Coucou !

On the road again to visit some of the Fashion for Life 2014 sims today !

We will start with the Parade sim. This one is about pedal power and is designed like a maya city. It has been built by Pluto Fairey. 
Sponsors are KL couture and Leezu.

The sim spreads out all around a central pond.
Shops are set within maya's style stone building among green vegetation. 
Zeppelins are floating all around the sim.
The decor is just sublime.

As you know already, every vendors you will find here, will give at least 15 % of the price to the American Cancer Society, and often they give a lot more, till 100 %. So your shopping will be for a good cause.

Right at the landing point, i chose to walk toward the left.
As you could notice yesterday, i haven't done shopping at Meander. It was really late in the night for me, and i was exhausted. I"ll go back later, i saw some lil items that i want in my inventory.

So today i've chosen to display one of my items (not exclusive one, but still available in my 2 FFL shops and vendor set to give 75 % to ACR) : the Tree of Life dress. I chose this one because really the sim is the ideal decor for wearing such dress.

In addition i am still wearing the hair i got yesterday in Journey sim from Emo-tions : Renee black pack.
i will use my new PhotoHud from Tillie, i just purchased this morning at Parade sim. The vendor is giving 100 % of the proceeds to ACR, so really i am dobly happy with this new item.
I already have some posehuds, and in particular my main one which is fully satisfying for me. But i wanted to give a try to this one, because it has several features not included in my other pose hud and in particular one that allows to play with windlight settings even more easily than the viewer WL editor itself.
It comes also with several lights, pose stands etc. I havent had time yet to play with all the pack.

In the first path you will find the following shops :

Roots & Wings gallery : female fashion
Molichino : female fashion
Kunglers : female fashion
G Sloane : female fashion 

After the curve, you will follow the same path and be able to visit :

Epic : female fashion, accessories, shoes
Alexithymia : female fashion and photography vouchers
Bite&Claw : female fashion, skins & appliers
Alexandra Sautereau Collection : bags
Leezu : female fashion and boots.

Here you will have to chose your direction. You can go on your left side and visit the region nextdoor. If you wish to visit the other side of Parade, you have several options. You can step back till the landing point and take the other path from there. You can also stop a bit before and turn on your left and use the path over the pond, leading to the central sculpture where stands the Gatcha station and then reach the other side of the pond. Or you can cross over Leezu store. You will arrive at a beautiful huge sculpture. A path over the water will lead you to the second sponsor store KL couture and you can find the other path from there.
We will use this one.

(and i'm currently starting to love this pose/photo Hud a lot !)

So reaching the other side, we arrive at KL Couture store (female fashion and shoes).
Outside the path will lead you toward 2 directions : on the right side, till the landing poing. on the left side till the sim nextdoor. There are stores to visit in both. So we are going with the left side because it's short.

There stand :
Pomposity : jewellery
Envy me : shoes and skins

Steping back to the main path and walking toward the landing point, we can visit : 

Sassy : female fashion
Wetherby : female fashion
Tillie : pose stands and photohud
(at this point, i must say that i am really really happy to have purchased this hud in this store. It's not a simple pose Hud. i have already a great one. But this Hud has great feature to enhance your photos by playing with the windlight settings themselves. you can really tweak your WL without having to open your environment editor and its really easier ! Kudos for this HUD, im in love with it !)

I hope you will enjoy your visit as much as i did !
Here is your taxi for Parade !

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Next stop : Perambulate (woooot ! that's my favorite one !)

(All pics in this post are raw)

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