Choose your style with the Berry outfit

Hi dear followers !

Today i will introduce you the Berry outfit.
A pretty skirt with corset outfit you can wear with different styles.
The base of the outfit is composed with a laced panties and corset in black.
It can be worn as underwears since they are in undershirt and underpants layers aswell.

You can give the outfit a rock style or gothic style according the boots or shoes you are wearing.
With precious stilettos or pumps it will become a precious feminine outfit.
The corset is braceless and in black lace fabric.
The skirt is in a berryprint fabric, with wrinkles that gives some moves.

If you are a lil cold, you can wear the precious laced mini-jacket.
It's made in the same texture than the corset.
You can see the details of the texture in this close-up :
So the Berry outfit is an outfit easy to wear with different styles. Depend your hair, your shoes or boots or even your jewellery.
Its bright and perfect for this summer.
As usually, bottom and top comes in several layers and jacket and skirt are resizable and mod.

And the price is, as usually, low : 120 L$.
Enjoy !

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