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Created in april 2010 by Trinity Yazimoto, Petit Chat Fine French Couture is now 4 productlines :

  • Petit Chat Regular (the oldest one) :

A lovely casual line focusing on femininity with high quality textures. Trinity brings you a fashion easy to wear every day with touches of originality.

  • Petit Chat ArtFashion (the avant-garde one) :

With her product line, Petit Chat ArtFashion, Trinity Yazimoto gathers her passion for fashion and the creativity she expresses in her artworks. She uses pieces of clothing to become the canvas for her art. She reworks every painting very carefully so that they match perfectly with the cloth, then adding the material textures for a unique look. She wants every customer to feel proud to wear her designs.

  • Petit Chat Man (the male one): 

Created in 2015, this is the line for all the men who care about their look. Trinity's high sense of detail gives a special touch to her male fashion collection.

  • Petit Chat Original (the youngest) :

Created in 2016. This new collection features items in 100 % ORIGINAL mesh and textures from Trinity.

While we are focusing on developping  the Original one, the Regular is meant to disapear in the future as our plan is to stop progressively to use templates and to work only with our original mesh.
Both other will keep existing but they will stop using templates aswell.

Our mainstore is located in a beautiful windmill and lays over 3 floors.

Ground 0 :

--Petit Chat Man
--Petit Chat Original Footwear

                                                                                  Ground 1 + :

--New releases

Ground 1- :

--Petit Chat Regular casual
--Gatchas (on the balcony)

 Ground 2

--Petit Chat Original Accessories and Jewellery
--Petit Chat Regular Formal
--Petit Chat ArtFashion

In the basement there is a bargain section, with several of our older items sold for just a few l$.

Also, do not forget to visit our french bistro at the ground 2, and savor one of our succulent maccarons. 
Petit Chat bistrot

You may find us in events too (check the event menu for that), but we have decided to not have satellites stores. Our main focus is our mainstore only.

While you visit our shop, feel free to step outside and enjoy the atmosphere of Moumou's Square sim. 

We do hope you will enjoy your visit at Petit Chat. 
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