BOOTIES !!! (New release for Lost & Found event)

Well, every woman needs a pair of booties in her wardrobe. The kind of shoes you can wear in winter without being afraid to have your adorable feet frozen. The kind of shoes comfy enough so you can run from a store to another in order to make all your holidays shopping without having your frail feet in pain at the end of the day....
So here are the Adrianna heels.
Just for your feet.
For you...

Those beautiful heels comes in 8 color options and for each you get a hud for the sole, heel & strap :

Those beautiful booties are compatible with Slink mid feet, Maitreya and Belleza mesh feet.
And you get also a non rigged version modifiable to make it easier to fit your foot if you dont own one of those mesh feet.

You can get heels at current round of Lost & Found event till saturday ! (After they will be released later in january in Petit Chat mainstore)


It's all glam at InspirationSL event ! (new releases from Petit Chat)

InspirationSL is paying a tribute to a mythic couple of Hollywood : Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart.
Those 2 were one of the most glamour pair of all the history of cinema till today. Both great actors, both beautiful and classy and most of all, both madly in love.
And the cherry on the pie is that both have been fashion icons.
When you think of Boggie, you think hat... Fedora hat... He was wearing this hat with such a class ! And what to say about Lauren wearing french beret ? So classy, so cheeky !

So we create both as exclusive items for this new round of InspirationSL event.

Humphrey's fedora hat
That hat worn in Casablanca by Humphrey Bogart was felt, creased along the crown and pinched just so in the front and on both sides. With a contrasting hatband and felt look, here it is again! I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

The hat comes with a texture hud (6 options for the hat, 6 for the strap)

Materials enabled.

Perms : Copy and mod.
Original mesh and textures.
(Thank you to my friend Arnno Planer for accepting to be my model here)

Lauren's french beret
Let's go on with the three b's..Beret, Bacall, Bombshell. As worn by the iconic star of the 40's and 50's, who brought style to the big screen, this French Beret will add style to your screen too. For a classic but updated look with dress or trench-coat a beret adds that finish! You want one? Just whistle...

8 Versions available : Camel, Ebony, Grass, Grey, Plum, Red, Snow, Teal
Each version comes in 2 shapes and in 2 fabrics (wool and felt), thus you get 4 berets per pack.

Materials enabled

Perms : Copy and mod.
Original mesh and texture.

Merry Christmas to you all !! and 11th and 12th xmas pressies

So here we are ! Ready to party !
On our side everything is now set and as i am speaking to you Santa is busy in the kitchen ... yum yum...
Outside, the Snowmen band is training on the stage for their concert tonight...
And well... i am here, resting, enjoying the good smell of Santa's food, the music of snowmen and ah ! i just found the bag that will match with my shoes for the party !!
Woot !!
Ok, As i wont be able to log tomorrow, i wish you a very very merry Christmas !

You will find the xmas group gift of today under our tree :

Also for non group we have a lovely leather jacker with Santa in the back.

Gifts are ready for tomorrow, i will try my best to log with my laptop (as i wont be home) and install them, but if i really can't, no worries, they will be here on monday anyway !

I send you tons of kisses and all my best wishes for your Christmas eve and day ! I hope it will go as you want it to be !!




Still on the way to get ready for our xmas evening !
Im so happy to have Santa and the snowmen band as guest this year !
Snowmen are now practicing their music together for being ready for the party !
And Santa will be my partner for dancing ! woooot !
So i needed shoes ! Beautiful shoes but not too much painful for my feet, as im sure Santa will want we dance all the night long !

So here are the Sophia Xmas edition !!

All original mesh and texture and exclusive Christmas 2016
Copy and modify
compatible with Slink high, Maitreya + unrigged version.

Enjoy !

and for our non-group visitors we have a gift aswell !

Have fun  !


I see a hundred of snowflakes ! (THE 12 CHRISTMAS GIFTS OF PETIT CHAT -9)

Do you know what happen to snowmen if by chance they get hit on the head ?

They see snowflakes turning around their head !

Yes Santa has weird jokes !

Here is a snowflake hallo in case you get hammered on the head !

It's rotating, and you can add several ones, you can link them, and modify them to your wish !

enjoy !

All original mesh and texture and exclusive Christmas 2016
Copy and modify
And as promised yesterday, you may also see the Holly corsage in version brown and blue.

And for non group members we have a lovely snowflake umbrella. Original mesh aswell and copy and modify.


On this pic i am also wearing :


After this crazy night and a day for resting, the snowmen band and I started to prepare the Christmas evening.
We decorated the living room with garlands and toys and Blue Snowman even did repaint the walls in red and green.
Green snowmen and I went for a long walk in the mount nextdoor and we found holly... A lot of holly.. so we got some and made some lovely bouquet that we put in vases all around the room as we returned home.
Purple snowman made some corsages for me that i will wear at Christmas evening when we will dance.
How cute !

