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So as i said in my previous post, Fashion for Life will be open from the June the 7th till the 20th.
Fashion for Life is a fund raiser event, gathering more than 150 SL fashion designers together.
Every designers has been asked to create at least 2 exclusive items for the event, meaning you won't find them anywhere else than at Fashion for Life till june the 20th. And, this is new this year, ALL the vendors have to be giving at least 15 % to the American Cancer Society.
The only vendors you will see that are not the official ones, are the ones you can buy demo from. Except those ones, every other vendors are official ones for you can be sure where will your money go.
A lot of vendors display on hover text several informations, but if there aren't hover text, the percentage given to the ACR is displayed anyway on the vendor texture.
Fashion for Life is running over 10 beautiful sims.

So let's start first at Amble (clik the name to get the slurl). The sim is sponsored by Purple Moon and Moondance Boutique.
The sim has been designed by Bianca Bender.
As we say here in french, one time is not tradition, im going to feature in this introduction some items i bought at FFL yesterday.
Those ones are : 

Hair : .:EMO-tions.. *JOSY * black pack (on Journey sim)
Top : HOLY SHIrT! Polka dot bikini, blue (it comes with the bottom of course, but im not displaying it here)
Short : HOLY SHIrT! Denim shorts, tie dye aqua  (on Journey sim)
Jewellery : Clear Butterfly necklace & earrings from ☮Rainbow's Custom Jewelry (on Promenade and on Excursion sims)
Poses : Nantra wanderlust pack (on Voyage sim)

This sim is a Route 66 theme decor.
I started my wandering at the 66 diner restaurant. 
Because Fashion for Life is worth the visit not only for the stores and the exclusive items, but ALSO for the amazing decor the FFL builders have built over the 10 sims.

The 66 diner restaurant is just beside the landing point. Right outside you can choose to go right in front or follow the street on your left. We will follow this later one.

In this street you find the following stores :

Lybra : fashion (Female & Male ) and jewellery
Living imagination : female fashion.
Luminari : female fashion + accessories
Paisley Daisy : female fashion

After the curve you will keep following the street with several other stores :

Masoom : female fashion + jewellery
Sage : female fashion
Purple Moon : female fashion + jewellery
LivGlam : female fashion
Amaranthus : victorian gothic styles jewellery and accessories

Each side of the sim is connected to another FFL sim with a bridge :

At this point you'll have to choose between steping back to the landing point and follow the street in front of the 66 diner, or just walking in the field going along the Drive In in front of the bridge, like me. You 'ill arrive in front of another bridge.
Just there, you will find the gatcha zone.
From there you will find back the street leading back to the 66 diner and the landing point.

Here you will find the following stores :

ANE : fashion , shoes and accessories
Moodance Boutique : jewellery and nails
1 Hundred : female fashion
Smesh : female fashion
Glitterati by Saphire : female fashion

I really hope you enjoyed at Amble and that it gaves you big willings to go and visit by yourselves.
Really as i said, you will enjoy the decors and the shopping.
Do not forget, ALL the vendors give proceeds to the American Cancer Society, from at least 15 % but you will see a lot given really more even till 100 %.
Here is your taxi !
Fashion for life is running till june the 20th.
And stay tuned, next stop at Fashion for Life Excursion sim !

(All pics of this post are Raw pics)

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  1. Great shots of the Sim. Thank you!

    1. it's been a great pleasure to make photos of such gorgeous place ! Kudos to you Bianca , you did an amazing job !