Rendez-Vous at the winery (.... New 65 L$ today deal ! Rendez-Vous outfit)

Well, we got a hot summer here in RL with really low rain, and the grapes were really small when it's been time to harvest it. This doesn't mean wine won't be great. Often it happens, that in such cases, grape is a lot concentrate in sugar and then it raise the alcohol degre. So we will see..
I live in vineyard region, and this is the reason i wanted one at Moumou's Square in SL.
This one is done in tray, like the one my grand-father had in the past on a mount's slope going down to the sea.
Of course at the top of it, what better than a wine-bar to test the wine of the year ?
Do not hesitate to come and taste a good glass of wine there.

This is where i had a Rendez-Vous this morning, to show the new outfit on 65 l$ today deal !
The Rendez-Vous outfit is a mix and match one done of a pants and a sweater.
There are 8 colors to choose from for each and each piece is 65 l$ till wednesday early morning at Petit Chat mainstore !

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Also do not forget the 50 % sale still going on on the gift cards (that you may (of course) use also for yourself, and then get half price over all the store). Using those gift cards you can have 2 deals for the price of one ! yep ! So 1 top and 1 pants for 65 l$ only. You can't beat that !

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