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jeudi 14 mai 2015


Coucou !

The lovely month of May is here, so RaglanShire Artwalk is back !

Raglan Shire Artwalk welcome area

This event is existing from 2007 and it's the 10th edition (they started doing it twice a year) and it is a pure delight to visit it each time !
Gathering together around 100 artists, the Ragan Shire sims offer hedges and spaces for 2D and 3D artpieces .

As Raglan Shire is a big community of tinies, a strong one and those people are really doing great in the art of living together.  Their space covers several sims and it is really well organized, with everything a tiny residend would need : residential areas, shops, spots for hanging out, some artgalleries, place for entertainment, fishing arreas, beaches,  etc. Well, whatever activity a tiny resident would like to practice, they can  find it at the Raglan Shire sims.

Raglan Shire Artwalk

On top of being cute as hell, and giving willing to anyone to take them in their arms and cuddle them, they also have a great human quality : they are super friendly and welcoming.
And as I am writing these lines, I hear the lil im bell of my sl window ringing. I look and see by yourself :
[10:35] ShinyWhiteDragon: Hi Trinity Harmony Happiness luck love & light to you .
And it's not rare here to be welcomed by resident via a friendly IM.
We shared some words and he also pointed that among the Raglan Shire community there are "some most amazing builders too .

Raglan Shire Artwalk

As the place is huge and running over several sims, the Artwalk is of course divided in several arreas and you may find easily signs to TP from an area to another.
There are 2 areas for 2D art. Hedges are filling the space and RL or SL art are hanging all over.

TP : 

The morning shire host 2D textures too and sculptures aswell 

Morning Shire  (this is where i was last year)

Raglan Shire Artwalk

I got an hedge close to arrival point. So I could put some of my artworks from my “Fragments” exhibition here. And I am well surrounded because my friend Chloe Seljan has an hedge right in front of me and just next to her, is also the wall of Taylor Flanagan, her partner in crime.

Raglan Shire Artwalk (a part of my hedge on the right side, Chloe Seljan hedge on the left side)
As you may see in the pics there is a big diversity among the pieces exhibited.  RL painting, digital painting, RL and SL photography, drawing, fractals, there is something for every taste.

The Morning Shire and 2 other areas are hosting 3 D art. 

I first went to visit the Morning Shire, because it is where i got an hedge last year.
This year, there is no hedge there but some lovely sculptures on the grass.

Morning Shire- sculptures

The atmosphere is still so bright. I like this spot a lot. Peaceful and ideal for daydreaming and enjoying the view.

Heron Shire  displays also some great 3D pieces. Like this stand "Life is a battlefield" from Noke Yuitza from Alegria Studio.

Heron Shire- "Life is a battlefied" Noke Yuitza
Or this striking one created in tribute to chemotherapy patients : 
Heron Shire - "Minerva" by Noke Yuitza

Here too, there is a lot of diversity among the works displayed.
Just some steps further you can see this funny sculpture from nessuno Myoo : "Self portrait without hat".
Heron Shire- "Selfportrait without hat" by Nessuno Myoo

Or this impressive installation from Giovanna Cerise : "Saudade".

Heron Shire - "Saudade' by Giovanna Cerise

Next to that one, standing in the sea, is the installation from Alegria studio, also impressive, that you maybe visited when it was on a LEA sim (Sea of cubic dreams).
Heron Shirt- "Sea of cubic dream" by Studio Alegria

The installation on LEA is one of the most impressive i ever seen in SL.

Sadly i cant show you all the sculptures there, and you must go and visit by yourself. You wont regret it. 

We will finish the visit at the Athen Shire, hosting also some amazing 3D art.

Athen Shire - "The dragon" by Kerupa Flow

"The Dragon-limited edition" is the first piece you will see while arriving there. The artwork is from Kerupa Flow and it worth the view. It s all animated and change as you are watching it.

Just behind this stand you will find some other sculptures. Like this interesting one : "Best friends" by iSkye Silverweb.

Athen Shire - "Best Friends" by iSkye Silverweb

Or this intriguing "Medzera" by Corcosman Voom.

Athen Shire - "Medzera" by Corcosman Voom.

Do not forget while you are there to visit also the Raglan Shire TreeGallery, hosting pieces from some artists of the community. 

