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We go on our visit of Fashion for Life sims. If you missed the first post you can read it here.
So now, we will stop at Excursion (clik to get the slurl). It's sponsored by Tres Beau and Lapointe & Bastchild.
I would describe it as a Venetian style village. It has been built by Barnesworth Anubis.
I will keep wearing the same items than those displayed in Amble post for now.
They are : 

Hair : .:EMO-tions.. *JOSY * black pack (on Journey sim)
Top : HOLY SHIrT! Polka dot bikini, blue (it comes with the bottom of course, but im not displaying it here)
Short : HOLY SHIrT! Denim shorts, tie dye aqua  (on Journey sim)
Jewellery : Clear Butterfly necklace & earrings from ☮Rainbow's Custom Jewelry (on Promenade and on Excursion sims)
Poses : Nantra wanderlust pack (on Voyage sim)

You will land at first on a lovely square surrounded by building.

All around the Square the stores are :

Tres Beau : female fashion

Lapointe & Bastchild : female and male fashion

Glam Dream : female fashion

Goth1c0 : gothic fashion

Lyrical Bizarre templates : female fashion

Milky House : asiatic female fashion

At this point i realise i haven't shown a lot of the items im wearing from my shopping at FFL in the first post.
So here is a closer pic

I bought the jewellery precisely in this sim, at Rainbow's custom jewellery store.

Hair comes from Emo-tions (yep, my favorite hair store) at Journey.

From Journey, comes also the bikini top, from my friend Pinkrayne's store Hollyshirt

And the pose is from Nantra, on voyage sim.

To reach each side of the Excursion sim, you must cross over each sponsor's store.
Then you will arrive in a street crossing over a river.

At the beguining of the street you will find the Gatcha station

Then walking along you'll be able to visit those stores : 

'Môr,fen : female fashion and shoes

Osito : female fashion

Rainbow's custom jewellery : jewellery

Sacha's Designs : female fashion

Sabra Style : female fashion

Stars : female fashion

Sage : female fashion

At this point, i stoped by Osito store and bougth a frilly top bra in red and frilly panties assorted, each vendors are set to donate 50 % of the price to ACR.

Since im currently skating all over the FFL sims, i thought they could be a cute outfit.

I will wear and display them in the next blog post.

I also tried my luck on a Crie Style gatcha and got a pair of glasses to wear on mouth. You will also see them in my next post.

I crossed again over the Square to reach the other side of the sim.

In this street you will find the following stores :

GIRL thursday : female fashion

Oblivion : accessories, hats

Distorted Dreams : female fashion and jewellery

Artizana : ethnic female fashion

Ok, time to follow my travel. Next stop : Journey sim (Lovecraft themed) ! Wooot ! 

I hope you'll stay tuned for the next sim ! 

(All pics are Raw)

Link to post 1 : Amble 

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