Coucou !

Still at Fashion for Life event ! Let's stop at Meander sim for a bit, would you ?

This sim has been designed by Grace Loudon on the southwest beach theme.
It's sponsored by Pure Poison and Body Canvas.

Well don't try, like me, to jump on the ships. They are turned to be phantom to reduce the lag and you will end up in the bottom of the sea :-)). 

Here the shops are located in small chalet all around decks. It's really a great deligth to hangout among them.
The 2 sponsors are located at each sides of the sim.
The first one Body Canvas is located below a gorgeous lighthouse.

BodyCanvas sells all kind of tatoos.

If you walk a bit toward the center of the sim and leave the beach behind you, you will reach a first deck.

On this deck you will find the following stores : 

**Feel** : Jewellery, nails, accessories, female fashion
B&W Design : male fashion and male shoes
Sys : female fashion

At this point, i should talk a bit about the items i purchased in the sims visited before and that im wearing right now : 
Hair : .:EMO-tions.. *RENEE * black pack (on Journey)
Earrings : Clear Butterfly set from Rainbow's custom jewellery (on Excursion)
Dress :  Miu Miu dress from MEB (on Journey)
Ankle boots : *-GC-* Purple DotsStilleto Boots Mesh from Gypsy Chic Gatcha. (on Journey)

And im still using the Wanderlust poses pack from Nantra (with props, not displayed here) (on Voyage sim)

At the end of this deck, you will have to make some steps in sand to reach the Pure Poison's huge building.

You will find at Pure Poison shop shoes, jewellery and accessories.

On the other side of the store, you will go down a wood stair and will walk along a path till the Gatcha station. Then you will find a new deck.

On this deck, the stores are : 

Like Design : female fashion
Sweet things : accessories, jewellery and shoes.
Sf Design : male and female fashion
(after the curve) Girly Stuff :  female fashion

The last deck stand right before the junction with Perambulate sim.

Here stand :

Resun : male and female fashion
Prism : female fashion

Here is your taxi for Meander .

Link to post 1  : Amble 
Link to post 2 : Excursion
Link to post 3 : Journey

Do not forget to come and visit the Fashion for Life sims. Really it worth it. Not only for all the gorgeous exclusive items creators have designed specially for the event, but also for the decor themselves !

Now it's time for me to go and sleep a bit.
Stay tuned, tomorrow we will go on the visits.
Next stop Parade !

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