Also know that there is a pretty full schedule of activities all along the year and open to everyone whatever you are a tiny or not, resident of the community or not.
As my new friend ShinyWhiteDragon told me earlier : "oh and by the way biggies and tinies and all avas are welcome to raglanshire" .
So here is the link if you want to know what are the weekly activities there :

And I couldnt resist before leaving the place to make a pic in order to show you how pleasant is this place :

I really hope that after reading this post you will have willings to tp there and visit the whole place. The artwalk will run till the end of the month, but the place is open to the public all along the year.

A huge thank you here to Karmagirl Avro and all her team for their super and perfect managing of the event.

Enjoy your visit ! Have fun !

(Pics of this post are raw photographs)

vendredi 1 mai 2015


Coucou !

Sneak Peek april round is till running till the 5th. You already know 2 of my 3 exclusives for that round if you did read the 2 previous posts and here I am to introduce the third one : "A warm place".

That one is an ArtFashion Collection item. In order to create the texture I used my artwork called with the same name (A warm place) that you may see in my flikr stream. This one is part of my current exhibition "Fragment" that you can see at Petit Chat Artgallery  .
It has been created from a photo I made at HPMD sim and well, althought it's not a raw shot, the post processing is really light. This sim is a pure gem for photographers.

While redrawing the pic for the dress, I added a bit of lace on the texture in order to match with the glamour of the outfit.

The dress itself is really sexy and feminine. It's like a second skin. It will show all your curves. The top of the dress is like a bustier.
It comes in 5 standard sizes and it's copy.
The hat is my original mesh creation. The first I'm including in one of my packs. It's a funny hat, and wasn't meant to be a hat at first but a lilly of the valley flower. After I've been done with it I thought it would make a pretty adorable hat, so i modified it a bit for this purpose.
The hat comes wit mod perm as hats are not always easy to adjust over hair. Just be careful to make a back up copy before modifying anything.

The whole outfit is 480 L$ and you can find it for now only at Sneak Peek event ! It will be opened till the 5th of May, then you will have to wait till the 25th before it reopens. So dont wait too much !

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lundi 27 avril 2015


Coucou !!

In my previous post I was talking about Sneak Peek event April round. This one opened on last saturday and it will close on May, 5th.
This event is the place you must go if you are looking for high quality fashion and it's here to have you on trend for the Spring/Summer Season.
34 talented designers gathered for bringing to you awesome outfits (male and female).

Cleo dress is one of them.
If you follow this blog, then you already know it, as the black version is already available at the Black Fashion Fair.
But originally, this dress was supposed to be colored and you can find it in red, pink, green or grey at Sneak Peek, april round.

Cleo dresses

This one shoulder dress is made of jersey on the top and swiss muslin on the skirt part. It is delicately material enabled for a natural look.
Each color comes in 5 standard size and is only 150 L$.
Hard to choose between the 4 versions.... I know .....
While you are doing your choice, here is your taxi for Sneak Peek event ! 
Enjoy !

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dimanche 26 avril 2015

LOOKING FOR THE SUNNY DAYS ... (Sneak Peek April round/1)

Coucou !

Yesterday opened a new round at Sneak Peek. Petit Chat has been following this event from its very first days and not only, this is going on, but also, this event is taking a new shift, with more designers present, and a new building and decor (created by Fuzz Lennie).
On top of this, 6 stores got a vip room and will keep it for 3 consecutive monthes there bringing all along the rounds 6 exclusive items.
So i am super excited to announce you that Petit Chat is one of those 6 brands and I am bringing, to start, 3 exclusive items.

The first one is a short lovely dress, pretty easy to wear at anytime of the day, whatever you have planed to do. It's the "Sunny dress" and it is available in 4 versions.

Sunny dresses

Each version has a different color and patern and also different color for the bows and ribbons in the front.
They come in 5 standard sizes and are copy. Price is 125 l$ for each version.

You can find them at Sneak Peek for the next 3 rounds (till july, 5th).
Sneak Peek is an event from Penumbra. It runs each month from 25th till 5th.

This pic is edited (4 Trins in one single pic is not possible otherwise lol), but the dresses look same as inworld.

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dimanche 19 avril 2015

ALL IN BLACK ! (Black Fashion Fair)

Coucou !

