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jeudi 26 février 2015


Coucou !

Yesterday opened a new round of Sneak Peek and it's always a big delight for me to create exclusive item for this event !
This month my exclusivity is a beautiful and classy silk dress called "Lose yourself !" 
Lose yourself outfit 

For this item I used my artwork called : "The only person standing in your way is you. It's time to let her go. Lose yourself." that you may see in my flikr and also in my inworld artgallery .

The materials on the dress are silk, so it won't shine like if it was leather or vinyl, but still it will reflect some of the raylight and will give the fabric a really smooth appearance.

Lose yourself dress

As accessories, you will find in the pack a leather bag. It comes with and without pose. The pose is for you wear the bag on your shoulder. 

You will also find a superb watch. By a simple click on it you may set your rl timezone and then get your RL time with it.
Both, the bag and the watch are resizable with a script.

Lose yourself bag and watch (details)

The whole outfit is a beautiful piece of elegance but with simplicity. The perfect parisian chic !

For this post I went to Crystal Garden Estates and as you may see by yourself, this place worth the visit !

Sneak Peek event runs till the 5th of march so hurry up if you dont want to miss what the other designers have brought too !
And of course visit also Petit Chat Mainstore at Moumou's Square (currently hosting an amazing exhibition of photographs from Ermandalee and Lo Coeur all over the garden).

Stay tuned, there is a lot more to come (Fashion for life, Penumbra fashion week spring-summer 2015 and several other great events you wont want to miss !)


And as usually, none of the pics on this post have been edited except croping.

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lundi 2 février 2015



Some may think that shorts are to be worn in summer only, but no. With time, they become also a winter piece of clothing. Worn with thick tights under and with a comfy pair of boots and a warm pull-over, they make a pretty trendy outfit to wear during the cold monthes of the year.
Elsa shorty is available in 4 colors (blue, grey, pink and red). It is high waisted, with 2 rows of buttons in the front.

Elsa shorty blue and Vespertine mask blue

2 pockets are in the front and the fabric is cotton denim with some shades of dark.
It comes in 5 standard sizes and its copy.

Elsa shorty grey and Vespertine mask steel

The best thing with this shorty is that it makes you a beautiful outline, no matter you look from face, profile or back. And.... it makes you a superb muscled ass :)).

Elsa shorty pink and Vespertine mask pink

Price of the shorty is only 90 L$ each color.
The second item I am introducing are those lovely feathered metal masks.
Vespertine masks are also available in 4 colors (blue, pink, steel and gold).

Elsa shorty , view from back

Those masks are copy and resizable. As they are not rigged you may positionated them to your wish.

Price is only 75 L$ for each color. 

Elsa shorties and Vespertine masks are available at Petit Chat mainstore.

As decor for these photos I went to City of Harrison. It's a urban RP sim and really the atmosphere is great.
I haven't explored it all yet, it's big, but I enjoyed hanging out there.
You may rent a flat there and make it your home.

As usually for this kind of blog post, my pics are not post processed. I used several Windlight settings and set my graphics to ultra performance. 

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samedi 31 janvier 2015

Safeguarding the rights of others is the most noble and beautiful end of a human being


Sneak Peek is going for a new round. Usually designers are split in 2 groups and each group join alternatively the event one month on 2, so I was planed for february, but I had the opportinity to join juanary round too. And Penumbra's events are not the kind of event you want to miss. 
The exclusive outfit I'm bringing, this time, is called "Safeguarding...", and it's from the ArtFashion collection.

Safeguarding... front

Safeguarding... outfit has been textured from my artwork called "Safeguarding the rights of others is the most noble and beautiful end of a human being" (the title is a quote from Khalil Gibran and needless to say that it's meaningful for me, but I'm not going into details of my real life here) that you can see here or in my artgallery.

The outfit is made up of a sensual jumpsuit, a harness and beautiful wings in the back.
The main part of the artwork is displayed on the torso, front and back and for the other parts i used parts of the blue and of the pink from the pic.

