So im glad to introduce to you the new Moumou's Square located in Tuvuca Bay. So first u may land in Moumou's garden
Here you will find a tp system for every part of the land.
And i invite you to hang out in the lovely garden with beautifull ruins.
Also dont miss to watch the lovely lighthouse.
Then you may visit the stores.
.Petit Chat & Les Fleurs du Mâle store
The mainroom

Les Fleurs du Mâle's side

Petit Chat's side
On the other garden's side you will find the Natilee's store ;
Here you will find gorgeous Neko and urban fashion :

Then you must absolutely visit the Tejiaji's Art gallery.
This awesome building host the Tejiaji's paints, he is a French grafic designer and virtual painter. He also exhibit his art in real. Here is his website :
His paints are really moving, deep, u cant stay insensible in front of them. You may stay watching at them during hours... At least, i may....

For now, you may also find a mini-hunt all around the land : The Strawberry mini-hunt. Click the boards with a strawberry and you will recieve the note-card with the hints. The gifts are non available elsewhere. They were created specially for this hunt and you wont find them neither on the Market Place, neither in the inworld shops.

We really hope you will hang out in Moumou's Square !

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