Everytime I'm asked what is my favorite color, although, it's not really a color, my answer is always the same : black !
Black has several meanings for me and it's been really present all along my life.
Moumou was black. Clouseau, the kitty I rescued some monthes ago, and i finally adopted, is also black.
My hair and eyes are black.
My favorite flag is ... well, the black flag.
And I wear mostly black clothes.
Black can be seen as a sad color, but for me it's not. Black is classy, elegant and somewhat, for me, it express my determination.
So when I got the opportunity to join the Black Fashion Fair, of course I jumped in.

The fair opened yesterday and there are 160 of the best SL designers bringing awesome exclusive items in black.

Petit Chat exclusive is this adorable dress, called Cleo.
The top has a strap on the right shoulder and it's jersey fabric. The bottom is swiss muslin in black too with a slight transparency.

 A little red bow gives the lil fancy touch.
It comes with 2 alpha layers, one hiding the top of your legs, the other one not hiding legs.
It will depend of your shape, but if you can avoid to hide your legs then looked from close, the skirt part will slightly suggest your thighs which is super sexy.
The dress works also pretty well with Maitreya mesh body (as it is the one I own).

The dress is material enabled and its price is 150 l$.
It comes in 5 standard sizes.
You can buy this adorable dress at the Black Fashion Fair  till May, 1st.
And.... you will find this dress in 4 other colors at the next Sneak Peek round. 

samedi 28 mars 2015


Coucou !

Fashion for Life 2015 will close its doors tomorrow, sunday 29th, so you have still some more hours to grab your wallet and go shopping for a good cause.
This year, all the official FFL vendors give 100 % of the money to the American Cancer Society.
After having traveled over the 7 fashion capitales of FFL, we are now going to visit the huge Central Park of FFL.
This one runs over 2 sims (south and north) and it has been built by Spankmy Boucher and Sofia Corleone and it's sponsored by MISS SL ORGANIZATION.

Central Park

 All the week long, concerts and fashionshows have been given in the park.

The park is located in the middle of the whole FFL, thus you can access to most of the FFL fashion capitals from there. 

Central Park castle

An aerial railway runs all over the park, allowing you to go faster and easier from one FFL capitale to another.

Central park railway

I decided to give it a try and then i could enjoy the landscape all around during my travel.

Central park train

For the visit, i was wearing the super Nuella jumpsuit i bought in Los Angeles at Wicca's wardrobe shop and the lovely jewellery set (Topaz bloom) bought in the same city.

Central park amphitheater

All along the park you may find buildings like a castle, cabins, amphitheater, fashionshow stage etc.

Central park-fashionshow stage

Petit Chat exclusive items for FFL have been displayed at the show on thursday, 26th. I haven't already edited the pics i've shoot that day, but i made that one below to show you :). This is Lua Vendetta wearing my Solitude gown. Her professionalism always amaze me.

Lua Vendetta at FFL fashion show

The rest of the pics will be edited soon and posted on the FFL flikr group  

Central park

You can also find some spots like playgrounds for kids or even a skate park.

Central park- Skate park

Finally, i decided to stop right next to one of the playground and i could try the car i bougth at Los Angeles at Avi Candy store. 
And as i was also wearing the beautiful skin i bought in October's season store there too, i took this opportunity to make some snapshots in order to show you those amazing items.

Central park

I just love this car ! And on top the color almost match with my Nuella jumpsuit !

So we are coming to the end of this FFL 2015 guide.
Don't forget to visit FFL before it closes its doors tomorrow and shop till you drop ! It's for a good cause !
Thank you for having following me thru this travel !
For now, i ll just have to say : 
Goodbye and cya soon !
Muah !

Central park
All items displayed have been bought on official FFL vendors giving 100 % of the money to ACS.
Except the picture about the fashionshow, all other pictures are raw photographs

vendredi 27 mars 2015


Coucou !

The 7th city of Fashion for Life 2015 is :


This is where we will stop today.

Los Angeles FFL sim is surprising at first as the main arrea doesnt stand on the ground but it's floating in the air.
The sim has been built by : Regi Yifu  and it is sponsored by Zaodyeck Magazine.

Arriving from London or Berlin, you come to a lovely beach surrounded by palm trees.  It looks like you will see Pamela Anderson run on the sand in swimsuit at anytime. But well... no lifeguards there for now. Instead... a beautiful building floating in the air right above the sea. We can access there with TP stations located on the beach.