Here are some for you.
He made 2 versions, one with green and red, and one using Petit Chat colors : chocolate and turquoise.

All original mesh and texture and exclusive Christmas 2016
Copy and modify

Enjoy !

Sorry guys, i got no time today for a picture inworld, but i promise ill show the corsages worn in the next post.

For non-group members, we have today a lovely garter with a letter to Santa and candy cane.

Happy holidays !


After the crazy night we got all together with Santa and the snowmen band, they all decided to sleep for 20 hours !
Mind you, someone had to clear all the mess from the night, and prepare a good breakfast for when they will wake up...
Of course, as i did this, well, i was myself a bit messy and they got a good laugh when they saw my hair total crazy while i was bringing milk, croissants, café and all...
Not to mention, my make up was .... err.... can we still call this a "make up" at this level ?
And as i was walking by a mirror, i got a super giggle aswell !
So Santa dived one of his hands in his pocket and guess what he found ?
Gorgeous holly hairpins !!! Yep !! For i can make my hair dressed again !

Here are some for you aswell.
Duplicate them, wear them on skull, mouth, chin, or nose (unless the new bento has messed this all lol, i havent tried yet) and adjust them all over your hair. Create your holly style !

All original mesh and texture and exclusive Christmas 2016
Copy and modify

Enjoy !

Also for non group members, we have this adorable Christmas bag. Original mesh aswell.

TAXI to the Petit Chat Christmas tree 

Planks, tools, paint pots... Let's make an Xmas tree ! (THE 12 CHRISTMAS GIFTS OF PETIT CHAT -6)

Finally, I decided to release the 3 snowmen as they did promise to behave.
When Santa arrived for his nocturn visit, we were trying to build an Xmas tree with planks.

Santa looked in his bag and he gave us color paint pots and tools !

Finally we finished the tree and i served hot chocolate and cookies to everyone.
We ended up the night around the tree, telling Christmas tales together.
That was a super great night !

Here is a copy of the tree for you too !

All original mesh and texture and exclusive Christmas 2016
Copy and modify
6 Li at the given size (less if you make it smaller, more if you make it bigger)
Enjoy !

You will need to wear Petit Chat group tag for that one. Up on a wall in that room i made a big sign where you may see all the pictures of the gifts and that you can touch to join the group.

Also for non group members we have this cute version of my felt hat : Winter hat.

Just buy the box for 0 l$ and you will recieve the package in your inventory.

Enjoy !

Your taxi to the gifts is HERE 

****Inspired by celebs, made for SL! InspirationSL reopens its doors on 18th December at 8am SLT to give you HOLLYWOOD GLAM, in the style of Bogart and Bacall!****

Inspiration is back, and we're rolling out our red carpets for you starlets! Glitz, glamour, decadence and fame awaits you at our Hollywood glam round, and for 3 weeks you can visit our movie set themed event, and walk in the footsteps of the stars!

It's a perfect theme to celebrate the festive month of December, with opportunities to grab your NYE gowns, or last minute gifts for your loved ones.

Also, don't forget! Every 100th person to visit the event will receive a designer hamper containing 3 designer items from that round!

What are you waiting for? Make sure to mark InspirationSL in your calendars today! Sunday 18th December 2016, 8am SLT!


As the snowmen band was not behaving while i was trying to sleep in bed... As they were singing loud, jumping on bed and laughing like old pirates ... yes snowmen can do that sometimes....
I desperately needed to sleep.....
I caught them and caged them in crystal balls and worn them as earrings....
We still dont know what Santa will think of that...
But I believes that if we are numerous to wear the snowmen in earrings, Santa will have a big crazy laugh..
So here are the earrings, please make sure to wear them and let's see if Santa will giggle so he brings more gifts at Petit Chat for tomorrow !
And for now, I'm peeping at my neighbor's window... Yeah... PinkRayne's window...I want to see what where shes hiding the Christmas gifts she got for her friends... :p

The snowmen earrings comes in the same 3 colors than the big ones yesterday (yeah, i said it : i caged them ALL ! :p)
It's all original mesh and texture and this is copy and modify.
You can get it as group gift at Petit Chat mainstore under the tree HERE.

Also for men, there is a gift too and no group is required for that one : 

I can't wait to know what Santa will say when he will notice his snowmen have been caged !!! 

The snowmen brothers band (THE 12 CHRISTMAS GIFTS OF PETIT CHAT - 4)

It was unusually cold this morning when i woke up in my bed...
i find myself in bed with non less than 3 men !!! Snowmen, but still.... brrrrr... that was so cold !
Later on, Santa sent a text message on my phone, saying, that that will teach me for having none snow on my sim this year !
So well.... here is this snowmen band !
Your turn to be cold !

