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I'm so happy and proud to announce you that Petit Chat will be present at the Fashion for Life event this year.

Fashion for Life is SL’s longest-running  and most successful fashion fair. All donations go to SL Relay for Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society. 

Fashion For Life runs from June 7th - June 20th across 10 sims. The theme this year is Wanderlust - a reflection of Relay For Life's theme Journey To A Promise. Over the 10 sims, you will find 150 stores, gacha areas and a region wide passport game. 

This year, all items will be at least giving 15% of the price to Relay for Life and every designer had to create 2 exclusive items.

Fashion for life is a huge event and so its a huge place. It is divided in 10 "regions" all called with a name related to travel.
I will try to make a guide for you can orientate yourself within those 10 regions a bit later.
But i can already tell you that Petit Chat store is located in the Journey region which is sponsored by EMO-tions and Heydra.

The decor is inspired from Lovecraft universe and Cthulhu myth. And i really enjoy it, it reminds me a lot the younger times when i was playing Cthulhu roleplays at university.

We have been given a shell to decor from A to Z  for our own stores, so it was a new exciting challenge and i decided to make something really sober but also elegant.

I decided to set Petit Chat vendors for they give 75 % of the price to Relay for Life. The cause worth it !

For the 2 exclusive items, I chose to create to new ones from my productline Petit Chat ArtFashion. Meaning i used two of my artworks to texturize this items and of course they are also materials enabled. Both artworks used have been created from photographies i made in "Humanoid" sim, today gone from SL.

The first one is inspired by my paint "Circus", currently part of my "Wandering alone" exhibition in my artgallery , thus the dress is having the same name.

It is a very beautiful short dress with a dominant red color and coming with a leather mask.

The original artworks shows one of the skyboxes in Humanoid, with a lot of red, a caroussel in the back and a funambulist at the top.

Of course, as you know it already, when i use one of my artworks for texturing a piece of clothes, it's not about slaping the artworks on the mesh. It's pretty far from this actually. I am really picky on the fact each side are correctly joining each other, i cut pieces from the artwork, i put them on some parts of the mesh, sometimes i redraw over them, i use different spots of the artworks on different spots of the mesh, i do on them some "magical" tricks in photoshop, well, in the end, i want the dress and the artworks are only a single piece... It's not only the mesh that is a canvas for the artwork. They both have to merge perfectly for being one and only one. And i can tell you, this dress has been a loooooot of work for texturing.

As usual with Petit Chat ArtFashion productline, the dress and the mask are materials enabled. Relief and light reflection looks amazing on that dress.
Since its a short dress, i created also assorted panties on layers, in case you choose to wear the dress with the shorter alphas.

In addition, the leather mask insist on the burlesque touch of the outfit.

The circus dress is my first exclusivity for Fashion for Life 2014. Price is 360 l$. The dress comes in 5 sizes with several alpha layers, panties, and the mask. Dress and mask are materials enabled.
75 % of the price will go to Relay for Life for each sale.

For the second exclusive item, i used the "Like a dream" paint i did from a snaphot taken at Humanoid aswell. Also part of my current exhibition. I chose the lovely Perambulate region at FFL to introduce you this new item. It's the region i love the more for its decor.
This dress is so delicate and light that you will feel a total freedom while wearing it. You know... just like in RL when you wear a dress so light that you feel a bit like you are naked....

The original artwork is kind of oniric and ethereal so i thought this dress is the perfect match for it.

The dress comes in 5 sizes + 1 fitted mesh. Try the demo first but it's a lot probable you'll find a size fiting you among those options.

In addition, ive added a jewellery set to the dress. A lovely choker, 2 earrings and 2 bangles with ladybugs on them (do i need to say they are also materials enabled ? They are !)

The dress and jewellery is 360 L$ too and 75 % of the price you will pay for it, will go the Relay for life.

Fashion for Life 2014 will start on the 7th, so get ready !

I will post the Slurl as soon as the event will open its doors, so you can bookmark the post for having the right slurl in time !

I will also, update this post with links to the different fashion blogs featuring Petit Chat items at Fashion for Life (the whole Petit Chat ArtFashion collection will be present in my store there). Actually there are some blog posts already online but i prefer to wait till the event open its doors.

This week end i will work on a guide with photos of the different regions to make your visit easier and i will post it asap.

Till then, prepare your wallet, wear some comfy shoes, do some gym for having your avatar in great shape and STAY TUNED !

Don't forget :.... i love you !

Trinity !

(All pics on this post are Raw photos)

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