All about the Look Around outfit

Look around is a pink bright outfit really feminine with assorted boots.
It comes in 3 versions :
n  Complete pack : outfit + boots

n  Outfit pack

n  Boots pack

Textures are velvet and lace.
The top is closed on the front. Sleeves have some stripes and white lace on the end.
On the bottom, there is a lovely panties with chains on the top.
The skirt has 4 thrills rows, alternatively pink velvet and white lace. It has a lil silver buckle on the top.
The boots are the same velvet pink texture with wrinkles. The deco, sole and heels is are all silver and a lovely white laced ribbon enhance the boot on the back.
Tops and pants comes on several layers (underwear and shirt, panties and pants). They are only copy.
The sculpt parts (skirt, sleeves and boots) are copy and modify, and if you are not at ease with SL tools you may use the resize scripts by just clicking on the clothing and use the resize menu. If you don’t like resize scripts you may remove them from the menu. (im using new resizing scripts that are low lag, so I hope it will be better for you)
The price is :
n  Complete pack (outfit + boots) : 230 L$     
n  Outfit only : 150 L$
n  Boots only : 180 L$.

The Look around outfit has been blogged here : 

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