Coucou !

Fashion for Life 2015 will close its doors tomorrow, sunday 29th, so you have still some more hours to grab your wallet and go shopping for a good cause.
This year, all the official FFL vendors give 100 % of the money to the American Cancer Society.
After having traveled over the 7 fashion capitales of FFL, we are now going to visit the huge Central Park of FFL.
This one runs over 2 sims (south and north) and it has been built by Spankmy Boucher and Sofia Corleone and it's sponsored by MISS SL ORGANIZATION.

Central Park

 All the week long, concerts and fashionshows have been given in the park.

The park is located in the middle of the whole FFL, thus you can access to most of the FFL fashion capitals from there. 

Central Park castle

An aerial railway runs all over the park, allowing you to go faster and easier from one FFL capitale to another.

Central park railway

I decided to give it a try and then i could enjoy the landscape all around during my travel.

Central park train

For the visit, i was wearing the super Nuella jumpsuit i bought in Los Angeles at Wicca's wardrobe shop and the lovely jewellery set (Topaz bloom) bought in the same city.

Central park amphitheater

All along the park you may find buildings like a castle, cabins, amphitheater, fashionshow stage etc.

Central park-fashionshow stage

Petit Chat exclusive items for FFL have been displayed at the show on thursday, 26th. I haven't already edited the pics i've shoot that day, but i made that one below to show you :). This is Lua Vendetta wearing my Solitude gown. Her professionalism always amaze me.

Lua Vendetta at FFL fashion show

The rest of the pics will be edited soon and posted on the FFL flikr group  

Central park

You can also find some spots like playgrounds for kids or even a skate park.

Central park- Skate park

Finally, i decided to stop right next to one of the playground and i could try the car i bougth at Los Angeles at Avi Candy store. 
And as i was also wearing the beautiful skin i bought in October's season store there too, i took this opportunity to make some snapshots in order to show you those amazing items.

Central park

I just love this car ! And on top the color almost match with my Nuella jumpsuit !

So we are coming to the end of this FFL 2015 guide.
Don't forget to visit FFL before it closes its doors tomorrow and shop till you drop ! It's for a good cause !
Thank you for having following me thru this travel !
For now, i ll just have to say : 
Goodbye and cya soon !
Muah !

Central park
All items displayed have been bought on official FFL vendors giving 100 % of the money to ACS.
Except the picture about the fashionshow, all other pictures are raw photographs

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