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Penumbra FashionWeek Spring Summer 2015 is still running for 2 more weeks. Fashionshows are now done but the retail arrea is still open. Petit Chat is part of it with 5 amazing exclusive releases, 3 for women, and..... this is new.... 2 for men ! All from ArtFashion collection of course, and all materials enabled.

Whisper of roses : 

Whispers of Roses outfit

Whispers of roses is created from an artwork of mine having the same name, and created from a
snapshot i made at Embryo. If you dont know this place, i strongly advice you to visit it. Embryo
I went to visit it some monthes ago, but since then, i found myself with the idea of roses in my mind almost everytime i m creating something.

So this gorgeous gown is opened in the front and has a long drappé in the back. I added to it a gorgeous headpiece made of a rose and branches, and a jewellery set (anklets, bracelets and choker) made of roses and entwined branches with thorns (ouch !).
The result is stunning, and i cant resist to tell you how much i am proud this dress has been used for the official poster of the event that you may see on Penumbra website. 

Gone with the wind : 

Gone with the wind dress and petals

Another one on the theme of the roses and textured from another artwork featuring again the same place, Embryo sim.
This one is an ode to feminity. A sexy tight dress with a big rose on the waist and accessorised with petals on one of the shoulder. The result is the top of the chic and elegance IMHO. Perfect for a cocktail or a formal event even if its not a gown.

Dancing in the light :

Dancing in the light outfit

This fancy dress is an invitation to the dance. Textured from an old artwork of mines, featuring a super scupture of 2 dancers that i saw for the first time at the no longer exhiting Humanoid sim.
The pring is applied over a lace fabric, giving it a more sophisticated look even.
On the head, you may wear the headpieces with petals and pearls that comes in the pack too, and you can finish your look by wearing the lovely colored beaded jewellery set (earrings, bracelets and necklace) that you will get also in the pack.

The lighthouse : 

The lighthouse outfit - Model Arnno Planer

At the last fashionweek, in september, I've been amazed by the elegance of one of the male models on the catwalk : Steele Sirnah. After several conversations with him, i challenged myself, i will come to this fashionweek with also outfits for men. So here are my 2 first creations for men.
This first one has been created from one of my artworks featuring the beautiful Elysion's sim lighthouse.
The pants is a comfy leather one with several pockets and zipps. The shirt is made of felt and shows the lighthouse on both side of the front.
As accessories, I added a felt cap and googles.

The last crossing :

The last crossing outfit - Model Arnno Planer

This one has been created from my artwork called "The last crossing" featuring an impressive viking boat.
It is the perfect outfit for relaxed men. All materials enabled, pants is made of cotton jean fabric, with  great details as pockets and straps. The top is made of pearl cotton, displaying the boat both on front and back. All other parts of the textures have been made from the sky and the sea displayed in the original artwork.
The hat is an impressive original mesh from my friend Herkimer Highmist.

Penumbra FashionWeek retail arrea is open till about the 10th of june. So don't miss this opportunity to be fully immerged into the best of SL fashion. Your limo : Penumbra FashionWeek 

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