Creative Angel Hunt "Fur & fluff" will be 5 days longer !!!!

We will add 5 days more to the Creative Angel Hunt "Fur & fluff" !
Yes !!!
5 days more for you to find the 22 great gifts that Angels creators have created for you.

Your mission will be to find all those kitty's heads we've hiden in several spots. 
To beguin the hunt you must go at the CAH starting point and buy the hunt hud for 0 l$ on the kitty head there.
Then once you will wear the hud, it will tp you from stores to stores and will give you the hints.
Here is the CAH website where you will find all the locations, hints and prize's pics.
I hope you will enjoy these 5 extra days and will have enough time to get all the pressies.
Here is a pic of Petit Chat's prize for the hunt : 

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