2012 is finished... Here is the new year ! Let 's home 2013 will be a great one !
So why not starting the new year with a fairytale ?
So here is mine for celebrating the new year's coming.
Clochettes Versus Spellbound 

         Once upon a time 2 lovely Clochette fairies were living in a gorgeous green land : Cabria shores.
Emma and Trin were living here since always. They loved their gorgeous garden and they were daily taking care about every piece of grass or every flowers there.

Emma was the blonde and younger one. She was sweeter than an angel.

Trin was a lil older and brune. She was a nice fairy althought she used to rant a lot .
When they were not asked for special mission, like rescuing lost kids, they used to inspect each flowers and trees on their land, adding more colors to them with their magicwands.....

Life was sweet; ... till this bad day....

Emma and Trin were quietly enjoying a brunch when..

....Oh my god ! Trin never notices anything... but Emma looked outside the window and oh!!!!
Emma : "Oh Trin ! Look outside ..... why is everything white and black ? Where are all our lovely colors gone ?"

Trin : "What ? Oh !!!! No !!!!! Must be this pest of Rose ! "

Rose was another fairy, living not far.... But a nasty one.... Jealous... really jaleous.... She always have been jealous about the garden's colors of the 2 Clochette fairies.... She sweared often that one day, she will come and steal all of them.... Sounds like this day is today.

Actually, she was indeed there.... She came without any noise, secretely...

Invokating her demons, she started to steal every colors of the lovely garden.

Riding her magic dragonfly, she was stealing each colors, one after one...Yellows, greens, pinks, oranges, violets.... Every color !

Its not because she doesn't like colors.... On the contrary... She likes them.... But.... she wants to be the only one to get them... and since the Clochette's garden was more beautifull than hers, of course she was jealeous...Blah... the usual silly story....

So flying on her Dragonfly she was grabing every color..

Of course, looking throught their window, Emma and Trin saw her.
Emma : "Trin ! We cant stay like this doing anything ! ... We have to stop her ! Our so beautifull garden is colorless now ! "
Trin answered : " You are right Emma ! We will use our magicwand for recoloring everything. But we need also to stop her one time for all... Otherwise she will do it again and again..."
Emma : "Yes... but how ?"
Trin : "Lets go to see our Froggy prince... He will find a way !"

While the malefic Rose was turning all the beautifull park to black and white, Emma and Trin, went out discretely from the house for not being seen and walked quickly to the Froggy King spot.
They had to hide them behind the ruins walls. If Rose have seen them she surely have tried to even steal their colors.

Looking everywhere, hiding from spot to spot, they finally arrived to Froggy King's rock.

Trin : "Froggy ! We are lost ! Rose is here ! She taking all our colors ! How can we fight against this ? Even if we recolor all today, she will come back tommorrow and steal again and again our colors !!!!"
Froggy : " Poor girls.....Rose has the bad inside her....I tried again and again to understand why ... But well... obviously, she 's just deeply jealous...."

Emma : 'We need your help Froggy.... we really need it "
Froggy : "Girls, if you want to make this nightmarre stop, i see only one solution : try to make Rose come close to the crocodile in the garden. Once she will be close to him, let the Croky do. He knows and he will do what he has to do".

In the meantime, Rose was also asking some advice from Minotaure.

Minotaure has usually always great ideas for Rose. When i say great you know that there are bad ideas for our 2 precious fairies of course !
So indeed he was happy Rose decided to take off every colors here.

While they were still comploting, the two fairies encouraged by Froggy, decided to recolor all their garden and planed to trap Rose with the crocodile.

But where to start ? All this colors needed to be back !

They started to make back all the yellows.

Then all the greens

And some blue for the water.

Of course, soon Rose noticed it and tried to make this impossible.

Emma and Trin were protected by Froggy's enchantment. Every young lady knows this well : if you kiss a frog you will be protected for some hours or, if you are lucky enough, well the frog can become a charming prince, but this is another story.

So Rose's spells were handless.. She can take off colors but not hurt two fairies who have kissed Froggy just  before...

So a long color fight started. Rose was deleting them. Emma and Trin were taking them back. Again and again.....
While doing this, the 2 fairies were carefully steping lil by lil till the crocodile. Rose couldnt notice anything. She was too busy deleting colors and pestering against the 2 brave girls.

Once being close to Mr Croky the crocodile, Emma pushed Rose in front of the big reptile.

Rose fell down on the ground. Don't think she was scared or anything like this. Noooo ! 
Actually she was still pestering against the 2 fairies and sill trying to delete colors with her wand.
Of course, while doing this she was calling the 2 sisters with all the insect names she could find at the moment :

Rose : "Cursed little ants ! Im going to delete all your colors ! All of them ! Do you hear me well, ugly small worms ? Do you understand ? Bad midges ? Hahahhahahha ! This is what will happen to your "beautifull" garden ! All colors will be mine and only mine !"

At this same minute, Croky opened his mouth really wide.
Well, at this point, you need to know that Croky is not really a bad creature. Actually, he s Froggy's brother. Yes, yes, i know.... but here is the true and only the true. This crocodile is the brother of this frog. You dont believe me ? Well, ask yourslef so. You will hear the answer from their mouth. Are they telling the truth ? Well... this i cant tell. But yes, its what they claim !
Croky is not a crual creature as i m suspecting you are thinking. No. But one time someone have the disagreament to make a lil trip in his stomach, then this one is touched with a big amnesia. And then no memories about anything.

It took only some seconds for Croky ingests Rose. Wooop ! One mouthful ! And hop ! No more Rose !
Emma and Trin heard some strange noises coming from Croky's stomach and mouth :
"mmmmmm, yam yam yam... crrrrrrrr.... prrrrrrr, mouffffff, schmmmm schmmmmm.... arrffff arffff..."
Then with an horrible burp, he sent back Rose to the two girls's feet.

Emma made sure, Rose was still alive and slapped several times her face for awaking her. No doubt here... She slapped a lil more than the necesary ehehheheheh
Rose : " Hey ! stop ! Why are you slapping my face ? And by the way, who are you ? And who is this other girl here ? "
Both fairies smiled.
Trin : " Well, we just found you below this tree... Obviously you was wanting trying gathering some fruits on a branch and you fell on the ground. You are lucky that Croky saw you and called us for helping you !"
And both fairies started laughing. Croky aswell.

Rose : "Oh well, i dont rememeber at all.... Anyway, its time for me to go back to my home. Nice to meet you girls. "
She standed up and started some steps. Then suddendly she turned back to the girls and said :
"Oh ! and congrats for your garden.... Its pretty nice with all this great colors ! I will come later to take a closer look. Really, these colors are attempting...."

Credits : 
Emma : Emmablistique Resident
Rose : Rosebot Resident
Trin : Trinity Yazimoto.

Story and pics : Trinity Yazimoto
Land : Cabria shores. Big thanks to Lucretia Brandenburg for allow us to use her land for the pics.
Outfits diplayed : 

Both outfits have been created for Creative Angel Hunts. Clochette was for the october one on fairy theme.
Spellboud, for the november one on Lifestyle theme.
You can now find both on sale in Petit Chat mainstore or in the SL market place : Clochette & Spellbound.

Of course, a huge thanks to Emma and Rose for their patience and for being so great models !
Another big Thanks to Lucretia for her land !

I wish you a wonderfull new year !

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