An afternoon with the Sirène outfit

It's sunny day today... so what about a lil hang out on the river shore in Moumou's Square ?
Yes....definitely yes, its what i will do this afternoon.
So i will wear the Sirene outfit for this occasion.
After leaving my stuffs and basket on the shore, i jumped in a lovely yellow inner-tube that was just there, in the water in front of me.
While floating on the inner-tube im wearing the bikini version of the Sirene Outfit.

Its a pearly pink bottom and bra.
We will see it later worn with the silks, it gives a sensual result.
But for now, let's try the one-piece swimsuit version and dive from the deck beside the shop.

For diving im using this awesome hud i found recently on the Marketplace for only a few L$. I can't resist to give you the link here : Swim hud.
This one is only 49 L$ and will make you swim and dive with several animations.
And of course you are more than welcome to come in Moumou's Square and use it in the river here.
So lets see more closer this one-piece bathsuit :
This is the version with displayed bra on the top.
And here's the simple version.
It can be also worn as bodysuit under long pants for example. Or as underwears.
But the better way to accesorize it is wearing the Sirene silks.
Here silks are worn with the simple bathsuit version.
For this occasion i worn lovely purple headphones i had in my inventory.
Here's is the bra-corset version with silks.
So this gave me the nice sensation to be a fairy. 

and so worn with the bikini, the silks are perfect for looking like a fairy. :)
So after these sweet afternoon, its time for my to take back my little baggy-lunch and to come back to house, with my mind full of these great moments beside the river.
It was a really great afternoon.
The Sirene Outfit is a Petit Chat's design available here : Petit Chat's mainstore

Choose your style with the Berry outfit

Hi dear followers !

Today i will introduce you the Berry outfit.
A pretty skirt with corset outfit you can wear with different styles.
The base of the outfit is composed with a laced panties and corset in black.
It can be worn as underwears since they are in undershirt and underpants layers aswell.

You can give the outfit a rock style or gothic style according the boots or shoes you are wearing.
With precious stilettos or pumps it will become a precious feminine outfit.
The corset is braceless and in black lace fabric.
The skirt is in a berryprint fabric, with wrinkles that gives some moves.

If you are a lil cold, you can wear the precious laced mini-jacket.
It's made in the same texture than the corset.
You can see the details of the texture in this close-up :
So the Berry outfit is an outfit easy to wear with different styles. Depend your hair, your shoes or boots or even your jewellery.
Its bright and perfect for this summer.
As usually, bottom and top comes in several layers and jacket and skirt are resizable and mod.

And the price is, as usually, low : 120 L$.
Enjoy !

The Shout outfit

The Shout outfit is a beachy outfit in a delicate crochet texture.
It has short pants,  a crop top and a short skirt.
This outift is easy to wear for everyday, whatever you are doing.
The little plus is the resizable bag. You can do it smaller or bigger as long you want.

The skirt is also resizable and all mod.  So you can easily adjust it your shape. Using sl tools with mod perms is always better, but if you are not experienced with them i advice you to simply use the resize scripts by just click on the skirt and follow the menu.

The outfit may be worn as swimsuit aswell, to lay down on the beach or swim.
The little bag is crochet texture aswell, and has 2 handles in light green wood..
Its settled to be worn on the hand, but you may attach it and settle it on your shoulder if you like it better. 

Tops and pants comes on several layers (underwear and shirt, panties and pants). They are only copy.
The sculpt parts (skirt and bag) are copy and modify.
The price is 120 L$

