Lost World sim will close on jan 31th, sadly

Hiya everybody,

On jan 31th, the beautiful sim Lost World will close.
This is a sad news, but lets keep positive and lets hope this will be the start of something new soon.
Ive talked with the owner of Lost World recently, and he said to me that he keeps hoping open soon another Lost World. Probably smaller, but still a Lost World.
This sim has always been dear to my heart since ive discovered it by chance 3 years ago. 
On top of being really beautiful, it was also really peaceful and this is why i choosed this place for being my refuge everytime i was sad.
I used to go there lonely, sit under a tree and just stay like this for hours. It always made me feeling better soon. Noone was bothering me, and what was given to my look was so gorgeous and peaceful that, in the end, it was producing a magical effect on me and the sadness was going away.
In memory of this precious sim, ive took some pics of it last week and here there are, just for you :

The pictures talk by themselves. I dont think comments are needed.

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