Coucou !

Still travelling across Fashion for Life sims and we are now going to stop at :


No way to avoid London, when it's about fashion, of course !
And on top, this is the sim where the gatcha machines stand. So indeed, i had to visit hehehehehehe.

London's bridge

The sim has been built by Rebeca Bashly and the London Bridge is really a piece of art. All around phone cabins are floating in the water.
The sim is sponsored by Argrace, but sadly, i have to say, i haven't found any Argrace store there :(.

The gatcha machines stand on the bottom of the bridge, on the road path. 
Among them, you may also find mine : It's called "Time!" and it's 15 beautiful watches, material enabled, to collect (3 are rares)

All the gatcha machines there give 100 % of the money to ACR, so why resisting to play ?

I played several machines : Shop Zuey (glasses) Wicca's wardrobe (bags and glasses), Tchelos (apparel and accessories), Agapee (photo frames props).

But gatcha machines are not the only things you may find there ! Also in each towers you can find stores : 

Just imagine
Miss daisy

Alexandra sautereau collection

For this post i chose to wear the corset and skirt/pants i bought in Berlin at Yasum ( Yasum*MESH*Goth Skirt Pants*Mega Hud Controled*Female & Yasum*MESH*Goth Top*Mega Hud Controled*)
As accessories, i am wearing 
the earrings i got at Empyrean Forge (EF: Contessa Earrings - Pearl ) bought in New York
the necklace is from Eclectica (Eclectica 'Venezia' collar-purple) bought in Milan.
Shoes are from NV (.:NV:. Beyond Ms Gaynor FFL Slink High Heels) bought in New York
And the watch is one of the rares in my gatcha Time ! (in London), the steampunk brass.

Some of the poses used here are from the Manicure set from J'adore i bought in Tokyo.

Your taxi for London is here !

Enjoy your visit !

All items displayed here have been purchased on official FFL vendors giving 100 % of the money to ACR.

All pictures are raw photographs.

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