All about the Look Around outfit

Look around is a pink bright outfit really feminine with assorted boots.
It comes in 3 versions :
n  Complete pack : outfit + boots

n  Outfit pack

n  Boots pack

Textures are velvet and lace.
The top is closed on the front. Sleeves have some stripes and white lace on the end.
On the bottom, there is a lovely panties with chains on the top.
The skirt has 4 thrills rows, alternatively pink velvet and white lace. It has a lil silver buckle on the top.
The boots are the same velvet pink texture with wrinkles. The deco, sole and heels is are all silver and a lovely white laced ribbon enhance the boot on the back.
Tops and pants comes on several layers (underwear and shirt, panties and pants). They are only copy.
The sculpt parts (skirt, sleeves and boots) are copy and modify, and if you are not at ease with SL tools you may use the resize scripts by just clicking on the clothing and use the resize menu. If you don’t like resize scripts you may remove them from the menu. (im using new resizing scripts that are low lag, so I hope it will be better for you)
The price is :
n  Complete pack (outfit + boots) : 230 L$     
n  Outfit only : 150 L$
n  Boots only : 180 L$.

The Look around outfit has been blogged here : 

Spotlight on the Mindset outfit

Mindset is a gorgeous red skirt outfit. Its gothic style and has 2 versions included in the pack : the mini-skirt version and the long dress version.
It includes a short pants, panties, a corset, a mini-skirt, a long dress and a lovely laced shawl.
Texture is red fabric and black lace.
The corset is all in red with black laced contours. There is a lil bow between the boobs.
On the bottom, there is a lovely panties assorted and u may wear the short pants with the long dress, that way you won’t see your hips coming outside the dress.
The mini-skirt is really sexy. One thrill of red and a lil black laced thrill on the top.
The dress is long, for the evenings. All in red fabric.
The little black laced shawl completes the outfit. Worn with the mni-skirt version or the dress version, it add a lil plus to your avatar.
Tops and panties comes on several layers (underwear and shirt, panties and pants). They are only copy. The short pants are only on pants layer. That way, you may wear the panties under the pants.
The sculpt parts (skirt, dress and shawl) are copy and modify, and if you are not at ease with SL tools you may use the resize scripts by just clicking on the clothing and use the resize menu. If you don’t like resize scripts you may remove them from the menu. (im using new resizing scripts that are low lag, so I hope it will be better for you)
The price is 180 L$

Here is the link to the Marketplace :

Changes in Moumou's Square

Yes, my babies, i know i owe you updates. Some changes happened in my life and so in sl aswell. Moumou's Square has changed again. A new Moumou's Square is born. And it's gorgeous !
So here we go !
Here is the new Moumou's Square ! A gorgeous little dale hiden between mounts and waterfalls and ocean.
A precious river runs all around this little oasis.

The landscaping has been entirely made by my friend Trixxie Nitely. And yes, no need to say she's an excellent landscaper, you will see by yourself. She made my place so beautifull than a precious jewel. Big thanks to her, I wouldnt have even expect such awesome result.
This cute lil place face the ocean, with a big arch rock where hit water.
You can rest and lay on the rocks with poses and enjoy the nice view.
Then you can sit on a bench in the square and watch the fly of the butterflies or birds. Its a great place for daydreaming.
On the pic im wearing the "Better things" outfit and boots, one of my lastest releases. You may find it of course in my store.
So lovely place for hanging out, indeed !
On the other side of the square you will find a lil river beach. You may indeed have a swim all around the river, and then have sun on the towel. There is a swim ball you can use. But if you have a swim hud its even better.
Then u can rest on the picnic blanket. While you are relaxing here, you can have a drink or eat something greedy like a sundae, for example. Click on the basket, it will give you all you need.

On the pic, im wearing the "C'est dans l'air" pack from the new collection, aswell. Its outfit and jewellery, but you can find the jewellery in a single pack also.
On the other side, i advise you to stop under the pergola.
A cute place for resting, if you are alone or with a friend.
The lil 2 fairies, Tosca and Indy will come and say hi. Do not touch the fruits on the table, they might bite you for this. But dont worry, they are usually really friendly.
You may find aswell, here and there on the river, some yellow innertubes. Jump on one of them and have a ride on the water.
On the pic im wearing the "Calling" outfit and jewellery, from the 2012 winter collection.

