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samedi 5 avril 2014


Hello !

A new round of the Fashion Collective is starting from the 5th of April till the 18th.
I particularly love this event, as Nayomi Gartner, the event manager, put a really great care to the decor for each round. She gives the theme and she set an awesome surround for our creations.
I must say that every items you can see there are exclusive ones. That means they have been created specially for the event according to the theme Nayomi gave to us and till the end of each round you won't be able to find them elsewhere than in the Fashion Collective skybox.

So the new round will stand in a lovely gypsy camp. About 20 designers are bringing to you exclusive creations on the gypsy theme.

And of course Petit Chat had to be here with the ArtFashion product line.
The theme was great for me since i have in my collection of artwork 2 digital illustrations about gypsy camps.
One has been taken in Wildfleur sim, and the other one in Goatswood village, one of my favorite SL destinations.

So let's start with the first one : Nomads. For this one i used my artwork with same name, currently displayed in my "Wandering alone" exhibition at my artgallery .
Its a long gown and of course it has materials enabled.
But let's first take a look at it, without materials enabled on my viewer. Just at middle graphic performance with basic shaders enabled.

The texture itself represent a gypsy caravan in Goatswood village. The gown is really elegant.

Now, let's turn our graphics to the max with advanced lighting model and ambiant occlusion enabled.

Ta-da ! See how the texture shines. Materials in SL are probably the recent improvement i enjoy the most. It gives to textures an aspect really real and so beautiful.

The back of the gown has a beautiful long ribbon with a butterfly on the top.

The gown is copy only. It comes in 5 standard size + a fitted mesh version that should fit most of you.
You will find in a note card in the pack a serie of alpha layers. Choose the best one for you among them.
Price is 360 L$.

The second item i specially created for this new round is of course called "Gypsy".

This one has been textured with another of my artworks, called "Gypsy" too, made from a snapshot taken in wildfleur and no longer displayed in my artgallery, but you can see it in the gypsy caravan in my garden just beside my mainstore .

The dress is really feminine and has a mesh chest jewell to add on it.

Once you enable materials in your viewer the dress become something unique and so refined.
The dress comes in 4 sizes with several alpha layers to better fit you (on a note card aswell).

The price for this one is 300 L$.
The dress is copy only.

You will find both dresses on my stall there.

And while you are there, dont forget to make a visit at my friend Pinkrayne's stall (Holy shirt), just beside mine.
She has 2 lil skirts and tanks just adorable.

See by yourself :

this is the blue and red version

And here is the purple version.

Isn't this adorable ?

I love both of them, but i confess i have a lil preference for the blue and red one :)

And you should see all that is on the other stalls ! Tons of great items !

So taxi is here : The Fashion Collective .

I really hope you will enjoy your visit there.

See ya soon

Hugs !


jeudi 3 avril 2014



Sometimes ago, ive been given the opportunity to participate in an Easter Market. And i decided to give it a try, why not ?
And i'm not disapointed at all, because i could see that the managers of the event gave a big care to the decor. So it has been a real delight to install my tables and stuffs in this lovely surround.
Its a precious spring garden with a circle shape.
All around plenty of designers have installed their stall and added some easter decorations.
Since the theme is Easter and spring, all items are related to that.

So of course Petit Chat has its own stall and i've been so pleased to add a bit of deco around it.

 On my tables you will find 2 of my latest releases : the Persephone dress and the Love soul dress. 
Both have 2 colors available.

The Persephone dress comes in grey color.

And in pink.

The other dress is called Persephone, like the sprink Goddess.

It comes in grey with flower brocades.
and in old pink. (and behind me, this is the stall of my friend Pinkrayne heheheheh)

So the 4 dresses comes in several sizes, with alpha layer and panties.

But the cherry on the pie is that the event has also a lil hunt. You have to find Easter eggs all around the stalls and just buy them for 0L$.
And since i was just releasing my very first mesh skirt, all made from scratch by myself (yay !) i've decided to give it away as hunt prize.

You will find the Easter egg for this skirt under my tables.
This skirt comes with 5 standard sizes but ALSO in fitted mesh version.
so if you are using one of the very latest viewers, try that one first.

You will find another version of this skirt as group gift in my mainstore.

Hope you will enjoy !

Taxi for Easter market : Easter market event till the 16th of april
Taxi for Petit Chat mainstore : Petit Chat mainstore

Stay tuned, coming soon a new round of The collective fashion with a gypsy theme !



