucou !

On top of the Fashion Collective and the True Fashion Times, Petit Chat is currently participating to the Vogue Fall Festival 2014.

As I got a week of RL vacations i could create some exclusive items for this event.

Petit Chat stall at the event.

First there are those 4 superb leather jackets : the (R)Evolution jackets.

(R)Evolution jacket black

Althought they are from Petit Chat regular collection, I couldnt resist to create materials for them. So if you can enable your ALM settings, you will be even more amazed by the great light reflection on them.

(R)Evolution jacket brown.

Those jackets exist in 4 colors : black, brown, pink and red.
They are opened in the front, so better to wear something under, like a short top or a bra, or even like I did, a fancy tattoo.

(R)Evolution jacket pink

They come in 5 sizes and also in fitted mesh version. They are copy and price is 180 L$, a really small price for such quality.
The other exclusive item is a cute beret. 

(R)Evolution jacket red

This one is not rigged so you can modify it and it has a resize script if you need.
It comes in gatcha version (30 l$ per play).
There are 4 colors (green, brown, pink and red) and each of them comes in 4 patterns : square, waves, square and heart, waves and hearts.

The Gamine berets

You will see, there are also several other items on my stall. 4 from the ArtFashion collection, and several others from the regular collection.
See you there !

As you can see I played a bit with the pics, as i shot them in front of a white screen and created later in pshop a background. 
I have cropped the pics, deleted the white background and added the colored background, create shadow and also fixed some of the glitches happening while i was deleting the white background. BUT I can assure you I haven't touched the layer with my avi wearing the items other than what I just said. The items looks here exactly same than on my viewer.

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dimanche 9 novembre 2014


Coucou !

As I was about to release 4 new versions of the Chemistry Gown, I've been invited to join a new event : the True Fashion Times. I went to visit the place and I've been seduced by the lovely urban decor. So I decided to give it a go and kept the second bunch of Chemistry Gowns for this one. Additionally, i created later a set of assorted jewellery for the 7 versions coming with earrings, bangles and necklace. Those ones comes in Gatcha versions.

Petit Chat booth at the True Fashion Times event

I'm not going to tell in details about the Chemistry gowns as I have already said a lot in my previous post. 
The textures are still inspired from natural materials, as after i started to work with the first ones those ones came naturally.

The new versions are Petal, Lagoon, Grass, and Ice.

Chemistry Gown Petal

They come aswell in 5 sizes and each pack includes the gloves with the bows, the gown and the headpiece.

Chemistry gown Lagoon

They are an ode to the Nature so I chose as background for this post the beautiful sim of Black Kite.

Chemistry gown Ice

You will probably notice a similarity between the Water and the Ice version. Those 2 ones are actually pretty close in the way they look, but still they are different. I've chosen to keep both version because I couldn't decide which of them I will keep if I had to keep only one.
The water version drawing is more like waves, while the Ice one draws more ice crystals.

Chemistry gown Grass

In addition to these beautiful gowns, I decided to create an assorted set of jewellery ( I am wearing on the pics above) coming as earrings, bangles (both arms) and necklace.
This one is available in gatcha version at the event.

Chemistry jewellery gatcha

Each play is only 35 l$ and the good news is that you can mix and match it will still look super cute.

Taxi for the True Fashion Times : here 

All pics from this blog have only been cropped, not post process have been applied to them.

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vendredi 31 octobre 2014


Coucou !

On the 1st of november will start a new round at the Fashion Collective and for this one I created a gown inspired by nature elements and materials : the Chemistry gown.
For this event, 3 versions will be released : water, rust and rain.
Then at the True Fashion Time event (starting on the 8th of november, I'll keep you updated about it) I'll release 4 other versions.

Chemistry gown-Water

As usually, textures are my own creations and they are high quality.
The gown comes in 5 standard sizes. 

Chemistry gown - Water

The first accessory is the pair of gown coming with bows on the top. They come also in 5 sizes and the bows are resizable.
They add a nice glamorish touch to the gown.

Chemistry gown- Rust

The fancy texture gives a fantasy like style to the whole outfit. They are inspired by Nature's materials : water, rain and rust for this set of releases.

Chemistry gown - Rust

As second accessory, you will find in the pack and lovely chained headpiece assorted to the gown texture.
It ends up with a metallic flower right on the front.

Chemistry gown - Rain

As background for this post, of course i couldn't resist to show you a bit of Moumou's Square relanscaped.
After the opening of the new ArtGallery in the new extension of the land, I have also asked Trixxie Nitely (the fantastic landscaper of Moumou's Square) to rework on a new landscaping as i was willing to change the building of the mainstore.

Chemistry gown - Rain - Headpiece

The store is now a beautiful old water mill and really Trix made an outstanding job all around the land. A must see !

