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Add fizz to your life !!! ... (New flash group gift : Fizz dress)

Christmas and New year evenings will be soon here with their tasty dinners and of course, if possible most of us will want Champagne in our glass ! Or, any other wine or drink with bubbles...
So here is a good reciepe for you : The marquisette drink.
You will need :

  • 7l of white wine
  • 7 + 3 lemons 
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 2l of lemonade
  • 2l of Champagne or "mousseux" (sparkling wine)
  • Vanilled sugar (3 lil bags)
The day before, you put in the bowl : the wine, sugars, the juice of 7 lemons. And you leave all the night in the fridge.
The day after, before serving. You cut the 3 remaining lemons in slices that you add in the bowl and you add the lemonade and Champagne !
Cheers ! 

Fizz is also the name of the current Flash Group gift at Petit Chat. This is a dress coming in 5 standard sizes and in Sand color.
A bunch of straps fall from the shoulder on the arm. 
The dress is materials enabled.
You can find the gift giver at the welcome area on the counter. Just touch the box while you are wearing Petit Chat group tag and you will recieve your bag.
And stay tuned ! Within a couple of day, the monthly group gift will be available for december. And ... as usually during xmas holidays our very own Santa will bring a new group gift each days during 12 days before the 25th. You dont want to miss that ! This year all xmas group gifts will be original mesh and exclusive !
Stay warm till then ! 

There is a whole world in a woman's bag ! ....(New release : My leather briefcases @ Marvelous event)

I dont know you, but every women i know in RL has same problem than i have with bags. We always try to buy them small, so we are forced to limit ourselves in what we are filling it with. Nevertheless, our bags always ends full of things and heavy and there is no way to find anything inside without spending long time in search and often, we must empty it totally in order to find what we are looking for....
The worst is my mom's bag.... (i should talk plurals here, as she has dozens of bags...lol). But everytime i see her diving her hand inside in the purpose to find something, it looks to me like she's doing one of those horror games when you must dive a hand in pots not knowing what is inside and often filled with disgusting things. That's it... i m always expecting to see my mom's hand coming back up with blood or jelly all over it, lol. As she is stuborn (well, im not her daughter for nothing !) she most often find what she's looking for, but it can take hours.
On my side; i try to limit myself to small bags and just have the minimum i need. Of course after a few weeks, it starts to be a big mess of folded papers, pens, meds, and whatnot. But having a small bag will always limit the amount of what i can put inside... and if i need more, i still can take my backpack lol

Staying on the topic, Petit Chat just released some gorgeous leather briefcases as exclusive for the new round of Marvelous Event.
There are 8 colors to choose from and they are all original mesh and textures of course. Also they are materials enabled.
Enough big for you can carry all your stuffs and even more they will do a lovely accessory for any casual outfit.
They are copy and mod, so you may resize, recolor etc...

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Rendez-Vous at the winery (.... New 65 L$ today deal ! Rendez-Vous outfit)

Well, we got a hot summer here in RL with really low rain, and the grapes were really small when it's been time to harvest it. This doesn't mean wine won't be great. Often it happens, that in such cases, grape is a lot concentrate in sugar and then it raise the alcohol degre. So we will see..
I live in vineyard region, and this is the reason i wanted one at Moumou's Square in SL.
This one is done in tray, like the one my grand-father had in the past on a mount's slope going down to the sea.
Of course at the top of it, what better than a wine-bar to test the wine of the year ?
Do not hesitate to come and taste a good glass of wine there.

This is where i had a Rendez-Vous this morning, to show the new outfit on 65 l$ today deal !
The Rendez-Vous outfit is a mix and match one done of a pants and a sweater.
There are 8 colors to choose from for each and each piece is 65 l$ till wednesday early morning at Petit Chat mainstore !

Read more here 

Also do not forget the 50 % sale still going on on the gift cards (that you may (of course) use also for yourself, and then get half price over all the store). Using those gift cards you can have 2 deals for the price of one ! yep ! So 1 top and 1 pants for 65 l$ only. You can't beat that !

I found a nest outside ....(New Flash group gift : Dive Dress !)

Yeah... I found a nest with eggs outside... What will i do now with it ? ...
Use it as decor for my home ?
Do a good omelette with the eggs ?
Well im not a bird and i can't sit on those eggs, indeed. So let me catch a cardigan, because it starts to be chilly outside and i'll grab the ladder in the barn and will put the nest in a comfy branch in the tree it fell from.
Hopefully the Mummy bird will find it and take care of the future lil baby birds...
That's it. No omelette. I'll be a good girl today :p.

The cute dress i am wearing here is the Flash Group Gift of the week end ! So hurry up, as the "Flash" in the name means it doesnt last long. On tuesday 1 am slt, the gift box will disappear.
The dress is called "Dive" because its base is done in neoprene, the same material they do the wetsuits. It's warm and comfy. The top part that will cover your breasts is done in lace and the add-on is veil. The mix of materials gives this dress its touch of unique originality.

Other infos on the Flash group gift page