(Except cropping and frame, no post processing has been done on the pics of this post)

mardi 18 mars 2014


Hello !

A new round started this week end at the Fashion Collective. This time the theme is : Desert Godess.
Nayomi Gartner, the event manager, set a fantastic decor to surround the exclusive items displayed there by 18 awesome SL designers.

As usually, all items have been especially created for the event and according the theme.

So for the occasion, i created 2 new dresses under my new product line : Petit Chat ArtFashion.
2 mesh dresses textured with 2 of my artworks, reworked for the purpose.

The first one is the really artsy Tree of Life.
For this one i used a raw photography i made in Happy Mood sim. It has not be exhibited in my artgallery yet, so it's really unseen.
You can see the pic here, in my flikr stream, Tree of Life .
As usually, the dresses i design under the Petit Chat ArtFashion line have materials enabled.
But first let's take a look at the dress without the advanced lighting model feature enabled. So let's say, im running now with mid graphics performance.

Ok, so the dress has already a unique look. I've added 2 shoulder pads with mesh tree branches. You can wear the dress with or without the pads of course.

Now, let's open our preference menu and let's switch our graphic performances to ultra graphic performances with advanced model lighting and ambiant occlusion features enabled.

And here is the fun. Now you can play with your windlight settings and the shadows and you will see how the dress change its appearance according to the settings of your choice.
For this one i havent added a lot of relief, but i played more with how the lights will be reflected by the dress.

Of course the shoulder pads are also materials enabled.

The dress comes in 5 sizes with alpha layer.
Shoulder pads are resizable but not mod.
All is copy.
The price is 360 L$.

For the second exclusivity, i used my pic "Sparks !" made in the so missed World Ends Garden sim.
You can see it here : Sparks !
The canvas is no longer displayed in my artgallery but you can see it currently in my mainstore and even buy it (200 L$).

The dress is one sleeve only and it comes with assorted panties.

Of course, it's also material enabled, and so if we switch our viewer to ultra graphic performance we see the dress like this :

This dress as more relief than the Tree of Life.

And due to its bright color, it reflects a lot the light.

The dress comes in 4 sizes with alpha layers and assorted panties.
Copy perms.
Price is 300 L$.

You will find now those 2 dresses at the event only.

Of course after the event will be done, they will be released in my mainstore.

This round is running from march the 16th and will end on march the 28th.

Taxi for the Fashion Collective : here

Taxi for Petit Chat mainstore : here

Taxi for Petit Chat ArtGallery : here

I hope you enjoyed the reading.

More to come soon.



All the pics of this post have been thru my photoshop for being only croped and resized. They haven't been edited.

lundi 10 mars 2014

Moumou's Square video

Hello !

Here is a little video i made about the new Moumou's Square landscape.
My first try at a video, so dont expect top quality, i have a lot to learn and practice.

Music is "Onze" from (creative common licence)

Hope it will give you willings to visit my garden.

dimanche 9 mars 2014

Moumou's Square virtual visit updated !


Some days ago, ive asked my friend Trix if she would like we switch Moumou's Square from snow to spring mode.
Trix has amazing skills for landscaping, and i do entrust her my garden since the start. 
Before that, she also landscaped my first little island, and i'm totally confident in her work.

So she said ok right away. As usually, i give to her a full access to my inventory and a small budget for new purchases (3 000 L$ that time).
She worked hard for 2 days and i havent been worried for even one minute.
I'm totally confident in her taste.
For me she's the reference for good taste and i do trust her totally.

So after 2 days, i've find a Moumou's Square renewed and oh my god ! soooooooo gorgeous.

Read the Virtual Vist on my blog (button at the top of the page or click the link) to know more and see pics.

I really like how Trix works. She has a quality i apreciate even more among others, she listen what i want and then give her interpretation. She always try to fulfil what i would like for my garden. When my ideas are not good, she try to match still with them and give a result that looks great.

As i use to say, she's the fairy of this garden. And i know she enjoy a lot playing with my garden's landscaping.

Taxi for Moumou's Square : Here

Enjoy !

vendredi 7 mars 2014

Haddath Cove : a paradise for your eyes...

So Haddath Cove is the place owned by my friend Nati Jashan.
I know her for almost 4 years now and i may say she's an amazing person. I love a lot her human qualities but she's also a really talented landscaper and a really creative person.
So she created this paradisiac cove and set it up to public place, so everyone can enjoy it.