Safeguarding... back

The big blue wings in the back add a touch of majesty to the outfit. Of course, you can wear the jumpsuit as it is, with or without the harness. It's pretty elegant and the laced bra makes it really sexy. But after all, it's SL so why not wear also wings ? 
The whole outfit is all vinyl material and of course if you enable your ALM setting  you'll be able to see the shininess and the relief on the fabrics.


The all outfit is copy only but the wings are also resizable, and they come left and right, so you can repositionate as you wish.
Price is 420 l$ and you can find it at Sneak Peek event till feb, 5th. After this date, of course, it will be available in my mainstore.

For this post I chose to make the  pics at Spencer museum of art   a fantastic place.

As usually, with this kind of post, pics have been only cropped and no post processed has been done on them.

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vendredi 23 janvier 2015


Coucou !!

We are starting a new year, and let's hope this one will bring us only good things.
November and december have been crazily busy for me, RL and SL, so I decided to take some weeks in order to rest a bit and enjoy the fun of SL without creating much. Just spending time with friends, and exploring new places for future photographs.
Now this is done, I can put myself back to work, and starting with the Urban legend fair, which started on the 22th and will run till feb, 12th. For this event I created "My winter coat", coming in 3 colors.
My winter coat blue

Colors are blue, brown and red. The main texture is a tartan and on the arms and shoulder its wool plain color.

A quick look from close on the fabrics :

My winter coat blue 

(the lil black spots you see on this picture are the shadows of the snowdrops as I made these pics in a snowy sim)

The coat is slightly opened in the front and on the collar its closed by a lovely bow.

My winter coat in brown

Of course there is the classic brown version. A must have in your wardrobe.

As the coat is opened a bit in the front, most of you will want to wear something under, and you can of course wear meshes (but you will probably need to wear a size lower than your usual, for it doesnt show over the coat) or layer clothes. Lingery under the coat is also a super idea.

My winter coat in red

The third version is red. So elegant ! Probably my favorite. :)

You can find these beautiful winter coats at the Urban Legend fair till feb, 12th. After this, they ll be available at my mainstore of course and on the market place.
Click any vendor to get a demo (you ll get a menu, just click on "DEMO" button)

For the shooting of those photos I chose to go at Scribbled Hearts . A beautiful snowy sim perfect for photos !

As usually in this blog, all the pics of this post have been only cropped, and no post process have been applied to them. I used for them the "Phototools-Build" Windlight settings (there are several ones).

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lundi 29 décembre 2014


Coucou !!!

Some monthes ago, a bunch of famous SL artists created a beautiful exhibition in a LEA sim as a tribute to the Russian Avant-Garde.
As this artistic movement is my favorite one in RL, I, of course, went to visit (several times) and of course I've been amazed by the incredible work displayed there.
I made a serie of photographs about the artpieces shown there, but not only. Every single detail in the decor was done in the same mindset than the exhibition. In the welcome arrea, a small corridor leading to a window caught my intention as it was built in the same style as a russian avant-garde painting. So i made a pic and worked on it monthes after.
You can see the result here :  Antigravity in Flikr .
So when it's been time to work on my new ArtFashion item for Sneak Peek, this pic came naturally to my mind.
Antigravity outfit-back

As you know already, it's always a great delight for me to join any event brought by Penumbra management. So you can imagine my enthusiam for being in the third round of Sneak Peek. This event is splitted in 2 designers groups and so each group alternatively join each round. So as I was in the first round in october, I could go for this third round in december.
As always, we can only bring one item (but we can offer several colors of that one) and as usually, i like to create items from my ArtFashion collection for this event.

So here is the Antigravity outfit !

Antigravity -side

As you can see the outfit is a set of a short jacket, short skirt and high boots. There is also a lovely tie necklace to accessorize the look.
Of course, it is materials enabled, as what you see on my pics is what was really on my screen as i havent post processed those photos.
In order to see the materials, you will need to (at least) to enable your advanced lighting model option (in your graphic performances in preference menu).
The whole set is natural leather.

Antigravity outfit-front

This outfit is a must have, really. The texture looks really amazing and the style is really classy but also sexy.
The perm is copy, but the necklace is also resizable for you can really make it to your size.
The price is 520 l$.