Come and relax here all over Moumou's square. There are a lot of spots to enjoy.

The Chemistry gown (including gloves, bows and headpiece too) is 210 l$ each version.
Taxi to the Fashion Collective : here

Taxi to Moumou's Square : here

As usually for my fashion blog posts all pics have been only cropped. No post processing applied to them.

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lundi 27 octobre 2014


Coucou !

If you follow this blog, you know already there is events i wouldn't like to miss for anything in that world, those are the Penumbra events. 
I am just fan of the profesionalism of the team and I really like the way they have to manage their events. After 2 fashionweek events I am so happy they come back with a new monthly event.

Peeper outfit by Petit Chat ArtFashion at the entrance of the Sneak Peek event.

This is an elite fashion one. 
The event will happen every month between the 25th and the 5th. 
Alternatively a group of designer will create one single exclusive item for the occasion (several colors are possible). There are 2 groups.
Group 1 starts on the 25th of october, then group 2 will take it on the 25th november, then group 1 again in december and so on.

Petit Chat is proud to be part of the adventure and in the group 1. 
So for this first round, I created, of course, a new item from the ArtFashion collection.

Peeper ? promo pic

The peeper ? outfit is done from my artworks called same name, currently part of my new inworld exhibition "Fragment", that you can see in my artgallery, recently moved close to my store.

The outfit is all lambskin with several pieces in shiny leather.
Of course it is materials enabled.
There is a lovely contrast between the smoothness of one and the shinyness of the other.

Peeper , outfit, details. in front of Petit Chat vendor at the event.

It comes in several parts. 
The jacket, opened in the front but not totally so you can even wear it without top below.
It has really great details, like lapet, buttons and even lace.
It comes in 5 sizes + fitted mesh
Behind the jacket you can see who is the peeper :)

Peeper ? outfit details from the back, in front of Holy Shirt Vendor (awesome item too)

The skirt is short and sexy, and comes with a belt, balancing again the contrast between both materials.
5 sizes + fitted mesh aswell.

The bag is assorted and comes with a holding pose, over riding your AO to make you look like you more natural.

Peeper ? outfit, details, boots and bag.

Boots come to complete the outfit.
5 sizes + fitted mesh too. 
With a zip on the inside leg side and a beautiful wrikled lambskin on most part of them.

To finish i cant resist to show you a close shot. 
As you know already fashion pics on my blog are not post processed (except the promo pic you see as second from the top, with my brand name). they are all inwolrd snapshots, made with ultra settings and choosing the best windlight setting for the occasion. The only thing done after that is just cropping and resizing the pic.
So here you may see the beautiful contrast between both materials. 

The whole outfit is copy and its price is 560 l$.
The bag comes with a resize script for if you need it to make it bigger or smaller.

A must have.

More infos about the Sneak Peek event on their website

You will find there the whole list of the creators in this round.

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jeudi 9 octobre 2014



Latest Saturday started a new round at the Fashion Collective.
As usual, although the amount of events I'm joining starts to be a bit too much for a single person with a RL full time job on top and other activities like my art gallery, I did my best to join.
I created this lovely and elegant dress that comes in 3 versions : Temptation dress.
Temptation dress burgundy

The Temptation dress is a really delicate and classy dress but it's also the kind of dress you can wear everyday. Sometimes you don't need a pompous and formal gown to be elegant, a simple dress can make you look even more classy, if you wear it with style. 

Temptation dress burgundy

This is the case of the Temptation dress. The shape of the dress will adorn your body perfectly, and the delicate texture is fancy but not too much, just the necessary. 
3 versions are available : Burgundy, Ivory and salmon.

Temptation dress ivory

Each version comes in 5 standard sizes and as a bonus they come also with a crown of leaves.
The dress is copy only, but the crown comes with a resize script and also is modify.

Temptation dress salmon

As a background for this post I chose to go to H22O, this beautiful rainy sim created by Muccia Klaar and her partner. 
The sim will close at the end of the month. Time for them to start a new project, so H22O has to stop.
This is a big loss for all the SL photographers because, really this place had a unique soul which was often giving a lot of inspiration for creating beautiful snapshots (raws or edited).

Temptation dress salmon

 Of course the decision of the owner of that sim is fully respectable and somewhat this kind of creations is ephemeral. 
Knowing they are already working on a new project is exciting and although we will keep H22O in our memory and on a lot of photos done there from a lot of artists, I am pretty sure they will please all of us, when the time will come, with their future creation.

I hope I'll have a bit of time to go back there before the closing down for a shooting.
You have still around 3 weeks to visit or revisit this stunning place : taxi

Don't forget to visit The Fashion Collective, You will see there stalls from some of the finest creators in SL. Taxi

All pics from this post are cropped unedited snapshots.

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