After the night, before the day / Rendez-Vous outfit @ Penumbra FW AW 16

I always thought there is a secret moment in a day : the one between night and day. When you stayed up all night long but it's not yet morning.... Like a "no" moment. Daylights start slightly to emerge.... You keep all the excitation and tireness of the night (no matter what you made)... This moment is short. Soon lights will be too much obvious for your eyes and will remind you you need to sleep.
A moment for night birds.... for us only...
A moment I adore ...

Rendez-Vous is a 2 pieces outfit for all your daily moments. Each piece is sold separately, thus you may mix and match and find your favorite combo.
The pants comes in standard sizes and a lot of mesh body compatible sizes.
The sweater comes in standard sizes + Maitreya and Slink compatible sizes.

There are 8 colors for each to choose from.

And you may find it at the Penumbra FashionWeek AW 16

Photo made at Petit Chat ArtGallery

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