You can buy it a the Sneak Peek event/december round till the 5th of juanary.
Do not miss this opportunity to visit this event, because really it is worth by the quality of the item each designer brougth. Sneak Peek is a high quality fashion event.

As background for my pics, I chose to go to Phoenix One Station following the inspiration given by the name of the outfit.
It's a huge space station and you may RP there. While I decided to make my shooting on the roof, there are also a lot of great spots inside the station to visit. If you like sci-fi atmosphere you will like this place.

As usually (and as i said before in the post) all the pics of this post have only been cropped, i haven't done any post processing on them.

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dimanche 7 décembre 2014


Coucou !

I have 2 new releases to show you :) .
One is a colored dress (in 3 colors available), the other one is an adorable umbrella (in 3 colors available aswell). Yep, winter is almost here and we all need an umbrella to protect ourselves from the rain !

The dress is called "Crayon", because the texture I created for it looks like if I used crayons to draw it. It will be released at the Unique Mini Fair Xmas edition, starting on december, the 8th (so just tomorrow). The whole place is lovely decorated in a snowy style and yes, you will need warm clothes for your visit.
Crayon dress in blue, Happy rain umbrella in red

The dress is available in 3 colors : blue, green, pink. It comes in 5 standard sizes and it's copy. 
You will need high boots, or legwarmers to keep your legs warm, as this dress is short, but so lovely.

Crayon dress in green, Happy rain umbrella in pink

The dress is 95 l$ only !

Crayon dress in pin, Happy rain umbrella in blue

Those adorable umbrellas come with a pose that will override your AO for a more natural look.
They are copy and resizable. So you can make a backup copy and resize the other one, then delete the script inside (althought this one is really low lag, but well, better to delete all the scripts we don't need)

The umbrella are available in blue, pink and red.
They all have lovely fishes hanging on chains all around.
Price is only 65 l$ !
And they are available from today at the Fashion Collective new round.

The Fashion Collective (dec,6th, dec,20th)

Hope to see ya there !

As background for this post I chose to go to Nostos Deer, just beautiful !
xoxo !

As usually all pics of this post have been only cropped. no post process has been done on them. Snapshots have been done inworld using ultra graphic performance and several windlight settings and sun position.

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lundi 1 décembre 2014


Coucou !

The Frozen Fair 2014 starts on the 1st of december and will last till december the 15th.
A whole event celebrating winter. Thus tons of warm clothes for you to wear during the cold monthes.
Petit Chat will be there and as exclusive items i created the Snowdrop coats (3 colors available)
You probably already know the "Beam of light" coat I created for the Penumbra fashionweek autumn-winter 2014 and if you liked it, you will also like the Snowdrop coats.
Those are the same mesh, but instead of being textured from my artwork Beam of light, they are textured with a lovely whool fabric I've created specially for that occasion.

Snowdrop coat in green

The first version comes in green with a lovely belt and buttons in pink. 
The coats come in 5 standard size and one alpha layer.

As the coat is closed in the front you don't need to wear anything else except perhaps tights or leggins and comfy and warm shooes or boots.

Snowdrop coat in grey

The second version is grey with belt and buttons in red.
As always the style is elegant, because simplicity doesnt mean forcelly not being elegant.

As a background for this post to visit Isles of Lyonesse  as it is all winter mode with a lot of snow as you can see.

Snowdrop coat in grey, closeshot

Luckily i was wearing this warm and comfy coat and some boots, so i could hang out outside and enjoy the landscape.

The last version is the red one :

Snowdrop coat in red

As you can see you will be noticed in the street while wearing this beautiful red coat. 
Belt and buttons are grey.

Snowdrop coat in red from back.

Enough walked in the snow for today, I'm going now to go back inside and prepare a tasty cup of hot chocolate and milk.
Enjoy your visit at the Frozzen Fair

Muah !

Pics from this post have only been cropped. No post processing has been applied to them. They are snapshots I made inworld, runing with ultra graphic performance and playing with windlight settings and sun position.

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