Coucou my dears !

I am super proud to announce you that Petit Chat is present at the Penumbra Fashion Week, currently runing from last sunday till next sunday.
The Penumbra Fashion Week is a prestigious fashion event.
"PENUMBRA. SPRING/SUMMER FASHION WEEK 2014, a very much anticipated one week event takes the pioneer to display and express varied new styles in Second Life. The fashion fiesta, first and unique of its kind is a contemporary platform envisioned and designed to unite established designers with designers who aspire being “BRANDS” of tomorrow."
Penumbra website

For this really special event i ve created 4 new dresses from my ArtFashion productline, 4 beautiful dresses textured with one of my artworks and materials enabled.
To go along those 4 new outfits, ive brought 4 other items from the same product line.

The 8 Petit Chat's dress will be displayed today the 27th of May 2014 at 2 PM SLT at the Penumbra fashion show arena.  (click for the slurl)

And i really hope to see you there.

The 4 new items ive created for this event are materials enabled as usual, and i may say im quite addicted to play with the windlight settings when i m wearing them.

The first one is textured with the "Poussière d'étoile" artwork. A pic i made from a snapshot i made in Serenité sim. The pic is no longer exhibited in my artgallery, but you know you can send me an im anytime if you want to buy it. You can also see it in my Flickr 
The dress is a short sleeveless dress with a belt on the hips. I've accesorized it with a pair of sunglasses (also material enabled).

The second item, is the Anywhere leather dress, textured with an artwork created among other things from a snapshot made in Feast sim. This one has still never been exhibited inworld. "Anywhere" flikr 
Im particularly proud of the leather texture result even more beautiful looked with materials.

The 3rd item is a dress textured with one of my famous Buddha pics serie, exhibited in my previous exhibit in my artgallery. This one is called Reflection of a Buddha and you can also see the pic in Flikr 

This one is particularily elegant and feminine and comes with an assorted clutch. All is materials enabled as usually.

But my biggest pride is the 4rth one : Suspendue pour l'eternité. The original artwork (flikr) has been created from a snapshot i took in University of Western Australia, one of my favorite hang out. This artwork is part of my current exhibition "Wandering alone" in my artgallery.
The artwork fit perfectly on the dress and i've added some mesh fishes at the bottom of the dress that will jump in and out the dress as you will walk like they would do in the water. It also comes with a fish hallo.

To go allong those 4 new creations, i chose 4 other items from the same productline.

The rainbow acid dress :

original artwork in flikr 

The rainbow acid gown :

original artwork in flikr 

Tree of life :

artwork in my flikr

And Blue Buddha dress

artwork in my flikr

You can get demos just by touching my vendors and hit the "demo" button in the pop up menu.

Petit Chat store at the Penumbra retail area Slurl

I will update this blog post asap with some links to blog post some bloggers did about these items :)

and more to come soon ! wooooooot !!!!!!

I really hope to see you at the fashion show tonight. It's my very first fashion show and i m super excited.
Also you can read here my interview on the Penumbra website

i love you all !!!
Life can also be wonderful sometimes !

kisses !

As promised, here is a list of blogs where you can see some posts about the items available at Penumbra Fashion Week, and ill post soon the pics i did at the fashion shows !

First off, my gorgeus friend Landa Crystal did this awesome post about my items : . thank you ma Landa. I love you !

Natsumi Kangjon chose to blog about the Anywhere dress and her pic is just stunning :

Wicca Merlin knows a lot about fashion, she's a pro model and also designer (i got some ivy jewellery from her store for accesorizing a dress, and the less i can say is that im totally in love with the set i bought). For Penumbra she chose to display 3 of my exclusive items.

Lua modeled the Tree of life dress on stage for the fashionshow featuring Petit Chat and really ive re discovered this dress by her look. She stylized the gown like i never saw it before. A pure awesomeness... and this one about the Rainbow acid gown :

Inkie amazed me totally with her post about the "Suspendu pour l'éternité" dress and the 2 outstanding pics she made about the it. I've been totally WOW when i first saw them. And im still everytime i look at them.

That's all for today ! but be sure there will be more really soon. Fashion for life is starting at the end of the week.
You will find my store at the Journey region. All my Artfashion collection will be there  + 2 exclusive items and every purchase there will bring 75 % to American Cancer Society via Relay for Life.

Kisses ! and stay tuned !

 (All pics of this post are raw shots)

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  1. Wonderful creations Trin! I tried to love it but don't see where :)

    1. thank you ma belle, im going to add all the links for the blogs who features my items at penumbra and yours in first place ! :))
      for a like button, i ll have to check this. but today, is probably not the day for this lol...