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Last year I challenged myself to make a post for each FFL sim and I may say this remain a great memory. Landscapes were all so amazing, there were a pure delight for any photographer. Add to this, that it was also a great shopping tour, as during each photoshoot I also bought some items that i was displaying in the next post.
So yes ! This remain an exciting memory for me. Not surprising then that I wanted to do the same this year. I'm still not totally sure I'm going to be able to succeed for the whole 9 sims, because the event only last 1 week, but I'm going to try anyway.

So here is the first post of my modest FFL guide :
(Of course, my store is located there, so this is the reason I'm starting by that one. Anyway, I had to start somewhere, so why not that one ?)
As it is the first sim I am visiting, I haven't started my shoping, so I will wear my Entwined dress red, which is one of my exclusive creations for FFL 2015.

The beautiful Paris sim is the work of the famous builder Kaya Angel and as I am french, I may say he did a really realistic work here.
The sim is sponsored by Chop Zuey Couture and you can't miss that store, as it is the biggest one in the main avenue leading to the Arc de Triomphe.

Paris-The Arc de Triomphe

So, you are supposed to land there if you use the official LM. Of course, this large avenue will remind you of les Champs Elysées if you ever visited the real Paris.
All along this doble path avenue, there are shops.
Looking toward the Arc de Triomphe on your left hand you will find :

Jumo Fashion
Chop Zuey
Sweet temptations/vaxer/gaall
Paris- les Champs Elysées
On your right side you will find :

Sacha’s designs
Celestina Weddings
Baboom couture
Bliensen + Matai 

Paris-les Champs Elysées

I stopped at Gizza shop and I couldn't resist to this beautiful Lolita dress that comes with leggins and heels. (You will see me wearing it in the next post). All the money from the vendor goes to RFL, so I could make a good action while getting a new dress for me, isn't that great ?

Paris-Chop Zuey store

The avenue ends right in front the Arc de Triomphe and you have to choose going on your left or on your right as 2 streets go further from there.
On your left hand, there is a coffeeshop with a terraza. And as a french person, I may say that yes, we loooove coffeeshop terrazas (especially in the south were i live, but not only). We adore to procrastinate at a table, while enjoying a cup of good coffee or any other drink.

Paris-coffee shop

After this lil break you may enjoy a second street with shops and ..... well, you will find Petit Chat store right at the corner !

Paris-Petit Chat french fine couture store
But not only, you may visit also :

Left side :

Petit chat
Kl couture
A la folie
Oceane body design

Paris-Street 2

Right side :

HelaMiyo (poses)

I stopped by Helamiyo store and bought a great set of poses (Elf) that I will display of course, in the next post.
The owner is also french, and we got on together pretty fast.  So maybe you will see her in some future posts of this guide '-).

Paris- Street 2 Public Garden

If you chose to go on your right side at the Arc de Triomphe, you will go along a street without shop BUT you will find an adorable public garden there. Great for just daydreaming, hanging out, relaxing, or whatever else you wish to do at this time. The surround is really a gem for photographs.

Turning my back to the Arc de Triomphe, I'm heading now toward Milan sim but.... this will be my next post.

Entwined dress red showed in the pic, is available at Petit Chat store at FFL. It's an exclusivity for the event and vendor donate 100 % to RFL. 
It's all material enabled and comes in 5 standard size.

Paris sim taxi is here :  go, go, go !

Pictures of this post are raw snapshots.

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