Merry Christmas to you all !! and 11th and 12th xmas pressies

So here we are ! Ready to party !
On our side everything is now set and as i am speaking to you Santa is busy in the kitchen ... yum yum...
Outside, the Snowmen band is training on the stage for their concert tonight...
And well... i am here, resting, enjoying the good smell of Santa's food, the music of snowmen and ah ! i just found the bag that will match with my shoes for the party !!
Woot !!
Ok, As i wont be able to log tomorrow, i wish you a very very merry Christmas !

You will find the xmas group gift of today under our tree :

Also for non group we have a lovely leather jacker with Santa in the back.

Gifts are ready for tomorrow, i will try my best to log with my laptop (as i wont be home) and install them, but if i really can't, no worries, they will be here on monday anyway !

I send you tons of kisses and all my best wishes for your Christmas eve and day ! I hope it will go as you want it to be !!



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