Coucou !

Tomorrow, friday May, 9th, will start a huge event gathering together art and fashion : FashionArt.

When i saw this event was about to happen and that applications were open, of course, i've applied right away. Because this was the perfect match with my new product line Petit Chat ArtFashion.
Sadly, the event was booked within some hours, and even if i applied early, i got an IM from one of the event magagers, telling me it was already full and asking me if i was ok for being on the waiting list.

Of course, i answered positively, but to be honnest, i wasn't holding my breath about it.
But on last monday (so 4 days before the opening of the event), i got an IM from Manon (one of the event managers) asking me if i was still ok, because she had one booth available. Of course, i jumped on this opportunity ! But, OMG, only 4 lil days to get ready (create one exclusive item and install my booth).

But, in the end, i did it !!!

The event is really huge ! A lot of famous designers are here !
In order to really match with the theme, i decided to bring the related canvas from my ArtGallery wich go along with my items from ArtFashion productline.

For creating my exclusive item, i choosed to use "Le doux voyage" paint (from my current exhibit).

Of course, this dress is also materials enabled.

As usually with every item of this specific productline, if you want the better effect, you will need to check the "advanced lighting model" and "ambient occlusion" boxes in your preference menu/graphic tab.

Light reflection and relief are giving an amazing look to this dress.
The original paint has a colored and romantic mood, so i've been careful to keep this on the dress.

Of course, if your computer is not good enough to handle the ultra graphic settings, be assured the dress looks amazing even without the materials (see pic below).

I've added mesh sunglasses in the pack (materials enabled too).

I really love how these sunglasses add a special touch to the dress.

The dress and sunglasses are copy only, but the sunglasses are also resizable, so you can adjust to the best size for you.

The event will start on friday May 09th and will run till May 31st - 2014  12pm SLT

And needless to say, im super excited.

Here is the list of all the designers participating to the event :

Diamante: - [[ Masoom]] - {NanTra} Poses - [:: JesyDream ::] - {REVERIE} -  [sYs] Design - AIDORU - AIMI Skins - Asteria Creations - B BOS - blah.BLAH.blah -  BRII UNDERGROUND WEAR -  BSD Design Studio - CLOUT -  Damselfly Hair -  Cae.B - Deer - DEADPOOL Fashion -  Demise of Flight - Energies Footwear - EMPORIUM - Essenz - Fabouzz -  FBD Fashion - Frogstar - Goth1c0 - HauteCoutureDesign - HollyHood - Image Essentials Prop and Poses - J&A Rock Culture - Jumo Fashion - Kastle Rock Couture - Kaithleen's - Leri Miles Designs - Lyrical B!zarre Templates - Loordes of London - Modas Second - Moose Clothing - N2 Pixel Studio - Nailed It - NV - Petit Chat - Pure Poison - RD Style - Silk Dreams Fashions - Shey - Sky - Sundaara Designs

Sponsored by: Delirium Style - Legal Insanity - Lybra - LivGlam - LG K-Collection - -{ZOZ}- - Deesses Skins - K-Code -KL Couture - M&M Incorporated - Snowpaws - Zibska - Vero Mondero - Vision - Moolto - Seraphim

Im going to give you the SLURL right now, but know that the sim wont be open before tomorrow, so keep it bookmarked till it opens. 

Get ready, grab your purse, wear comfy shoes and see ya there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All pics are raw shots (except croping and adding text)

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