The snowmen brothers band (THE 12 CHRISTMAS GIFTS OF PETIT CHAT - 4)

It was unusually cold this morning when i woke up in my bed...
i find myself in bed with non less than 3 men !!! Snowmen, but still.... brrrrr... that was so cold !
Later on, Santa sent a text message on my phone, saying, that that will teach me for having none snow on my sim this year !
So well.... here is this snowmen band !
Your turn to be cold !

This lovely snowmen comes in 3 hat and scarfs colors.
It is all original mesh and texture and it's copy and modify.
6 LI at this size (lower if smaller, higher if bigger)

This is our 4th Christmas group gift waiting for you at Petit Chat mainstore (under the tree).

And if you mean do sleep with this 3 guys, you will need something sexy to wear ! (lol)

So for non group-gift members here is also a lil gift : 

Have fun !

Your taxi is here !

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