Los Angeles

The shopping arrea stands along 2 floors. As the path is a circle you can be sure you wont miss any shop there.

On the first floor, you may find : 
Clowes couture
Leezu !
Stars ! (jewellery)
Body canvas (tattoos)
Wicca’s wardrobe
Iso motion (poses)
Barefoot apparel Zeord Beach
Lily Pop/Little Diva (kid fashion)
Image essentials (poses)
BN designs
Aris Aris
Sweetred’s designs
I fist stopped at Stars ! as I meet the designer last year at the FFL 2014 and I was pleased to see her store this year too. I bought there a lovely jewellery set coming with earrings and neklace : Topaz blooms,   and of course, i could not avoid to visit Wicca's Wardrobe store.
Well, Wicca is a friend, and on top, i really love her style. She has the lil crazy touch in her design I love so much. Her items are always a great source of inspiration for photos for me. So my look went on this lovely jumpsuit with a really elegant style and yep ! I bought the Nuella Jumpsuit beige.

Los Angeles - floor 1

While visiting the first floor, i was still wearing my beautiful top and skirt/pants from Yasum designs, the shoes from NV, Charlotte hair from Tukinowaguma and i added the super great fork glasses RARE I got from Wicca's gatcha in London.

On the second floor, you can find : 

October’s seasons
Athena couture
Avi Candy

As October's seasons was displaying gorgeous skins on FFL vendors, i decided to go for the : O4S-Queen of Hearts-White Dahila Avant Garde Pack after making sure it was coming with appliers for my maitreya mesh body and my slink feet. 

At Avi Candy, i also found a beautiful car, that you can't drive, but coming with poses. And i may say here, I've been super happy to find this item because i often want to make shots with the beautiful car i got from a raffle board last year in FFL but it's always super tricky to set my poses for they work perfect with the car. So well, this new car purchased will be really useful for me. The car is called : :AC: FFL-2015 Car with 5 female poses.
And the car itself looks really beautiful !

Los Angeles - 3rd floor

For my visit on the second floor, i was wearing a beautiful dress from Luxe (Summery chic). I have to confess, i havent bought this one, as the creator sent it to me directly and it's not available in the event. But i was interested to see how it looks, because the textures of this dress are created from handmade artworks done by the creator. So of course, i wanted to see and i may say it's really well done. I like it !!!
The boots come from Yasum store in Berlin : Yasum*MESH*Dead End Boots*MEGA HUD controled. They are super funny at the front. 
The bag comes from Wicca's gatcha in London : Wicca's Wardrobe - Coco Bag - (w/p/flower) RARE (yes i know, i am super lucky with gatchas lol, but well i play a lot too)
The glasses are from the Chop Zuey gatcha : Chop Zuey Spring Flowers SunGlasses-Rosa - RARE 
And the watch is from my Time ! gatcha.
Jewellery is from : Moondance Jewel Gifts of Gaia Exclusive in Berlin too.

Poses are from : Dreamer - Helamiyo (Paris)  & Manicure set -J'adore (Tokyo)

The 3rd floor is all for the Zaodyeck Magazine studio.

Los Angeles-beach

I then decided to go back to Berlin and buy the lovely LUXE Paris Beach Target Bikini Skirt from Luxe store and come back to Los Angeles beach. Well, still no Pamela !
I changed my boots for the stunning Yasum*MESH*Rider Boots* i got in Berlin.
The bag is from Tchelos gatcha in London.
Glasses are from Chop Zuey gatcha (magenta)
Hair is from Tukinowaguma (Charlotte) in Tokyo
Jewellery is Moondance Jewel Gifts of Gaia Exclusive (yeah, i know it doesnt show a lot on the pic, but trust me, they are really really beautiful !) in Berlin.

To finish i decided to try one of the frame props i got in Agapee's gatcha in London.

Your taxi for Los Angeles is here

I hope you have enjoyed travelling with me as much as i got delight to write this humble guide of Fashion For Life 2015.

Next post will be about the big Central Park.

The event will end on sunday, 29th, so go while it's still time !

All items (except Luxe dress) have been bought on official FFL vendors giving 100 % of the money to the American Cancer Society.

All pictures of raw photographs