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Among all the events i could join in my SL designer life, the Penumbra FashionWeek is one of my favorite ones. I love their high professionalism. There is never problems they can't fix. All is set to be easy for us, designers. It's also one of the most prestigious events i know in SL.

Penumbra Fashionweek Autumn-Winter 2014 will start on the 13th of september and 43 awesome SL designers will be showcased all along 10 days of fashionshows.
Needless to say how I am proud and honored to be one of those designers.
It is far beyond all what i could dream when i started to design for SL. Yes, I am really living in a dream right now.

For the latest FashionWeek (spring-summer) I created 4 exclusive items from my ArtFashion product line, all textured from my artworks and materials enabled.
This time i challenged myself to create 8 exclusive items, all from this same productline.
Long weeks of work full time then during my RL vacations.
Each outfits has been 3 days more or less of work and often more. But the result is really rewarding.

The first outfit is called "Love at the first sight" and it s created from my artwork you can see in Flikr here .

This outfit is composed of several pieces. 
A beautiful and detailled corset, with hooks in the front and laces in the back, which have the main part of the artwork on the front.

You can add to the corset the short bolero.

The outfit include also a short skirt with a chain in the front .

And thighs boots with zip in the front and lace in the back.

To finish to accesorize you may wear the hat with googles.

Of course the whole outfit is material enabled and you can have an incredible fun playing with the windlight settings after enabling the "advanced lighting model" feature in your graphic preference.

The whole outfit is copy, the hat comes in resizable version and in modifiable version.
The price is 560 L$. 

If you are still not conviced, try the demo by cliking on the vendor in Petit Chat booth at the Penumbra retail area and hit the "demo" button in the menu and .... better.... come to see this outfit showcased by the awesome Penumbra models on the 15th of september at 2 pm SLT !

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All pics from this post are raw photographs (only cropped).

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