The Shout outfit

The Shout outfit is a beachy outfit in a delicate crochet texture.
It has short pants,  a crop top and a short skirt.
This outift is easy to wear for everyday, whatever you are doing.
The little plus is the resizable bag. You can do it smaller or bigger as long you want.

The skirt is also resizable and all mod.  So you can easily adjust it your shape. Using sl tools with mod perms is always better, but if you are not experienced with them i advice you to simply use the resize scripts by just click on the skirt and follow the menu.

The outfit may be worn as swimsuit aswell, to lay down on the beach or swim.
The little bag is crochet texture aswell, and has 2 handles in light green wood..
Its settled to be worn on the hand, but you may attach it and settle it on your shoulder if you like it better. 

Tops and pants comes on several layers (underwear and shirt, panties and pants). They are only copy.
The sculpt parts (skirt and bag) are copy and modify.
The price is 120 L$

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