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The 7th city of Fashion for Life 2015 is :


This is where we will stop today.

Los Angeles FFL sim is surprising at first as the main arrea doesnt stand on the ground but it's floating in the air.
The sim has been built by : Regi Yifu  and it is sponsored by Zaodyeck Magazine.

Arriving from London or Berlin, you come to a lovely beach surrounded by palm trees.  It looks like you will see Pamela Anderson run on the sand in swimsuit at anytime. But well... no lifeguards there for now. Instead... a beautiful building floating in the air right above the sea. We can access there with TP stations located on the beach.

Los Angeles

The shopping arrea stands along 2 floors. As the path is a circle you can be sure you wont miss any shop there.

On the first floor, you may find : 
Clowes couture
Leezu !
Stars ! (jewellery)
Body canvas (tattoos)
Wicca’s wardrobe
Iso motion (poses)
Barefoot apparel Zeord Beach
Lily Pop/Little Diva (kid fashion)
Image essentials (poses)
BN designs
Aris Aris
Sweetred’s designs
I fist stopped at Stars ! as I meet the designer last year at the FFL 2014 and I was pleased to see her store this year too. I bought there a lovely jewellery set coming with earrings and neklace : Topaz blooms,   and of course, i could not avoid to visit Wicca's Wardrobe store.
Well, Wicca is a friend, and on top, i really love her style. She has the lil crazy touch in her design I love so much. Her items are always a great source of inspiration for photos for me. So my look went on this lovely jumpsuit with a really elegant style and yep ! I bought the Nuella Jumpsuit beige.

Los Angeles - floor 1

While visiting the first floor, i was still wearing my beautiful top and skirt/pants from Yasum designs, the shoes from NV, Charlotte hair from Tukinowaguma and i added the super great fork glasses RARE I got from Wicca's gatcha in London.

On the second floor, you can find : 

October’s seasons
Athena couture
Avi Candy

As October's seasons was displaying gorgeous skins on FFL vendors, i decided to go for the : O4S-Queen of Hearts-White Dahila Avant Garde Pack after making sure it was coming with appliers for my maitreya mesh body and my slink feet. 

At Avi Candy, i also found a beautiful car, that you can't drive, but coming with poses. And i may say here, I've been super happy to find this item because i often want to make shots with the beautiful car i got from a raffle board last year in FFL but it's always super tricky to set my poses for they work perfect with the car. So well, this new car purchased will be really useful for me. The car is called : :AC: FFL-2015 Car with 5 female poses.
And the car itself looks really beautiful !

Los Angeles - 3rd floor

For my visit on the second floor, i was wearing a beautiful dress from Luxe (Summery chic). I have to confess, i havent bought this one, as the creator sent it to me directly and it's not available in the event. But i was interested to see how it looks, because the textures of this dress are created from handmade artworks done by the creator. So of course, i wanted to see and i may say it's really well done. I like it !!!
The boots come from Yasum store in Berlin : Yasum*MESH*Dead End Boots*MEGA HUD controled. They are super funny at the front. 
The bag comes from Wicca's gatcha in London : Wicca's Wardrobe - Coco Bag - (w/p/flower) RARE (yes i know, i am super lucky with gatchas lol, but well i play a lot too)
The glasses are from the Chop Zuey gatcha : Chop Zuey Spring Flowers SunGlasses-Rosa - RARE 
And the watch is from my Time ! gatcha.
Jewellery is from : Moondance Jewel Gifts of Gaia Exclusive in Berlin too.

Poses are from : Dreamer - Helamiyo (Paris)  & Manicure set -J'adore (Tokyo)

The 3rd floor is all for the Zaodyeck Magazine studio.

Los Angeles-beach

I then decided to go back to Berlin and buy the lovely LUXE Paris Beach Target Bikini Skirt from Luxe store and come back to Los Angeles beach. Well, still no Pamela !
I changed my boots for the stunning Yasum*MESH*Rider Boots* i got in Berlin.
The bag is from Tchelos gatcha in London.
Glasses are from Chop Zuey gatcha (magenta)
Hair is from Tukinowaguma (Charlotte) in Tokyo
Jewellery is Moondance Jewel Gifts of Gaia Exclusive (yeah, i know it doesnt show a lot on the pic, but trust me, they are really really beautiful !) in Berlin.

To finish i decided to try one of the frame props i got in Agapee's gatcha in London.

Your taxi for Los Angeles is here

I hope you have enjoyed travelling with me as much as i got delight to write this humble guide of Fashion For Life 2015.

Next post will be about the big Central Park.

The event will end on sunday, 29th, so go while it's still time !

All items (except Luxe dress) have been bought on official FFL vendors giving 100 % of the money to the American Cancer Society.

All pictures of raw photographs

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