Coucou !

We are still visiting FFL sims ! Yay !

Some infos about FFL :


FFL will showcase designs and creations donated by over one hundred very talented designers in Eight (8) fashion shows (including one limited edition show) which will be held in Central Park. All models, producers, directors, coordinators, writers, etc donate their time and talents to make the fashion shows entertaining and fabulous.


So after visiting Paris and Milan, we are now taking a plane to Japan and we will enjoy a bit of time in Tokyo, this huge megapole.

Tokyo sim has been built by Ouka Ugajin and I may say here, that really, the result is breathtaking.
I never went to Tokyo, so I can't compare with the RL one, but wow !!! the sim is so stunning ! And I would add here, that it's not only beautiful, but also it has been designed in a clever way for being a shopping area. Because after all, this is the purpose of Fashion for Life : raising funds for American Cancer Society. And visitors must be encouraged to purchase items which will make more money to donate to the ACR in the end.

Tokyo, shopping arrea map

One brillant idea has been to slap some maps of the sim on walls here and there.
Thus I wont have to list them all, as you can see by yourself with the map above the names of the stores and their locations in the shopping arrea.

But first, as we are coming from Milan, we arrive at the tea-house.
Tokyo- tea-house

 The decor is pretty relaxing and lovely.
For this post im going to show you the beautiful gown I bought at Sage in Milan (Angel gown). I am also wearing the shoes i purchased at Essenz (but you will see them better probably in the next post, as the gown here is long and covering them). On the head im wearing the lovely hair wreath, i bought at Mystic sky. I will be using poses from my Elf set but also from the Dreamer set i also bought at Helamiyo store in Paris.

Tokyo - boat

Just behind the tea-house there is a deck with a lovely japanese boat, where you can also enjoy some tea or sushis. And.... Look who 's there ? Miyoko Magic, the owner and creator of Helamiyo poses, joined me ! Yeah, i told you, we met in Paris and we got on together pretty fast.

Tokyo - food market

So Miyoko worn my Chemistry rain gown and we started visiting the food market, next to the boat and using her dreamer pose set she created as an exclusive item for the event. 
Note that the Angel gown from Sage i am wearing, comes also with bracelet for each arms and a choker.

Tokyo - Tower

As we were heading to the shopping arrea we came close to a beautiful japanese tower, which is trully a piece of art.
Althought the shopping arrea is really not small, the nature arrea is big and the whole sim is a real great management of the space. 

Tokyo - statue

And well, while walking toward the shopping arrea, Miyoko, suddendly fell in love and thought she found the ideal boyfriend. The guy wasnt interested in following us, so we had to leave him there. 

Tokyo street

The sim is sponsored by Gabriel store, their shop will be right in front of you as you arrive to the shopping arrea. All around stand great shops, you may refer to the map at the top of the page if you want to know them all.

As i had bought 3 different dresses in Milan, i decided to buy hair instead. And I ran till Tukinowaguma store, as i know their products and usually like them. So after trying demos, i bought the Charlotte hair. It suits me perfectly ! And of course you will saw it in the next post.
As we were visiting the streets, we also came at J'adore pose store. The owner was there and she's a really nice person. 
While chating i jumped on the posestands in order to try her sets and OMG ! i love them !
So i got two : "manicure set" and " Alex set". I will use them too in the next posts.

Tokyo park- shoes Essenz

We couldnt leave Tokyo without paying a visit to the beautiful park, right beside the shoping arrea.
I had to upper my dress a bit there, in order to show you the beautiful shoes from Essenz, i got at Milan. But you will see them better in the next post. They are amazing, arent they ?
Believe me or not, im not a shoesahollic. Neither in RL, neither in SL. But of course, i have really more pairs in SL and well, i can appreciate a beautiful pair when i see one. And those ones are really beautiful !

Tokyo park-hair wreath

Also, i wanted to show you the hair wreath from Mystic sky, as it is a really lovely piece. Colors are autumn like but imho, you may wear this beautiful accessory anytime of the year.

 A last pic in the park, Miyoko is already running toward the next sim.

Items displayed :

Miyoko : Petit Chat Chemistry gown rain. (Paris sim)

Trinity : Angel gown from Sage couture
              Hair wreath from Mystic sky
              Milan shoes from Essenz
              (Milan sim)

 Poses are from the Dreamer set from Helamiyo store at paris

All items have been bought from vendors giving 100 % of the money to RFL.

Taxi for Tokyo is here !

All pictures of this post are raw photographs.

A huge thank you to Miyoko for joining me !

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