This month there are some new items in Petit Chat's Mainstore !

First the precious Look Around :

This a gorgeous set with outfit and boots. All in pink and white lace, so girly...
The texture is pink velvet, with some pieces of stipes on the sleeves.
The top is closed on the front.
Boots are pink velvet, with some silver deco and a lovely white lace bow in the back.
The price is 230 L$ for the complete pack.
But you may also find the outfit and boots as single packs :
Outfit only is 150 L$.
And boots are 180 L$.

The complete pack is a good way to save money. 

As usually in my store, perms are copy, mod and resizable.

2nd new items : the Shout outfit :
This one is a beachy theme.
Its all texturized with crochet.
The lil plus is the lovely bag, you may bring with you. Its crochet texture and the 2 handles are in light green wood. 
Its resizable, so you may do it little or big bag. Depend on what you want to bring with you to the beach :-).
The price is only 120. L$.

The 3rd new item is the Mindset outfit.

This one is a sexy red outfit.
The top is a lovely red corset, bordered with black lace.
Texture is red velvet.
The mini-skirt is same texture + a layer of black lace on the top.
The long dress is all in red velvet and wrinkles add a lovely move to the skirt part.
You can accessorize it with the precious black lace shawl, i made specially for it.
The price is 180 L$

The 4th is the Berry outfit :
A black laced corset on the top and assorted panties. The skirt has 3 layers of lovely berries printed. The mini-jacket is black lace.
The price is 120 L$ for this pack.

On the 8th of July, ive added a new one : an awesomly gorgeous one ! The Sirene outfit !
Take a look by yourself : 
So in this gorgeous pack, you will find a light pink bikini, top and bottom. You can use it as lingerie aswell or, of course as swimsuit.
Then there is a one piece bathsuit in 2 versions, one with the front of the bra on and braces, another without the bra and braces.
You can wear it with the bikini bottom or the short pants.
You will find also in the pack a corset in short version, that can be worn with both bottoms.
And after bath and sunbath, you can wear the precious lilac silks. Greatly detailled, this one is belted with little lilac flowers, the texture of the panels is lilac veil, and it has 2 lovely bows in the front.
The result is an outfit really really sensual and femnine.
The price is 180 L$ (really low for such outfit)

On the 12th of July, another new release is lauched ; the Life ! outfit.
The addpic talk by itself.... its gorgeous, sensual and soo sexy...
Price is only 150 L$

All this items can be found in my mainstore, of course.
If you want to see them worn inworld, i may wear them for you of course, feel free to ask.

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