This lovely snowmen comes in 3 hat and scarfs colors.
It is all original mesh and texture and it's copy and modify.
6 LI at this size (lower if smaller, higher if bigger)

This is our 4th Christmas group gift waiting for you at Petit Chat mainstore (under the tree).

And if you mean do sleep with this 3 guys, you will need something sexy to wear ! (lol)

So for non group-gift members here is also a lil gift : 

Have fun !

Your taxi is here !

It's all about snowflakes ! (THE 12 CHRISTMAS GIFTS OF PETIT CHAT - 3)

Ok, well today i m a bit in a rush so no time to make a fancy pic inworld but i have good news for you anyway...
As mentioned on the paper i found yesterday next to Santa's hat, i found today a lovely set of jewellery left by him on my desk.
There was a lil letter with it  :

"Dear Trinity, 
I know you will do a good use with this lovely set of jewellery... You know, im not that rich to buy diamonds, so i took some snowflakes coming from the sky and made this necklace and bracelets for your Petit Chat Lovers.... it's made of love and snow... 

So this is a cute original mesh set including a necklace and a bracelet. All mod and copy

You ll need to wear the Petit Chat group tag to get it and get also the 2 previous gifts.

Santa did not forget the non group member as he left also a lovely set of mesh legwarmer for everyone... and they have snowflakes too !!!

Ok, i need to run !

See ya later !!!

Your taxi 

Ooops ! Santa's forgot his hat ! (the 12 Christmas gifts of Petit Chat - 2)

It looks like Santa came back at Moumou's Square yesterday... maybe for testing our new wine cuvée at the winery.... This morning, i found his hat on the floor right next to the bridge between the winery and the animal yard....
Well, i grabbed the hat and worn it and OMG there is the lil bells are ringing when i touch it.

You can get this cute Santa's hat at Petit Chat Xmas tree, as it is the second of the 12 Christmas gifts of Petit Chat. You will need to wear Petit Chat group tag for that one.

But Santa didnt forget non-group members ! There is also a gift for them !

This is a set of choker and bracelet.

Both gifts of today are original mesh and textures !

Enjoy !!

Your taxi is here !

(PS : While i was grabing the hat from the floor... i noticed there was lil paper with a drawning of a necklace.... i dont know... maybe ..... but shhhh)

The twelve gifts of Petit Chat is starting today !

It's a tradition at Petit Chat : each year, the lil cat meets secretly Santa and they decide 12 gifts to give to Petit Chat group members along the days till the 25th of December.
This year, they will be all original mesh and textures as Petit Chat turned in Petit Chat Original a few weeks ago.
So we are starting this giveaway with a cute cube garland for your Xmas deco.

This cute garland is 3 LI only but beware if you resize it will be more.
You may see it displayed at the mainstore in front of our Christmas tree.
It is all original mesh and textures.
And you will need to wear your group tag and touch the lil box at the bottom of the tree.

For our non group members, we have this cute beauty set :

It is original mesh aswell, but not exclusive.
3 LI only at the original size.
No group tag required for that one, just buy the box for 0 l$ and enjoy !!!
Stay tuned....we are expecting another visit from Santa tomorrow !


Below a sky full of stars with you, my lil star ... (new 65 l$ today deal : My felt hats !)

While we are rushing to find a xmas pressie for all our dear friends and beloved family, there is one kind of friend not to forget : our adorable pets. They are by our side all along the year, they are the most loyal friends we will ever get, and they deserve a Christmas gift aswell.
Moumou was not a "player".. She had toys but i never saw her playing with them. Instead she was totally crazy everytime we had shrimps on the menu and she adored foie gras too. So, during Christmas period, we used to have our Christmas dinner together. Not on the 24th because this one is for my family, but another day in the week. I used to put a towel on my bed, and we had a picnic while watching TV together. Menu had big boiled shrimps, foie gras and several other great things we both loved, and after dinner she used to come and lay down by my side.
Nowaday, Moumou's is still in my heart, and i go on the tradition with Clouseau, my lil prince, who seems to love shrimps aswell and almost everything else i have in my plate anyway ! And as Clouseau adores toys, he ll get a new one again.
And you, what did you planed for your adorable lil one's Christmas ?

We released today in our mainstore the adorable My felt hats ! There are 3 different versions to choose from and each of them comes with a hud with loads of options.
As it is just freshly released today, there is a 65 l$ deal on them and this till wednesday noon slt !

You can try the huds on the 3 D models displayed in the store.

And don't forget there is still the 50 % off on our gift cards so you can have the 3 models for less than the regular price of a single one !