Then you will have to walk on the bridge to reach the other Moumou's side.
While you are on the bridge, dont forget to stop for lean back or looking out the lovely ducks on the river.

Here, im wearing the "Candy" outfit and boots. New collection. It comes with hat and bag.

If you are in mood for romance, you can sit on the lil boat parked beside the store. It doesnt move, but its still a pretty place for chit chat.
The outfit im wearing here is the Comfortably Numb one, with a cute crochet shawl and hat.

So here u are just in front the maisntore. Under the front porch you will find sits and tables where you can sit with friends.
You may go inside the store with 2 open doors.
On a side of the porch, you will find a board with some friendly groups you can join.

Here you may see im wearing the "Epoca" outfit.
So when you first come inside the shop, you will be in the mainroom.
Here you may find new releases (on shelves and on frame on the walls) and featured items.
There is also a MM board, with a new gift every week. A lucky board, with random gifts.
There is a group gift, changed every month, just beside.
You may find also a gift-card terminal, where u can merge your cards or top up them.
Of course, there are some sofa and sits for resting or chating.
The Clever info shop sign (with my pic) above the sofa, is something you can use to drop me note cards. Since sl eat most of my ims and what is sent to me, its still the more sure way to contact me.
The outfit here is the "Forgiveness" one with its assorted jewellery.
Then the store is divided in 2 wings. In the left one, you will find first a lil room with the previous collection and accessories.
The outfit im wearing here is the "If" one. A cut long pants and top set that u may mix and match with yellow and pink color.
In the second little room, just after, there is a shelves with bargains. From 1L$ to 50 L$.
There are also some others item from old collections.
If you are tired, you can rest a lil on the rocking chair and read. Click on the chair, it will give you a book.
Im currently wearing the "Justify my love" outfit and jewellery. The outfit and jewellery pack can be find as single items aswell.

On the other extremity of the store, there is a second wing. In the first lil room, you will find Natillee's corner.
Ive asked her to rezz some of her gorgeous pack here.
The outfit here, is a new one : the "Look around" (outfit +boots).

Of course, ive asked Trixxie, my dear landscaper to drop some of her items in the last room.
Items from E2 tee shirt and items from her brand "Trixxie's treasures" (artwork, outside deco, furnitures etc).

On this pic, im wearing the gorgeous gothic Lucrezia outfit and jewellery. Available in single packs.

So a second porch is waiting for you in the back of the store. You may go there by a lil door.
Here you may stop and sit aswell.
You can also play to Hopscrotch or Twisted mat, or even write on the Oldskool Chalkboard.
Here im wearing the "Mindset" outfit. The newest one.

The back porch open the view to a precious little pond. With ducks, fishes and birds.
You can lay on rocks here or just enjoy the view from the little bridge.
The outfit here is the "Out of my head" one, outfit + jewellery.

If you cross the little bridge you will be on a little island, with 2 cut sits for resting.
On the table beside, if you took the basket, it will give you ice tea, book and even sunscreen that you can put on your skin with an animation in the deckchair.
Im wearing here the precious "Paradis inanimés" outfit with bolero.

On the otther side of the pond, there is a cute lil place with stump chairs and table. A lil fairy "Mabelleourien" will come gladly to say hi, if you sit there.
You can see here the Pixie outfit and boots. Avalaible as single pack also.

On one side you may even dive from the deck to the sea and use the rope to come back up.
The "Shout" outfit im wearing here is one of my latest creations. A beachy outfit with a cute bag.

I forgot to tell you there is a swing tire in the front, just beside the pergola. You may sit on the top or in the middle and swing. 

On the swingtire, im wearing the Soudain dress + jewellery.

So i really hope you will enjoy the new Moumou's Square.
Feel free to come whenever you want and bring your friends aswell.

Here is the "Swimming home" outfit.

I hope also that you enjoyed this virtual visit.
If you need to know more, feel free to come and visit by yourself or do not hesitate to contact me inworld.