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On the 1st of november will start a new round at the Fashion Collective and for this one I created a gown inspired by nature elements and materials : the Chemistry gown.
For this event, 3 versions will be released : water, rust and rain.
Then at the True Fashion Time event (starting on the 8th of november, I'll keep you updated about it) I'll release 4 other versions.

Chemistry gown-Water

As usually, textures are my own creations and they are high quality.
The gown comes in 5 standard sizes. 

Chemistry gown - Water

The first accessory is the pair of gown coming with bows on the top. They come also in 5 sizes and the bows are resizable.
They add a nice glamorish touch to the gown.

Chemistry gown- Rust

The fancy texture gives a fantasy like style to the whole outfit. They are inspired by Nature's materials : water, rain and rust for this set of releases.

Chemistry gown - Rust

As second accessory, you will find in the pack and lovely chained headpiece assorted to the gown texture.
It ends up with a metallic flower right on the front.

Chemistry gown - Rain

As background for this post, of course i couldn't resist to show you a bit of Moumou's Square relanscaped.
After the opening of the new ArtGallery in the new extension of the land, I have also asked Trixxie Nitely (the fantastic landscaper of Moumou's Square) to rework on a new landscaping as i was willing to change the building of the mainstore.

Chemistry gown - Rain - Headpiece

The store is now a beautiful old water mill and really Trix made an outstanding job all around the land. A must see !

Come and relax here all over Moumou's square. There are a lot of spots to enjoy.

The Chemistry gown (including gloves, bows and headpiece too) is 210 l$ each version.
Taxi to the Fashion Collective : here

Taxi to Moumou's Square : here

As usually for my fashion blog posts all pics have been only cropped. No post processing applied to them.

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