Almost there ! ... (New flash group gift : Gone with the wind)

Well, that's not a secret, Christmas is just around the corner and it is a tradition in SL for most of the stores to get have an advent calendar or at the very least have one or several Xmas gifts available.
At Petit Chat we also have our very special Santa and the tradition is : "The 12 gifts of Christmas".
Starting on wednesday 14th, one new gift will appear each day in our mainstore. Well more exactly 2 gifts... One being for group only, the other one being for everyone.
Group gifts will be exclusive and all original mesh !
So stay tuned !
And while you come and grab your gifties, think about presents for your friends : our vendors have the gift option, and we have a 50 % sale on our gift cards till the 25th !

And talking about gifts, Flash group gift is running this week end of course !
This week the dress is one of our most beautiful !!
This is the "Gone with the wind" including the dress in 5 standard sizes and petals on the shoulder.
This is an ArtFashion collection item. Textured from a beautiful artwork from Trinity. So really this is a unique dress !
It's all material enabled for more realism.
Check out Flash group gift page

Wear Petit Chat group tag (or join the group while you are there) and jump in the TAXI 

Pic has been taken at the Yorkshire Dales  and the pose is from B BOS (Ivyana pack)

Simple chic ....(December group gift : Gleam dress)

Occasions to get elegant in december aren't missing. There are of course Christmas Dinner and New year's dinner, but also most of the time, we get invited here and there, by family or friends, and we also invite some of them for dinner.
And then we like to get dressed classy. December is a great month for the people who like to care their style and use some of their clothes/accessories that are a bit too much for when you dress casual.
But you don't need too much either, often the simplest is enough to get chic ! But when i say simple, of course, it means you wont add to you tons of items, BUT those items will be THE ones that will make your look super classy.

Like this short dress, Gleam, available from today on as group gift for december at Petit Chat.

As you can see, a simple sparkly dress, styled with a long bead necklace, a pair of black stocking and high boots and accessorized with a precious clutch in light pink, can be a classy outfit for a Christmas dinner.

The dress is coming in 5 standard sizes and fitted and is available all the month of december at Petit Chat Mainstore : TAXI.
(other colors available on sale in the store)

Add fizz to your life !!! ... (New flash group gift : Fizz dress)

Christmas and New year evenings will be soon here with their tasty dinners and of course, if possible most of us will want Champagne in our glass ! Or, any other wine or drink with bubbles...
So here is a good reciepe for you : The marquisette drink.
You will need :

  • 7l of white wine
  • 7 + 3 lemons 
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 2l of lemonade
  • 2l of Champagne or "mousseux" (sparkling wine)
  • Vanilled sugar (3 lil bags)
The day before, you put in the bowl : the wine, sugars, the juice of 7 lemons. And you leave all the night in the fridge.
The day after, before serving. You cut the 3 remaining lemons in slices that you add in the bowl and you add the lemonade and Champagne !
Cheers ! 

Fizz is also the name of the current Flash Group gift at Petit Chat. This is a dress coming in 5 standard sizes and in Sand color.
A bunch of straps fall from the shoulder on the arm. 
The dress is materials enabled.
You can find the gift giver at the welcome area on the counter. Just touch the box while you are wearing Petit Chat group tag and you will recieve your bag.
And stay tuned ! Within a couple of day, the monthly group gift will be available for december. And ... as usually during xmas holidays our very own Santa will bring a new group gift each days during 12 days before the 25th. You dont want to miss that ! This year all xmas group gifts will be original mesh and exclusive !
Stay warm till then ! 

There is a whole world in a woman's bag ! ....(New release : My leather briefcases @ Marvelous event)

I dont know you, but every women i know in RL has same problem than i have with bags. We always try to buy them small, so we are forced to limit ourselves in what we are filling it with. Nevertheless, our bags always ends full of things and heavy and there is no way to find anything inside without spending long time in search and often, we must empty it totally in order to find what we are looking for....
The worst is my mom's bag.... (i should talk plurals here, as she has dozens of But everytime i see her diving her hand inside in the purpose to find something, it looks to me like she's doing one of those horror games when you must dive a hand in pots not knowing what is inside and often filled with disgusting things. That's it... i m always expecting to see my mom's hand coming back up with blood or jelly all over it, lol. As she is stuborn (well, im not her daughter for nothing !) she most often find what she's looking for, but it can take hours.
On my side; i try to limit myself to small bags and just have the minimum i need. Of course after a few weeks, it starts to be a big mess of folded papers, pens, meds, and whatnot. But having a small bag will always limit the amount of what i can put inside... and if i need more, i still can take my backpack lol

Staying on the topic, Petit Chat just released some gorgeous leather briefcases as exclusive for the new round of Marvelous Event.
There are 8 colors to choose from and they are all original mesh and textures of course. Also they are materials enabled.
Enough big for you can carry all your stuffs and even more they will do a lovely accessory for any casual outfit.
They are copy and mod, so you may resize, recolor etc...

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