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If you follow this blog, you know already there is events i wouldn't like to miss for anything in that world, those are the Penumbra events. 
I am just fan of the profesionalism of the team and I really like the way they have to manage their events. After 2 fashionweek events I am so happy they come back with a new monthly event.

Peeper outfit by Petit Chat ArtFashion at the entrance of the Sneak Peek event.

This is an elite fashion one. 
The event will happen every month between the 25th and the 5th. 
Alternatively a group of designer will create one single exclusive item for the occasion (several colors are possible). There are 2 groups.
Group 1 starts on the 25th of october, then group 2 will take it on the 25th november, then group 1 again in december and so on.

Petit Chat is proud to be part of the adventure and in the group 1. 
So for this first round, I created, of course, a new item from the ArtFashion collection.

Peeper ? promo pic

The peeper ? outfit is done from my artworks called same name, currently part of my new inworld exhibition "Fragment", that you can see in my artgallery, recently moved close to my store.

The outfit is all lambskin with several pieces in shiny leather.
Of course it is materials enabled.
There is a lovely contrast between the smoothness of one and the shinyness of the other.

Peeper , outfit, details. in front of Petit Chat vendor at the event.

It comes in several parts. 
The jacket, opened in the front but not totally so you can even wear it without top below.
It has really great details, like lapet, buttons and even lace.
It comes in 5 sizes + fitted mesh
Behind the jacket you can see who is the peeper :)

Peeper ? outfit details from the back, in front of Holy Shirt Vendor (awesome item too)

The skirt is short and sexy, and comes with a belt, balancing again the contrast between both materials.
5 sizes + fitted mesh aswell.

The bag is assorted and comes with a holding pose, over riding your AO to make you look like you more natural.

Peeper ? outfit, details, boots and bag.

Boots come to complete the outfit.
5 sizes + fitted mesh too. 
With a zip on the inside leg side and a beautiful wrikled lambskin on most part of them.

To finish i cant resist to show you a close shot. 
As you know already fashion pics on my blog are not post processed (except the promo pic you see as second from the top, with my brand name). they are all inwolrd snapshots, made with ultra settings and choosing the best windlight setting for the occasion. The only thing done after that is just cropping and resizing the pic.
So here you may see the beautiful contrast between both materials. 

The whole outfit is copy and its price is 560 l$.
The bag comes with a resize script for if you need it to make it bigger or smaller.

A must have.

More infos about the Sneak Peek event on their website

You will find there the whole list of the creators in this round.

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