Of course, the bungallows are occupied by peoples so you have to respect their privacy. So please do not enter inside them.
That said you may enjoy all the public spaces there.

When you first land in Haddath Cove you arrive in the welcome arrea, with a bar, some lounge sits, a lil boat, and surf boards too.

You get the atmosphere right away. This place is made to enjoy life. Whatever you come to hang out lonely or with friends, you wont be disapointed.
You can have drink at the bar, dance, do some surf.....

Then behind the bar, you may choose to go to the left side. All along the path you will find pretty lovely lounge spots where you can sit or lay and just enjoy the view or chat with friends.

The wooden path will lead you to a small beach with 4 bungallows. Two of them are rented. But the 2 a bit more high are available for now for 200 L$ per week with a prim allowance of 130 prims. 

This is the one from the left in the photo above.
They are all really nicely furnished. But you can switch with your own furniture if you prefer.

As i said in an older post, on top you get an orb and a private radio.
Beside this bungallow, at the same height there is my favorite one.

It is also available for now and the extra bonus of this bungallow is the incredible beautiful view you get from the balcony.

When you stand or sit on this balcony, i don't know how to say... but there is an incredible serenity that goes all over you. Whatever the hour of the day you come here, the view remain something that will make you feel a deep peace.

Let's go back now to the welcome area and see what we will find on the other side of the path.

So just behind the tiki bar, there is a percusion area where you can find some jeembe and other percusion instruments. They are playable, so you can do a jam session with your friends.

You will arrive in another small beach.
Here and upper, all bungallows are rented for now. But you can still enjoy the beach and even swim if you want.

Isn't it paradisiac ?

Nati didnt forget any details. She has been very careful to create an environement really detailled.

Just behind this beach, you will find some stairs that will lead you to the heights of Haddath Cove.

Be careful while you enjoy your visit to not disturb the privacy of the renters there.

After you will follow the long path and stairs you will finally arrive at the high point of Haddath Cove where stand Petit Chat artgallery and Natilee's shop.
I'll keep this 2 other spots for another future blog spots. Both building are worth to be visited for their architecture and also what you will find inside.

Feel free to visit Haddath Cove anytime.

Taxi : Haddath Cove

(All pics in this post have been thru my photoshop only for being cropped. All of them are original SL snapshots)

jeudi 6 mars 2014

Toxiic Sales Floor

Petit Chat participate in another event : Toxiic Sales Room.

Here, some designers brings some of their creations and set them to a price between 30 and 100 l$.
A good opportunity for you all, to get one of your favorite designs for a sweet sweet price.

The new round start the 5th of march and will last till the 19th.

To show you what items ive selected for you, i thought i could use Haddath Cove, a gorgeous place, created by my so dear friend Nati, where stand also, my own artgallery.

 The "In the garden of souls" has 3 colors version : blue, pink and green. It comes with a short mesh skirt (5 sizes + alpha layer), a top, panties, and leggins. So you can wear it whatever is the weather. If its cold, you add the leggins, if it's hot you just have to wear the panties.

As you can see Haddath Cove has a beautiful decor and its really peaceful. Nati is really careful about it.
You can see some bungallows. You can rent one if you are interested.

 There aren't a lot available because tenants use to stay here long time. The quality of life is really amazing here and the service provided by Nati is impeccable.
For exemple, this bungallow where i stand, is on rent, for 200 L$ a week and you get 130 prims allowance. and it's all furnished. You get on top a personal radio device, and a orb.

 I thought i could also make some promos on some of my older items, like this one, Forgiveness that comes with a jewellery set for 70 L$ the whole pack.

Or this one : If. its a really fun long pants outfit with top, sleeves and pant cuffs that comes in yellow and pink. and you can play to mix and match with every colors.

Everything is in doble in the pack, one pink version, one yellow version, and depending your mood you can wear the color you want or mix the colors.
I've lowered the price to 60 L$ for Toxiic Sales room

The last item, is also one of my old ones but i still love it a lot.

It's cold Epoca and comes with short pants, top, sleevs and skirt all textured with crochet fabric.
Price is really sweet : 50l$.

Of course you will find also at Toxiic Sales room, lot of other creators all with great items brought to you at low price.
 I hope you will enjoy it .
Taxi : Toxiic sales floor

If you want to hang out at Haddath Cove here is the taxi : Haddath Cove

More to come soon !