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FASHION FOR LIFE 2015 opens to all public this Saturday, March 21st at 10:00 a.m. SLT.
Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) is an annual activity that takes place in Second Life in July each year. Volunteers form or join teams to have fun while fund raising and to raise awareness from mid-March through mid-July. In July teams build campsites and walk a track that spans more than 40 virtual regions.

2015 Fashion for Life(FFL) consists of a team of people, led by Frolic Mills,  who volunteer their time and talent to accomplish the many activities scheduled. All proceed from all activities are donated to the American Cancer Society.

So after my visit to Paris, i went naturally to

When it comes to talk about fashion, some cities are must-see. Of course, there is Paris.... But Milan is another one ! This italian town is the 4th urban arrea in Europe and the industrial and commercial heart of Italy. Prada, Armani, Versace... so prestigious names all coming from Milan !
Fashionshows are running all along the year and what a beautiful decor Milan is, with its numerous beautiful historical buildings.

So I started my visit from the entrance next to Paris sim.
For the occasion I am wearing the beautiful Lolita dress I bought in Paris at Gizza store. I love the movement given on the skirt part. The color is really sweet and it comes with leggins and heels you may wear or not, depending on the weather of the day. The dress is sleeveless and comes with a beautiful flower you may add on the hip.


Milan sim has been built by MaximilianIII Massenberg and it's a beautiful indoor commercial gallery all covered by a glass roof.

The sim is sponsored by Sage Couture.
When you arrive from Paris, right at the entrance you find the restaurant. Hey, yes, it's Italy ! You can't imagine an italian place without restaurant. It's part of their culture and it's a one of the places where italians meet. Ever seen a movie from Fellini ? Watch Fellini Roma and you will understand what I mean.

Milan- Pinacoteca di Margherita

Right in front the ristorante, you will find the Pinacoteca di Margherita. A pinacoteca is somewhat like a musem, it's a room displaying a collection of pictural artworks. You may find some mainly in Italia and Germany. 
So i took this opportunity to rest a bit and admire the paints hanging on the walls.

The whole building is designed like a cross with a big fountain in the center.
Right after the pinacoteca, you may shop in : 

On the right hand : 

Eclectica (jewellery and accoutrements)
Alaska metro
I stopped by Eclectica and bought a gorgeous necklace in purple, that i will show in a future post.

On the left hand : 

Mystic sky
Morea style
Here again, i left myself tempted by a hair wreath at Mystic sky. This one will be displayed in the next post.

Around the fountain you may shop at : 

Essenz (footwear)
Jewelry by jake
Slackgirl (cosmetics & clothes)

As i needed shoes (yeah, girls always need shoes !) I stopped by Essenz shop and bought a stunning pair of shoes you will also see in the next post.
Then i also bought a stunning gown at Masoom.
Note that all the purchases are done on official FFL vendors, thus all my money is going to RFL : i feel less guilty to keep filling my inventory already really huge lol.


I had to say hello to the big statue in the fountain of course. And as i bought this great set of "Elf" pose in Paris, it was really fun !
And it's also a great opportunity to show the movement of the skirt i was talking earlier.

From the fountain, 2 streets are going on the side leading to gardens.
On the right side street :

Vengeful threads
Amaranthus (gothic jewellery and accessories)

On the left side street : 

Con Charisma
Glamdammit jewellry

Milan view from the roof 

Coming back to the main street : 

Right side : 

Vero Modero
Whimsical imagination
Designs by sebastian (jewellery)
Wow skins
Lyrical bizarre templates

Left side : 

Mua (poses & cosmetics)
Buy edera dress
CST designs

Between Mua and Zibska store i found a pastries store... of course i couldn't resist !

Milan, pastries store

As i couldn't resist to one of my favorite store in SL.... Zibska... and i bought the Edera dress in smoke... I swear i tried to resist hard... no way ... i failed miserabily lol.....

At the end of the path you will find the sponsor store : Sage Couture....
and here again... althought i had already 2 new dresses bought.... well... when i saw this beautiful Angel gown... well, you can guess what happened....

Of course, you can't leave Milan without visiting the beautiful gardens all around ! 
And they were also a great opportunity for me to try the Elf poses from Helamiyo

Taxi for Milan is here 
A must see !!!!

Enjoy your visit !

All the pics of this post are raw photographs. 

Items displayed : 

GizzA - Lolita Dress
HelaMiyo :: Poses Elf

(bought in Paris sim)

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