After the night, before the day / Rendez-Vous outfit @ Penumbra FW AW 16

I always thought there is a secret moment in a day : the one between night and day. When you stayed up all night long but it's not yet morning.... Like a "no" moment. Daylights start slightly to emerge.... You keep all the excitation and tireness of the night (no matter what you made)... This moment is short. Soon lights will be too much obvious for your eyes and will remind you you need to sleep.
A moment for night birds.... for us only...
A moment I adore ...

Rendez-Vous is a 2 pieces outfit for all your daily moments. Each piece is sold separately, thus you may mix and match and find your favorite combo.
The pants comes in standard sizes and a lot of mesh body compatible sizes.
The sweater comes in standard sizes + Maitreya and Slink compatible sizes.

There are 8 colors for each to choose from.

And you may find it at the Penumbra FashionWeek AW 16

Photo made at Petit Chat ArtGallery

Leaving darkness behind... (Ella gown @ PENUMBRA FW AW16)

I don't miss you, darkness. I left you years ago, when I decided to choose life instead of you. I chose my inner light instead of your shadow. For that I had to make compromises, but I never ever regreted my choice. I chose the other direction.... I left you behind...

Currently running is the famous PENUMBRA FashionWeek AW 16. Petit Chat has been part of it since its first edition, so there was no way to miss that one.
For the occasion, *PC* is releasing this beautiful ELLA Gown (here the Liquorice version).
6 colors available
5 standard sizes + 2 fitted version for slink.

SUNDAY MORNINGS AT THE MARKET (New Flash Group Gift is out !)

In my students years, I loved when on sunday mornings, i was going to the market for fresh food (fruits, cheese, bread, butter etc ) and we were meeting with some friends for a sunday breakfast.
Of course, it was not a early one as it usually happened around noon (well, we were getting up late :D ).

The new Flash Group Gift is out !
This week you may get this lovely pink Cleo dress. Every woman needs a casual dress like that, that you may wear quickly and go outside for shopping or meeting friends.


I am really thrilled to introduce the new Harvest Heels released today at Lost & Found event.
Those adorable shoes are so refined with their tiny details like strings and bead...

Those shoes come with a hud that gives you option for switching from clean texture to distressed one and also changing the color of heels and sole, bead and strings using one of the 3 options there.

Those shoes are my original mesh and the first i made for mid feet.
They are compatible with Belleza, Maitreya and Slin mid, but there is also an unrigged version inside the pack.
Althought the texture script will say otherwise, the shoes themselves are copy and modify.

I hope you will enjoy those new shoes for your delicate feet and if you want more info, go to this page.


For now, im just going to enjoy my first day at the Lost & Found event staying lazy under the sun and chit chatting with my friend the sheep.


And yes ! New flash group gift is out....
This week-end the gift is the red "Circus" outfit.

Not really recent, but one of the classics at Petit Chat.

This lovely short dress comes in 5 standard sizes and a mesh mask is included in the pack.

Endless summer....

Where i live, it happens often that summer doesn't want to stop when Fall should normally starts. And so we keep having hot temps and sunshine till late october, sometimes november.
We call it Indian summer and we usually enjoy it because it's a bit like our own summer... without the crowd of turists we have in july and august.
The unusual hot temps we got in september inspired me the Indian Summer outfit.

The top and skirt are sold separately so you may try our hud driven demo and choose your favorite match.
There are 10 colors to choose from for each piece.
Of course you may also buy fatpacks and save 50 % of the price.

This new release is exclusive at Marevelous Event till the 25th of october.

More infos about the item and the event in that page. 

October group gift is out !

Our monthly group gift has been a bit late this month but it's finally in the mainstore now and you may tp there in order to get it.

Of course, noone can ignore that Halloween is just around the corner so it's probable some crimes happens here and there and you may be accused just because you are at the wrong spot at the wrong time....


So get our "Innocence" outfit as monthly group gift and claim you are innoncent !

Inside the pack you will find a mesh dress with blood spots, a knife, gloves and some blood tattoos layers

Of course we do not guarantie ppl will believe in your innocence.:p

Gift poster here

Taxi is here


Yeah !

New weekly flash group gift is already out !

It's out and will last only till monday 10th midnight SLT so run !

Details here : Flash group gift page

(Pose used here is KIss  My Cat from  [Frimon Store]
Hair : [DUE] Gipsy . Fatpack
and as usually
mesh body : Maitreya Lara
mesh head : Genesis lab Nicole)

Enjoy !

I'd rather be right alone than wrong with the crowd

(Preamble : This is an unusual post here. It's a post to express my opinion about the monopoly of Seraphim reigning with despotism over the events market. For about 1 year now, I am retaining my thought on this topic in order to protect the event im managing with my friend PinkRayne. But yesterday, Seraphim owner has been way too much far and i can no longer remain silent. So with Pinkrayne's permission to use her notecards i chose to publish this post today, no matter what will happen. I choose my freedom of speech ! Beware this is a long post)

Yeah, I never followed crowds or trends, and as I love solitude I really don't mind being alone. I don't mind being the black dot in the middle of white paint. 
I don't mind because for me, my integrity is much more important than any herd instinct or fear of not being loved or liked by other people.
Maybe I can seem asocial, but I can tell you I'm not. 

InspirationSL decor (march round-Shania Twain theme)


This morning I was about to release the Holidays outfit in the store and then set it for 65 l$ today deal, when i had the idea about crossing the deal with the weekly flash group gift. Why not ?
That way you can have a top or a pants (random color given) and if you want the other part, you can enjoy the 65 l$ deal on it. 

Well, i know the deal is not doing a big reduction on its price as the items are already not really pricey, but still. 
One in one you can have the whole outfit or 65 l$ only instead of 185 l$. Isnt that a great deal ?