New releases AUTUMN 2012

Ok, ive been busy lately and so this blog is late lol.

In the meantime there have been some new release in Petit Chat. Of course !

So here they are :

The Apocalypse outfit :
an elegant long pants outfit. It exist in 2 versions because i know some of you doesnt use mesh enabled viewers : 
The first one is the main outfit, top, pants and cuffs. All regular layers and prim cuffs : 

If you have a mesh enable viewer there is a full version with a mesh blazer :
 As you may see, the mesh blazer is preciously detalled and the whole outfit is something really elegant to be worn every day.

Another new item in Petit Chat is the Mind games outfit :

A precious brown velvet long pants outfit,that comes with assorted boots.
The top is a short bustier, pants have scupt pockets and boots are really comfy !
An ideal outfit to be worn for dancing !

You will find also as new release this autumn, the precious little dress : Thousand Voices :

Color is a bright pink, this little dress has tattos included + 1 armband and a hair bow.
Again, this is the perfect dress for clubbing. It's belted on the hips and its just so sexy !

The Clochette outfit, has been made for a hunt that happened in october. You can find it now, on sale in my store. Clochette is the french name for Tinkerbell.

Then i've been ordered for 2 dresses inspired by Karl Lagerfield collection for Chanel (spring-summer 2012) for a model graduation. Here are the 2 dresses i made :

I have also made for a special order something you must have : 
a gorgeous beauty spot on tattoo layer
Its a dollarbie !

All this items can be found in my mainstore , of course and in my market place : .
If you want to see them worn inworld, i may wear them for you of course, feel free to ask.

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